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The Mack (1973)
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A sad commentary on black folk, 22 December 2014

Disclaimer - I'm a white guy. I was a kid when this movie came out.

Watching it today, it is ripe for ridicule:

In only 10 minutes of watching this film, I have seen a black pimp treat black hookers poorly, while he's "dating" a white girl. A black woman even takes exception to this in a Chinese restaurant, chastising him and degrading her AND harassing the Asian restaurant owner.

Were there any "black" films of the 1970's, that had any redeeming value ? And what about black films today ?

I realize this film is a stereotypical view of black life in the hood. But, it should be used as a benchmark for black people, to push themselves away from this garbage and lifestyle. If you compare this to the Asian population - look at how stereotyped this movie portrays the Asian man - a Chinese restaurant owner with broken English. And look in 43 years' time, where Asians are now. They have worked hard, studied, improved themselves, and stopped making excuses (if they ever did) and have become a very successful and productive part of our society.

This movie is just a sad reminder of how little things have changed for some in 4 decades.

To Fly! (1976)
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Awe-tastic !, 12 November 2008

I saw this film when it first debuted in 1976 at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. More than 3 decades later, it's still playing there. That's a testament to how good this short film really is.

I was 10 years old when this came out, and if you have kids, take them to see this. It will leave them breathless. The Imax format is so big, the movie screen is over 5 stories tall! Watching the landing gear of a 747 get sucked up into the belly on takeoff is something that will leave you saying "wow!" If you're an aviation enthusiast, this is a must-see.

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Should be shown to the Guantanomo prisoners..., 9 July 2005

Playing this video in an endless loop at Guantanomo would have 'em all talking! So Awful, it's fantastic! Where do I begin? What does an indoor swimming pool, dancing girls, disco songs, HR Pufnstuff, horrible and I mean horrible outfits, and the Brady Bunch have in common? Nothing! And yet they managed to cram all of this into one variety hour - no small feat! The singing - and there's lots of it - is atrocious. Greg Brady ala Elvis, the fat years, Ma Brady, and even Marcia, all have solo numbers that are spell-binding...I mean nauseating.

The one gem here is if you're a Marsha fan (all of mankind), then you get to see those pretty blue eyes, and I mean pretty. Wow! Dreamy ! The tip-off that this was a disaster in the making is that it was produced by Sid and Marty Kroft - of Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, HR Puf N Stuff fame. It looks like they used some of the leftover props and ugly costumes.

The interview with Bobby and Cindy was interesting, but too long. Unscripted, they tended to ramble on. And the shocker was when Bobby actually said what every male with a pulse has ever thought: that everyone wanted to DO Marsha. I thought that was bizarre and also rude, since Cindy was sitting right there. I got the impression he was lamenting about not getting that opportunity.

It really is indescribable how bad/good this is. It represents the absolute worst in 70's television, yet at the same time, is strangely good to see a time when corny, over done productions were on TV, and not the graphic, sexual filth that is the norm today. Truly, a classic train wreck to watch!

Jaws 3-D (1983)
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The worst except...., 1 April 2005

Lea Thompson is sooooo dreamy! She gets all the stars for this movie. 3-D aside, this is one of the worst flicks of the 1980's; I know, there are so many to choose from.

Lea can't help it if it was a bad script. Besides, I was too mesmerized by her beautiful eyes, long hair, and wonderful smile. Wow, you gotta love those Minnesota women! Okay, back to the flick: I'm trying to think of a movie I have seen that starred Louis Gossett Jr, that wasn't a bomb. Help here! Remember Iron Eagle? THAT movie stunk! Again, he picked a script that had no substance. All of the scare of the original Jaws was completely lost in this movie.

And finally, the cinematography is horrible. I don't know if the 3-D had anything to do with that, but the whole film seems very grainy, like an early 70's film. Maybe it was old stock.

To summarize: Watch this film ONLY if you're in the Lea Thompson fan club, like myself. Otherwise, go outside; it's probably a nice day that's passing you by.

It's Pat (1994)
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It Sucks !, 27 December 2003

How a movie studio ever decided to bank roll this one, is a mystery. This movie is so Un-funny, it's horrential! I'm trying to remember an equally dumber movie, and I can't. This makes Dumb and Dumber look like Gone With The Wind. Pass this one.

Rush in Rio (2003) (V)
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I love it, I hate it, 15 December 2003

A long overdue concert release, Rush-in-Rio DVD is both compelling and disappointing. This slick two-disc set shows Rush at their finest. After 30 years of honing their unique sound, it's great to have this record of one of the most talented rock bands ever.

The concert features over two dozen songs, a documentary, and three songs that feature multi-angle viewing. Packaged in a bi-fold holder with sleeve and a small insert, it's priced very well for the amount of material it contains.

I'm a Rush fan of the late seventies to early eighties period, and this DVD comes through big, with half of the show highlighting songs from that era. I won't list the songs, in case you want to be surprised. If you attended the Vapor Trails tour, then you'll know what they'll be playing.

Playing in Rio to their biggest crowd ever, Rush is a huge crowd pleaser here. In fact, that was one of the first things I noticed that was peculiar about this show. Throughout most of this two hour concert, you hear and see the crowd, actively chanting and dancing wildly to the music. At first, it's heartening to see the fans give Rush a well deserved response. But after several songs, I was ready to hear and see more of the band and less of the crowd. This is in no way a slam of the crowd of Rio. More power to them! It's a critique of the final editing of the DVD.

