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This motion picture is worth more than 1,000 words, 16 June 2008

Very interesting documentary about Eddie Adams, the legendary photographer whose career spanned 13 wars, 6 US presidents, and 50 years of movie stars. His most famous picture is that of a Vietcong being shot during the war by a Saigon police chief.

His friends and co-workers talk about Adams, who died a few years ago, and say how much he influenced them and how much his photos influenced the American people. There are a lot of interviews with Adams before he died that the director found while rummaging through piles of tapes in Adams' photo studio. People like Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw and Kim Phuc (she was the girl running naked on the street during Vietnam with severe burns) are interviewed as well.

The stories of his time in Vietnam are amazing, especially the moment he took that famous photograph. Apparently that photograph is what influenced Michael Cimino to make The Deer Hunter.

I also had no idea that among other things, Adams is the one who took the photo of Clint Eastwood that became the poster for Unforgiven.

This was a great documentary, I really enjoyed it.

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A great character study about a father and his son, 16 June 2008

I saw this at the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck, Michigan.

Yonkers Joe stars Chazz Palminteri as the title character, a great con artist who makes a lot of money from working the tables at casinos. He and his girlfriend Janice (Christine Lahti) have a pretty good life. But then Joe gets a call from an institution telling him that his son Joe Jr. (Tom Guiry) who has Down's Syndrome is being disruptive there and thus must be taken out. Joe doesn't know how to take care of his son and this new change in his life is ruining a lot of his plans and ways of making money. Over time, the father and son try to live with each other while at the same time try to help each other out.

This film had a great cast. Palminteri was wonderful as Yonkers Joe, a conflicted and confused parent who doesn't know how to take care of his troubled son. Lahti is a delight trying to play the role of the one that hopes to ease the tension and make Joe Jr. feel like he's welcome. And Tom Guiry is excellent and very believable as Joe Jr. Someone after the screening even asked the director if the actor who played Joe Jr. really had Down's Syndrome. Guiry gives a lot of depth to the character, making Joe Jr. both entertaining and emotional.

There are many clever moments throughout the film, all of the con acts are fun to watch. The dialogue is well written and the plot unravels nicely. The scenes in Las Vegas are also very well shot in all of the different locations.

With a talented cast and crew, Yonkers Joe is a great and enjoyable film that people she really look out for.

Doubletime (2007)
Jump in for some fun, 16 June 2008

This was the opening night film at the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck, Michigan.

Doubletime is a fun and energetic documentary following two Double Dutch teams who are heading to Harlem to compete in an international competition at the Apollo Theater. In the film we see some of the members from North Carolina's Bouncing Bulldogs and South Carolina's Double Dutch Forces and we meet the two trainers. These kids put everything they've got into competing and they are extremely impressive. It's unbelievable the things they can do with jump ropes.

The film is well structured showing all of the training that goes into preparing for the competition while giving some history to some of the kids. There are some great shots in the film showing all of the techniques and stunts they perform, it's really fun to watch.

This is an exciting film that focuses on an event that many take for granted. It's hard to believe that such wild things can take place with just a couple of people and some rope.

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A very enjoyable teen comedy, 16 June 2008

I saw this at the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck, Michigan.

Bart Got a Room is a funny and clever film starring Steven Kaplan as Danny Stein, a senior in high school who isn't sure what to do about the Senior Prom. His best friend Camille who he's known for many years (Alia Shawkat) seems like the obvious choice, but after another friend mentions that everyone that's going to prom has gotten a hotel room for the big night, Danny realizes he needs someone other than his "best friend" to take back to a hotel room.

This film is very well made an well written. Kaplan is a natural actor, he does a wonderful job playing Danny, he's like a teenage Woody Allen, having trouble finding someone to go out on a date with and not knowing how to talk to women. And Cheryl Hines and William H Macy are also perfect as Danny's separated parents. Macy is a delight having many of the big laughs in the film, which I'm sure is increased by his hilarious hair. John Polito is great as well playing Cheryl's new love interest. And there's also a funny cameo near the end of the film.

Writer/Director Brian Hecker made a great teen comedy. The audience at the screening loved it, applauding many times throughout. Seek this one out, it's a very entertaining film that's sure to please. See it then spread the word.

Oh, and be sure to stay for the end credits.

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A perfect heist film, 16 June 2008

I saw this at the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck, Michigan.

Man on Wire is an exciting documentary about Philippe Petit who, thanks to his friends, managed to sneak into the World Trade Center in 1974 and do a high-wire act between the Twin Towers.

