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He will MOCK you!, 15 May 2001

For being foolish enough to pay money to see this film! Once again, the

big hype provides us with an empty experience. Why do I even go to

these? "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" is all I kept

thinking. Duped again. I guess I was drawn in by the music, and by cute

little wooden Heath Ledger. I actually liked the guy playing Chaucer,

and sometimes that annoying red-headed guy, but the leads? No thanks.

Heath and the girl with the funny name had no chemistry and bored me.

And really- how much drama is there in jousting? They run at each other

with long sticks. It was about as exciting as the card games in

"Rounders", which is to say, not exciting at all. Buy the sound track,

it's good. Wait till this film comes out on tape, and then fast forward

through it...

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A winner., 17 May 2001

Not only of Academy Awards, but also of the 'classic films about

theater' awards. One of the best films ever made, featuring hundreds of

quotable lines, which I'll spare you, this is a wordfest that you'll

want to watch again and again because it's so rich. Bette Davis is

argueably at her best, and Marilyn Monroe makes one of her first film

appearances. The less you know about this film going into it the better-

just rent it! .

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A modern classic, 17 May 2001

One of the few films to make journalism romantic and exciting- at least journalism that is based in reality. If you ever want to feel like you know what happened with Watergate, even though none of us ever will, rent this film. Featuring great performances by Hoffman and Redford, a tight script and terrific music, you will not be disappointed......

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Um. Kind of over rated., 16 March 2001

I think we are so starved for any movie that doesn't just suck that we

praise to high heaven movies that are just okay. I was really looking

forward to this film, especially after Jerry Maguire and Singles. But

this isn't up to those standards I'm afraid, despite the hype. Don't

get me wrong, this movie is fine. But it's too long and doesn't have any

compelling performances from the leading men. Crudup is not really

present in the film at all, and the lead kid clearly isn't an actor.

That's why the film was stolen by it's two female performances, Kate

Hudson and Frances McDormand, who are both magnificent but throw the

film way out of balance. Apparently after Jerry Maguire no one wanted to

tell Cameron Crowe to make some cuts, so it runs quite long. Too long.

But, that being said, it has one of the best sound tracks of the last 10

years. An okay film, but not a great one..

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One of the few truly great..., 29 March 2001

... and original films to come out in 2001. In a year of cookie cutter banal stupid films (check your local papers to see what I mean) this film dares to have a point of view. Shot in one of the most interesting styles (or lack of styles) filled with interesting people who seem like they could really exist, this is a film that I would dare to call a work of art. Why aren't more hollywood movies this bold and interesting?

Betrayal (1983)
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Beautifully done., 25 September 2001

One of Pinters best plays, this one is filmed with just a superb cast. Jeremy Irons looks like he's about to steal the film, then Ben Kingsley sneaks up on you with an odd stiff but wounded performance that takes your breath away. I loved the woman too. A masterfully told story of love and desire, and pain within relationships. Not easy to watch, not very 'flash', but worth it indeed.

Blow Out (1981)
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Worth a second look., 3 June 2001

This would make a grand companion piece to The Conversation, as they are

both about obsessed neurotic loner sound men. (One must ask; are they

all cut from the same cloth?) DePalma does his usual bag of cinematic

tricks, and they all work really well here. Travolta was slim lean and

hungry, and does a fine job. I'd say this and Pulp Fiction are his two

finest works, if you don't count musicals, and I rarely do. The video I

saw was quite dark, and I don't know if that was the cheap quality of

video tape or my tv screen. But it seemed unusually dark. However, it's

a dark film, and perhaps that was intentional. I wish they still made

thoughtful thrillers like this today.

A fantastic film., 29 March 2001

One of the few films about blacks made BY blacks, this was a

huge hit when it came out in the early nineties. With a wonderful

cast, this is a film about family disintegration and gang wars, very

violent, yes, but with a heart. As Emanuel Levy says in his book

about the independent film movement, "Cinema of Outsiders",

'Boys 'N' the Hood' demythologizes ghetto life, while advocating

self-sufficiency, and features another novelty- none of the women

is a prostitute, servant, or welfare mother- all demeaning roles that

black women have been assigned to play in Hollywood movies."

Worth a look indeed.

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Great fun., 16 July 2001

It's not Shakespeare, that's for sure, but it's well written and a lot of fun. Sometimes I get the feeling that the actors aren't really in on the jokes, which makes it even better. This is one of the few instances where the tv show is superior to the movie. Well done!