Which brings me to my second and main reason "I hate it". The video editing is terrible in my opinion. Save for the multi-angle view bonus cuts, the entire show is a frenzy of visual chaos. It's like the director wanted to see how spastic he could make it. I count changing camera angles, on average, between every one and four seconds, constantly! After about three or four songs, my head and eyes were ready for a break. Which is too bad, because I would have liked to have sat through the whole show, like I was able to at the concert last year. Maybe this fast-cut editing is the latest craze for concert DVD's, but I really think it's an annoyance and detraction from the overall experience. As stated before, I wouldn't mind it for a song or two, but the whole visual aspect of this disc is hurried, or RUSHed. It's really ironic, because all the previous concert clips I've seen of Rush, mainly from Moving Pictures, are strictly straight-filmed, with little switching back and forth. It's almost boring, visually speaking. This DVD has taken it to the other extreme. I know a lot of dyed-in-the-wool Rush fans will vehemently disagree with my statements, but that's just my impression of it.

The bottom line: If you're a Rush fan, you'll buy this DVD regardless of my review, or any other. I still would have bought it after I had read my review. Just don't get expect a "normal" concert. Who knows, the things mentioned above might not bother you.

Crisis in Mid-air (1979) (TV)
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sterotypical cheesy seventies-flick !, 28 September 2003

Not many surprises in this film, just a good look back at bad hair, bad clothing, and some sexism - three things that defined 1970's film.

Not exactly your all-star lineup, but it is funny to see Mrs. Ingalls playing the part of a lonely wife. George Peppard as a cranky, past-his-prime air traffic controller is her husband. Dezi Arnaz jr. as the punk tranferee who thinks he's a hotshot in the hotseat.

If you can find a copy of this, let me know, as the last time I saw it, it was playing at 1am on a UHF station 15 years ago.

A lost classic!

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What's the fuss about?, 28 September 2003

Wow, the previous reviewer really had issues with this film! Judging from his/her use of overly-descriptive adjectives, I'd say he/she was looking down their nose, even before they entered the theatre.

"It coincided with the beginning of a sordid bottom period in the social and intellectual history of the United States from which the nation has yet to recover."

Whoa! Where'd that come from !? For starters, that wasn't the beginning of any bottom period for this country. I'm not even sure what context he/she is referring to. If it's violence in society, then you need to roll the clock back 10, 20 or more years to find the bottom. Sounds like someone lived in a glass house during the McCarthy-era, JFK's assassination, Vietnam, MLK's assassination - and that's just going back 10-20 years! Dip back further into the early part of the century, when the country was involved in labor fights (of which I highly recommend watching "Matewan One", a movie about unionizing coal miners of West Virginia back in the 20's or 30's).

Sorry to digress. Here's my take on Walking Tall:

I watched this the other night and was glued to it! Not for the display of violence, but for the fact that this movie is now nearly 30 years old and it's like a time capsule of sorts. Yes, it was a story based on violence, but the real story is how morally bankrupt one town had become, while still functioning as a little town somewhere in America.

Joe Don Baker played an excellent role in being a not-so-nice guy bent on cleaning up the scum of his childhood town. He had been away too long, and when he returned, it was too much for him to handle.

I took to watching this movie lightly. A lot of viewers commented on the social aspects of this, but I took-in all of the surrounding things like the props and scenery. For instance, look how huge those Dodge sedans were! Boats with wheels! The bad hair, bad clothes, especially one scene where his wife is wearing this blouse that has about 4 different contrasting patterns on it. Truly Seventies Americana.

As mentioned in another post, the boom operator must have been someone's kid helping out on the set, as the mic is shown in many of the scenes. Being an independent company, they must have said the heck with it in the editing room. Not enough money for a re-shoot.

I take this movie with a grain of salt. I was entertained by the time period of it and the acting. This movie belongs in the yet-to-be implemented IMDB genre category of "The Seventies". Hint hint IMDB.

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Shockingly Disgusting, 1 September 2003

While I agree with the previous post that the cinematography is good, I totally disagree with the rest: This is nothing more than a porno movie disguised as an artsy film. Showing little boys naked is not art and amounts to child porn. Steer clear of this dud. Stupid is what this film is.

Turbulence (1997)
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The Worst Aviation Movie. Period., 16 March 2003

Disgusting. That sums up the train-wreck-in-the-sky entitled "Turbulence". The DVD should come with its' own air-sick bag, because you'll be nauseaous from the time it lifts off the runway.

A thin story is anchored even more by horrible, and I mean horrible acting from both Ray Liotta and Lauren Holly. This is yet another Ray Liotta psychopath flick. When is he not type-cast as a thug or maniac? Very predictable lines from him. Lauren Holly looked like a genius - in Dumb and Dumber. "Turbulence" highlights the lowest point in her acting career. From horrible make-up, to times in the movie where she goes from calm (when she shouldn't be) to a screaming mess defending herself from Liotta's killer habits.

Luckily, a friend lent me this DVD, so I didn't actually waste any money on it, but I did waste an hour and 37 minutes.

This is no Airport '75 - not by a long shot.

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