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One of the most wonderful movies of all time, 3 January 2004

I have seen While YWS maybe three or four times during the last few years - I liked it much. Two days ago I decided to watch it once again as it was on TV, and I liked it even more, actually I loved it!! This is a wonderful romantic film with a beautiful score and a beautiful cast, especially Sandra Bullock does a great job - she presents Lucy as a very beautiful character :-)

To me, While you were sleeping is, next to Sleepless in Seattle and Titanic (if you consider it a romantic movie) the most wonderful romantic movie of all time!!


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The greatest film of all time, 26 October 2002

I think that there is nothing else to say, Jurassic Park is just the greatest film of all time. Rating: 99/10

For JP2: 11/10 and JP3: 9.9/10 ;-)

Great movie.., 26 October 2002

..but not the greatest of all time. I loved watching this movie (for 3 times so far) because it is great made. it is just perfect on the stylistic area. sometimes it is quite boring, but there are scenes that are worth watching them many, many times. ==> 8.4/10

Good movie, 9 October 2001

I liked Kramer vs. Kramer, because it had good character development and a good and touching story. The actors ( Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep ) do a great job once again. It is about a marital crisis between Mrs. Kramer ( Meryl Streep ) and Mr. Kramer ( Dustin Hoffman ). Between them is their son.

All in all, I rated this movie 9/10 and recommend it to "family film fans".

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Great, 9 October 2001

Independence Day. It is a very good sci-fi-action movie with great special effects. It is still #4 in the box office. A few years ago ( about 1997 ) I watched this film with my little sister about 3 times a week. Till now I have seen this movie about 25 times, at the moment there is no film that I have seen more often, but during the following weeks Jurassic Park will catch ID4 up. Maybe Independence Day is brainless, but who cares? It wants to be an entertaining action movie, and it is. Maybe it is the best sci-fi-movie ever.

I have two favorite scenes : the first : the aliens attacking New York and Los Angeles and so on. The second : "Y'know, this was supposed to be my weekend off, but noooo. You got me out here draggin' your heavy ass through the burnin' desert with your dreadlocks stickin' out the back of my parachute. You gotta come down here with an attitude, actin' all big and bad... and what the hell is that smell? I could've been at a barbecue! But I ain't mad."

Good points : these two scenes, action, fun, special effects, sound, story, characters, actors, style, Will Smith, beginning, directing.

Bad points : sometimes the score, some goofs.

All in all, I rate Independence Day 9.5/10. A few years ago it was my favorite film, but today it is just #24.

Breakdown (1997/I)
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Didn´t like it, 24 March 2001

I did not like Breakdown. The first time I watched it I thought it was full of tension and a good movie, but the second time around it was way worse. It was quite boring the second time I saw it, and that is why I do not like it. Movies I like are still good and interesting at least the third time, some even the fifth or tenth time. But Breakdown did not get the second time.

Good points : some tension ( even the second time ), ending ( and that it has an end )

Bad points : it gets boring, acting?, story?, directing?

All in all, I rate this movie 4/10 and recommend watching it just one time. CU; Rinho.

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Didn´t like it, 24 March 2001

Army of darkness was one of those horror movies who were good in the year they were made, but are bad today. For example, the exorcist is still great after about 30 years. I thought Army of Darkness is not a horror movie for everyone, not even for every horror fan. I liked some parts of it, but all in all it was bad.

I rate Army of Darkness 3/10, because it was not interesting. I have watched it three times so far, but it never impressed me.

CU; Rinho.

Face/Off (1997)
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My number 17 movie, 5 March 2001

Face/Off is my number 17 movie. It is one of the greatest action movie ever made, but not the greatest. There are three better action movies : Jurassic Park 1 & 2 and The Rock. The actors are good, and the story is one of the best ever told in an action movie. I hope there will be more action movies that are as great as Face/Off and The Rock. There are only a few things that could have been better : sometimes this was a bit slow. The action scenes are great, but not as great as those from Jurassic Park or The Rock.

Good points : action, actors, acting, directing, STYLE, story, beginning, Jamie ( the girl ).

Bad points : sometimes to slow,

All in all, I rate this movie 9.8/10. It is one of the greatest action movies out there.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

CU; Rinho.

Se7en (1995)
My number 19 movie, 5 March 2001

Se7en is my number 19 movie. It is a great thriller with a great story and great performances. I had to watch this movie three times until I started liking it. But today I love it. It is about a guy that kills seven persons according to the deadly sins. I do not like Brad Pitt that much, Morgan Freeman is quite good, Kevin Spacey too, and Gwyneth Paltrow is OK. But this movie was ( sorry, IS ) just great.

Good points : characters, actors, acting, directing, story, and the way that it is told, ending, style, score,

Bad points : cannot think of anything, but it could have been better

All in all, I rate this movie 9.7/10 and recommend it to everyone who has not seen it yet. It is GREAT!!!

CU; Rinho.

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My number 20 movie, 5 March 2001

A time to kill is my number 20 movie. It is a very good thriller. I usually do not like thrillers about court proceedings, but this is a GREAT one. The actors are all great, from Matthew McConaughey & Sandra Bullock to Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey. The great part of A time to kill ( as of Dead Man Walking, too ), is that the film does not concentrate on the defendant or the prosecutor, but it concentrates on both. Maybe you hope that Samuel L. Jackson will be innocent, but you also know that this is not possible actually, since he has murdered two persons. My favorite part has to be the end summation of Matthew McConaughey. That is one of the greatest moment in film history I think.

Good points : Story, ACTORS, CHARACTERS!!!, directing, ENDING, the summation, style, plot

Bad points : sometimes a bit too long, but just sometimes

All in all, I rate this movie 9.6/10 and recommend it to everyone. It is GREAT!

CU; Rinho.

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