"Caprica" (2009)
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Wonderfully smart and complex., 20 April 2009

I have to say, as a BSG fan I wasn't exactly sure what I'd think of this show. I saw it on the big screen at the Arclight cinema tonight (as part of the Paley Center screenings), and the cast and film makers spoke after-wards. Ron Moore said they 'wanted to make a clean break from Battlestar, and do something different, and that yes they would lose some fans but hopefully they'd gain others".

Even without their talk, I am now a fan of the new show. But here's what I thought of the film.

I loved it. It was really very good. I guess I'm a true sci-fi (or 'syfy' - do I really have to type that?) geek, because I'd totally watch this as a series. It has a strong and rich story, and kept my interest.

It starts with a small group of teenagers plotting something, which to me was the weakest part and a bit confusing. The actor playing "Ben" should have given us more of a glimpse into his intense beliefs. The actress playing "Zoe" seemed a little posy, but she was playing a teenager (and I'm sure I won't be the only one who thought "Zoe" was a cylon at first, perils of being a BSG geek). If they're hoping these will be the new Bamber/Helfer/Park, they may want to rethink it. Surprisingly, it was the adults that captured the audiences attention.

Eric Stoltz gives a stellar performance as Daniel Greystone, a man so haunted by his family tragedy that he jumps at the first chance of getting out of his grief and doesn't let go. He does a chilling and enthralling job of conveying his character's sly knowledge of the inner world of computers and people, especially in a scene in which he spins a web for the young teenage friend of his daughters, traps her, then dismisses and releases her. No sign at all of the 'serial killer' he played on Gray's Anatomy, really impressive acting.

Equally as strong though not in it nearly as much is Paula Malcomson as his wife Amanda Greystone. She is just as smart and well written and beautifully played as Stoltz's part, and I completely believed that they are a couple, and a couple that have been together forever and have a strong relationship, something rarely seen these days. I look forward to seeing what happens with this family, and hope they give her as much to do as Roslin in BSG- she is strong and smart and when she lashes out at her kid, you cringe, it's really great. Not to mention her eyes, which could hold magical powers, that's how intense they are. The scene where she takes on the government agent- very short scene, but beautifully played- really gives you an idea of her power.

The other part of the show that did not work 100% for me were the scenes with Esai Morales, and the mafia type clan of his. He does a good job overall, but I did not believe in this mobs power, nor intimidated by their threats. I found myself wishing that this whole story line was a bit more mysterious and hard to figure out; the way it is presented is almost an homage to the Godfather, they kind of hit you over the head with it a bit. But given time, I can see how this will develop into an interesting 'Upstairs/downstairs' kind of thing, with the poor minorities (Morales et al) versus the rich folk who rule the planet (Stolz et al). And to be honest, I did enjoy it when he spoke to his son about the origin of their name- that was a very well played scene.

Note to BSG fans, the boy playing 'Willy Adama' doesn't really look much like Olmos, but he's just a kid. Whether or not he'll be featured any more than he was in this film, who knows? I sure couldn't tell. But it didn't bother me, because he wasn't as interesting as everything else going on around him.

Polly Walker plays 'Sister Clarice', and she's chilling and odd in every scene she's in. I'm not sure where she'll go or who she'll end up with, but I was very impressed with her acting. In this film she was sort of on the side, but obviously being set up to play a very important part later on. She was nothing like her character in "Rome", something I always find impressive in actors.

One nice surprise- the music is actually better and less obvious than BSG, even though it's the same guy doing it, Bear McCreary. It has a haunting and unusual approach that took me by surprise, I'd buy this score if I had the chance.

As to the 'panel discussion' after the show, it was hosted by Seth Green. Ron Moore was very smart and articulate, David Eick was cracking wise (much like his video diaries), Esai Morales told a long story about how he was cast, and Eric Stoltz was very funny and didn't really answer the questions ( but I've always had a thing for him). Paula Malcomson was tough (she took Seth Green to task for mistakenly saying she was on '24'), and the girls who played Zooey and Lacey were both darling. Grace Park and Tricia Helfer were there as well, answering questions about how they did the scenes acting with themselves on BSG. Overall a very interesting and wonderful evening.

I'm giving the show a 9 out of 10, and very much looking forward to watching it all unfold.

NOTE: I just watched this a second time and really hope they explore what the HOLOBAND was originally made for. I have no idea what that may be, but it holds a great deal of fascination to me.

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