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Fun if you are a hairdresser., 3 June 2001

This is one of those films where people age. And how do they age? Their

hair grows, or gets shorter! Someone made the brilliant decision to have

lots of bad wigs, provoking guffaws in my house as we watched it. The

film purports to tell the story of a marriage of a number of years.

Anyone who's ever been married will recognize some of the events, if

they can see it through the glossy sheen of cliche that covers every

action and line. At times it's like watching a Hallmark card. I used to

like this director. He used to make good films. I was very disappointed

by this one.

Infinity (1996)
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Damned with faint praise., 3 June 2001

This movie is long and not very well made, but not offensively bad. Why is it when actors direct they love to have long long takes and scenes that don't go anywhere? The story of this man needs to be told, but in a bold and interesting way. This movie did it in a meek and 'decent' way, and it's a real shame. Patricia Arquette obviously wants to bring it some verve, and you kind of feel for her. Matthew Broderick has a lot on his plate, and perhaps should have turned over the directing to someone else. Someone who would've made a few cuts. I give it a 3 on a scale of 10.

Bring your earplugs., 3 June 2001

And not for the battle scenes. Bring them and use them any time you see

the stiff wooden actors open their mouths to spout out the lame

dialogue. It's much more fun to write your own with your friends, as the

audience was doing when I saw it. A movie that provokes unintentional

laughter is actually kind of fun- don't get me wrong. But this one also

purports to have a larger meaning. Don't be fooled, you'll learn nothing

except that bad movies make lots of money. I give it a 3 on a scale of

10. The three is for the big explosions! They went boom real good!

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Great movie., 3 June 2001

I love this film, and think it's a classic. More than just a western, more than history, it's an epic but it also has humour, which epics rarely have. Beautifully directed, amazingly acted (Dustin Hoffmans best work, I think) and shot with panache, this movie deserves to come out again on the big screen. If you see it, do the widescreen thing and treat yourself. I cannot say enough about this movie, it's politics and grace. My whole family loved it.

The Gift (2000)
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Great acting, weak script., 18 May 2001

Cate Blanchett is fast becoming one of the best actresses alive, and I

was disappointed to see her wasted in this 'scary suspense story', that

wasn't really scary at all. The director fills it with every 'scary

movie' camera trick in the book, but it's the story that doesn't work.

There is some over acting- Ribisi as the local 'slow' character chews up

a lot of scenery, and Greg Kinnear explores new areas of stiff, but

overall I just felt sorry for all these people wasting their time on all

that nothingness. How many millions of dollars was spent on this drek?

Clueless (1995)
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A lot of fun!, 18 May 2001

I love this movie, it's breezy and charming and original, even though

it's based on a classic book, sort of. From the director of Fast Times

at Ridgemont High, one of my all time favorites, this is another story

of teenage girls searching for meaning in their lives. Spoiled girls

with big hearts. It's well shot and edited, has a great soundtrack, and

great performances. Rent it!

Loser (2000)
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Appropriately titled., 18 May 2001

Okay, what has happened to this director? She who brought up Fast Times

at Ridgemont High and Clueless? She goes woefully wrong here, with a

weak story poorly acted and not very funny. I think the crux of the

problem is the casting of Greg Kinnear, who clearly isn't really an

actor (although he seems perfectly nice in all his films) and has no

chemistry with anyone. The kids are fine, if misguided, and the music is

okay. But the film falls flat and was a big disappointment.

The one that started it all!, 18 May 2001

This is the film that, for better or worse, started the 'teen film' trend of the 80's. I love it, and watch it whenever it comes on. There's even a different version of it that was on tv once! Featuring star making performances (Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh) and future stars just starting their careers, (Forrest Whitaker, Eric Stoltz, Anthony Edwards) and one of the best scripts about teenagers ever written. This movie is fast, funny, and touching but not in a corny 'John Hughes' kind of way. I believe it's the American Graffiti of the 80's!

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A modern classic, 17 May 2001

One of the few films to make journalism romantic and exciting- at least journalism that is based in reality. If you ever want to feel like you know what happened with Watergate, even though none of us ever will, rent this film. Featuring great performances by Hoffman and Redford, a tight script and terrific music, you will not be disappointed......

Ragtime (1981)
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Love this film., 17 May 2001

This is one of the last great epics featuring James Cagney, Donald O'Conner, and oh yeah- some terrific younger actors too. An amazing score by Randy Newman, a great script based on a book, and lovely cinematography. I highly recommend this film, I saw it the night after I saw REDS, and somehow they belong together on a double bill.

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