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Frailty (2001)
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AWESOME !!!, 25 August 2003

Wow, what a movie ! With his debut as a director, the often underrated Bill Paxton delivers one of the best films I've seen in the past few years. If you ask me, this is the best movie about serial murderers since John McNaughton's "Henry - Portrait of a Serial Killer", although it takes quite a different approach at the topic. The acting is strong, the script is tight, Paxton's direction is incredibly crisp and the movie as a whole holds up beautifully after multiple viewings. Easily the best horror I've seen since "Jacob's Ladder" was released in 1990. Paxton should be incredible proud and he deserves a round of applause...

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Not exactly my favorite Bond-movie..., 7 December 2002

This Bond film commits the greatest sin ANY movie can commit: It's boring. Yep, the boat chase is a nice start, but after that it goes downwards... lot's of talking, very little action. You know, I can forgive the casting of Denise Richards as a nuclear scientist (Now, can I suspend my disbelief, or what ?!? :) ), 'cause she's really easy on the eyes. What I can not forgive is that Robert Carlyle's villain is badly underused. If you've got such a rally cool bad guy like Renard with lots and lots of interesting possibilities, and then you really do nothing with him, that's just a shame. The showdown is just lame, too. However, Brosnan's fine as Bond, it's just the movie around him that sucks. Final pun is atrocious, too... Bond Rating: *1/2 out of ****

An excellent Bond movie and the best Brosnan-Bond..., 5 December 2002

I really didn't believe the franchise could reach greatness again (after all, "The World is not enough" sucked... a lot... OH GOD, HOW MUCH DID IT SUCK ?!?!?!?), but "Die Another Day" does prove me wrong. And I'm happy about it. This one has it all: Great action and One-liners, cool gadgets, foxy women, spectacular set pieces and excellent villains. Great, great showdown, too. All in all the most satisfying of the Brosnan Bonds yet, who has grown nicely into HIS role. I liked this movie so much, even some admittedly cheesy visual effects couldn't ruin it for me. It's pure fun from start to finish. Bond-Rating: ***1/2 out of ****

Just Cause (1995)
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An excellent, extremely satisfying thriller..., 4 December 2002

... that deserves to be mentioned alongside the great ones like "Silence of the Lambs" and "Seven". Each actor in this movie is a pleasure to watch (especially Ed Harris, who's convincingly scary and crazy, without hamming it up too much) and the plot offers lots of unpredictable twists and turns. Yep, it's a great movie, go see it !

Dune (1984)
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Cheesy, overlong and boring..., 3 December 2002

...but, man, I love those sandworms ! All hail the sandworms ! They rule !!! :) They almost make this bomb worth watching, but just almost. So, if someday you'll feel the desire to watch some cool images involving huge, @$$kicking sandworms with absolutely no plot attached to them, check this out...

Nice Action with Horror undertones..., 30 November 2002

Really, this movie borders on the line of horror more than one time. I mean, look at all this voodoo stuff and the gratuitous gore (eye gougings, a great arm snapping, one guy gets a sword where you pretty much least want it before Seagal decapitates him etc...). And I for once think that's pretty damn cool :). The plot itself is pretty pedestrian, but the over the top violence makes it work beautifully. The cast is mostly good too (Tom Wright, Keith David, Joanna Pacula) with the notable exception of Seagal who's, come on, Seagal, so cut him some slack there. I mean, he's here to break bones and kick @$$, not to act. So, all in all, this is one of his best movies, but a pretty good movie on its own too, if not judged by the "Seagal-Suck-Scale"... compared to "Ticker" and stuff this is Oscar material...

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Must... like... movie... (spoilers, but who cares, the movie sucks...), 14 October 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

... arrgghhhlll, I can't. Sorry. Why everybody loves this overblown mess is simply beyond me. Yes, this movie is a mess ! Who to blame ? Well, if you ask me, the movie's faults lie within the awful (nonetheless Oscar-winning)(Ah, there's no justice in this world, is it... ?) script, which goes great pains to tell a story that just isn't there. Ever realized that the final "twist" actually doesn't twist anything at all ? So Kevin Spacey was Keyser Soze all along. Boo Hoo. Great Twist, really. Pretty much renders the two hours of movie we endured before it quite useless, doesn't it ? Awful scene-chewery by Gabriel Byrne, too. Well, it's not like this guy isn't awful at everything he does...

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Spoilers ahoy..., 13 October 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An often overlooked entry to the early 80s-Horror genre, that's filled with atmosphere, an overall creepiness and great, great gore effects (by Tom Burman... I don't care what everybody says, this guy is at least as talented as Tom Savini and Rob Bottin. Check out that transformation scene, wow...), that sadly never manages to really take off, due to a extremely silly premise. You know, I always thought there was the potential for a much stronger, better horror movie, if the film makers had decided to give more room to the subplot about a guy held captive in a cellar and force fed human flesh... man, what a cool movie that would have made. Instead they run with all that silly cicada stuff. Overlooked opportunity, I'd say. And, concerning the final result of the cicada-transformation, while the transformation looks awesome, the monster in it's whole glory just looks like a guy in a suit. Still, a nice, creepy little movie that'll surely make a fine midnight viewing...

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Well, the title is a lie..., 11 October 2002

... 'cause once that guy has your head, he won't give it back ;) This is an odd, bizarre little movie... the whole thing is as anticlimactic as it gets and there's no excitement or suspense at all. However, I prefer to take "The Borrower" as a look at society's problems seen through the eyes of an alien convict. This makes for some funny bits. There's one scene, where he sits in a coffee shop, doing nothing at all, and all people around him suddenly grab their guns and start killing each other. Then he he just gets up and walks away, like nothing what happened matters to him. The whole movie's like this. So, if you're going to watch this, think less of a horror movie, more of a social commentary and you know what you're in for. Recommended...

A nice way to waste an hour and a half..., 2 October 2002

Ok, this is quite your ordinary, typical 80s slasher fare, but it's fun and entertaining nonetheless. The last 5 or so minutes are just great and I won't even dream of spoiling the ending for you (you probably know it by now anyway, if not DON'T READ ANYTHING ABOUT THIS MOVIE BEFORE YOU'VE SEEN IT ! Giving the ending away really ruins the fun of watching this...). "Sleepaway Camp" also features some impressive special effects by Ed French, who did some really cool stuff with what must have been very little money. Worth a look, I'd say...

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