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Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!
16 March 2006
I was bored one Sunday morning in August 2004 and I was surfing through the channels and I stumbled on this movie that was on one of the premium channels. I was getting more and more into it as the plot was going. My favorite character is Squirrel played by Ethan Embry. After seeing it on TV, I just had to buy it on DVD and I have showed this movie to many of my friends and they love it! It was amazing to see that the director of this movie Tim McCanlies directed Secondhand Lions. This movie shows what true friendship really is and what small town life is about. I recommend this movie to everyone and it is great for the whole family to watch.
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Best film of 1980
29 June 2004
I remember reading the novel for this movie when I was a senior in high school when I had to select one book from a list for summer reading and I chose 'Ordinary People'. The list gave me a warning about the novel that it contains mature issues such as suicide. I read the book and saw the movie and it was painful to see what Conrad went through with his cold hearted mother and all Conrad wanted was love from both of his parents. It made me angry how the mother was so uncaring and hardly did not want anything to do with her son. I have known people in the past who have treated me the same way and it's very painful to bear. I think all parents should see this movie and I give it a 9/10.
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The Champ (1979)
Grab a Kleenex box
16 March 2004
I love this film a lot. I first saw it back in 1996 when I was 11 when I missed it on TV and I rented it from a video store. When I first saw it, I was sobbing at the end. The part where Annie reveals to T.J. that she is his mother is a little disturbing. There is a little foul language in it, but other than that it is a good movie. I couldn't believe the extra features the DVD had to offer. It has a behind the scenes featurette, theatrical trailer, and a full-length commentary with Jon Voight and Rick Schroder. I now own this movie on DVD and is great for the whole family to watch!

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Charly (2002)
I Cried at the End
14 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers
This movie based on Jack Weyland's book was very well done and I loved it! Charly comes to Salt Lake from New York City to visit her family and meet Sam Roberts. I really liked the character Charly and the way she and her boyfriend Sam Roberts worked things out in New York and traveled back to Salt Lake. I started crying at the part where Sam takes Charly on the ferris wheel for the last time and the heavenly music plays, that is also my favorite part of the movie. Then, the part where Sam finds the note Charly wrote to him before she passed away really touched my heart. I just saw this movie for the second time now and I cried again towards the end. I recommend this film to everyone!
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October Sky (1999)
Best film of 1999!
30 November 2003
I have to say this, but I have not seen this remarkable film until this year! I saw it back in April when I rented it from the video store and I loved this movie all the way through. I saw the cover of the movie and I thought it looked inspirational the way Homer and Ms. Riley were looking up at the sky. I think this is a great movie about friendship and achievements. The rockets in this movie were so cool and I thought it was so interesting the way the teenage boys made it possible to do something that extraordinary! I now own this movie and I will always think of the accomplishments Homer and the other boys did as wonderful.

I read a review and they're right. This is a movie that will live in your memory forever!
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The Four Diamonds (1995 TV Movie)
25 November 2003
This movie was great and I loved it. I saw this movie back when I was 10 years old on Disney on the premiere showing in August 1995. It aired a few times after that and then it never aired again. This movie would be great for support groups dealing with cancer and other illnesses. I love Thomas Guiry's acting like 'The Sandlot'. I had tears in my eyes at the end of the film when I first saw it. I loved it how Chris Millard shared his feelings with his fantasy story and what he did while he was battling his cancer, tragically Chris Millard lost his battle with cancer in 1972 at the age of 14. The Disney Channel should air this wonderful, inspirational movie again.
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Horse Sense (1999 TV Movie)
Best Disney Channel Original Movie!
23 November 2003
I saw this movie back in April 2000 when I was bored one Saturday afternoon and I was surfing through the channels and I found this movie playing on the Disney Channel. It looked entertaining right when I started to watch it. I loved this movie from beginning to end. I liked how the 2 antagonistic cousins put their differences aside and saved the one's ranch from foreclosure. I also liked it how the 2 cousins spent time having fun with one another on the ranch and getting to know each other. It does show what family members can do for each other and learn to love. I recommend this movie and the sequel Jumping Ship (2001) (TV) for everyone!
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On the Way Home (1992 Video)
Excellent story and promises
9 November 2003
This film was very well done and I like the films Kieth Merrill has directed like 'Mr. Krueger's Christmas' and 'Legacy'. This story was heartwarming and touching to see what the family went through prior to being baptized.

I know losing a member of your family is very hard and difficult and that is what happened to this particular family. Then, 2 sister missionaries taught them that they can be together forever in heaven. I really liked this LDS film and I'm glad the LDS church made it possible.
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Unsolved Mysteries (1987–2010)
This show is so cool!
23 October 2003
This is still one of my favorite TV shows and will always be. I was only 2 years old when it started airing in '87 and I love the old classic episodes from the late '80's to the early '90's. Now, that Robert Stack has passed away, I don't know if the show will continue with another host or be canceled. That new show "Secret Lives" with host Kristian Alfonso is a spinoff to this TV series and I have never seen it. I don't know if Unsolved Mysteries would be the same without Robert Stack.

I would watch this show on Lifetime and I would like to turn out the lights and listen to Robert Stack's chilling voice as chills would go through me. My favorite mysteries segments are with the long lost loves being reunited and it made me happy to see them finally together. I hope they will continue this great, successful TV series that so many mysteries are finally solved.
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Great Account
18 October 2003
This short LDS film is a great account of the prophet Joseph Smith telling what he saw in the sacred grove near his home in Palmyra, New York. I remember watching this movie in primary and seminary. I liked it how Joseph did a lot of research before he went to pray and read the Epistle of James 1:5. The narrator repeats the verses out from JSH (Joseph Smith History). I am about to serve a mission for the LDS church and it is one dream for me someday to actually go to the sacred grove and see where Joseph Smith saw the first vision.

This short film a great for learning about the history of the LDS church and how it all began.
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