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Best (so far) of the Pulp Comics Specials, 14 September 2008

So many of the Pulp Comic episodes were wholly unwatchable, and I have tried to watch them as they come along, but this particular one was one of the best! Julia Sweeney is at her best in this special, and the video bits that are peppered throughout are GREAT! If Pulp Comics had more specials of this caliber, it would probably still be on today.

There were some other good episodes of this series, but way too many of them were just not done well, or featured comics that just weren't funny.

If this special is ever released on DVD or Bluray disk, I would probably purchase it. I am also hoping that she records some of her other specials.

"Jesse" (1998)
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Good for first season then went downhill quickly, 14 October 2001

In the beginning this was not a bad show, by beginning I mean the first season, then the powers that be decided to reformat by dropping several members of the case without explanation, and left Jesse seeking a new job, which she was not suited for. If they had kept things the way they were, that might have saved the series.

For those that liked The Single Guy, this also happened on that series, trading the one good couple on the show for a Bagel Shop, not unlike the coffee shop on Friends.