From the very start of the film it pulls you in, this is an amazing story and Petit is an amazing person to document. Sure, he's a reckless person and has a wild personality, but he's fascinating to watch. The interviews with him and his friends and "team" who helped pull off the stunt are extremely interesting and great to watch. It's fun watching old footage of Petit performing some of his previous acts, this guy really has talent, and may be a bit too determined and crazy. The reenactments are also well filmed and a nice job of telling the story.

This documentary plays like a classic heist film. It's filled with suspense and has many of those caper moments of mistakes that may ruin the entire job. Even though the final outcome is already known, it's still thrilling and you don't know if they will pull it off.

A well crafted film that does a wonderful job of telling the story of one man's dream and how he managed to make it a reality.

Summerhood (2008)
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This movie makes me want to be 10 again, 15 June 2008

I saw this at the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck, Michigan.

What a wonderful film, so much fun and entertaining. It's the basic story of children at a summer camp and how they spend their time there. But the cast is just so great, it's obvious everyone was having a blast making it.

The film stars Lucian Masel as Fetus, a little kid at camp who has a crush on Sundae (Reva Timbers) one of the girls there. It focuses on Fetus and the rest of the kids from his cabin as they go through crazy antics and adventures and trying to avoid getting caught by the camp Assistant Director (Christopher McDonald in a great performance).

There were just so many fun moments throughout this film, all of the characters were great, with their hysterical names and personalities (Fetus, Reckless, Careless, Grandpa, The Raincoat Kid). And the dialogue sounds like what the kids would actually say and not like it was just written for them. Oh, and the soundtrack was just perfect, great uses of songs and perfectly placed during each of the scenes.

This film was one of the best at the festival. Actor Scott Beaudin who played Reckless was at the screening for a Q&A and he told some nice stories about the making of the film and how all of the cast had a great time working on it. I hope to see many of these young actors in future projects.

Narrated by John Cusack, Summerhood is an extremely entertaining comedy that's another wonderful addition to the summer camp comedies. Everyone should check this film out.

Kabluey (2007)
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Hilarious and creative film people are sure to enjoy, 15 June 2008

I saw this film at the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck, Michigan.

Kabluey is a wildly entertaining and hilarious film. Scott Prendergast, the writer, director, and star of the film, made a very creative comedy that's so much fun to watch.

Leslie (Lisa Kudrow) needs help taking care of her two wild kids because her husband is off fighting in Iraq. Her brother-in-law Salman (Prendergast) decides to help out, after all, he needs a place to stay anyway after recently getting fired. But Salman has no idea what he's gotten himself into. The two children (perfectly played by Landon Henninger and Cameron Wofford) are far too much to handle and do everything they can to make Salman's life miserable. And somehow Salman manages to get a job as a mascot for Leslie's company.

I loved this movie, it's a very clever script. Sure, it's sort of a familiar story about a guy trying to look after some wild kids, but there are so many original and inventive moments throughout, especially the entire story of Salman as the office mascot. I also loved all of the little touches throughout, things in the background that aren't don't further the plot but add to the comedy. And Conchata Ferrell steals the show a Salman's employer. Every moment she's on screen is hysterical, she's so perfect at comedy, I wish she had a movie of her own.

There are many huge laughs throughout this film. Everyone at the screening was laughing wildly and applauding during many scenes. It really is a wonderful film and I hope people get a chance to see it. Seek out this film, watch it, and then spread the word.

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A great ride!, 15 June 2008

I saw this at the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck Michigan.

The Flyboys is a wonderful adventure film starring two young talented actors Jesse James and Reiley McClendon. Kyle (McClendon) is the new kid in town and after a little trouble on his first day of school, he befriends Jason (James). Jason's uncle works on and flies small airplanes, and after Jason and Kyle get a little taste of flying in planes, they want more.

Soon, Jason and Kyle unexpectedly get on board a plane that is carrying a bomb. This is just the set up of the very entertaining film. The whole cast is great, Tom Sizemore and Stephen Baldwin are great together, and the side characters are also very impressive. There were also some very exhilarating moments throughout, even a simple scene involving kids being chased by a bully was made into a thrilling moments. The score is perfect in the film adding to the acting and excitement. And I particularly loved the use of sound during the final action sequence in the film.

After having seen over a dozen films at the Waterfront Film Festival, this was the final film I saw and it was definitely my favorite one. The entire audience was having a blast watching it. There were numerous bursts of applause for many scenes and a lot of laughs throughout. Everyone had a great time.

The Flyboys is sure to please everyone, it's fun, funny, and an overall great picture. Be sure to check this one out. See this film then spread the word.

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A very entertaining film and a very impressive debut, 20 April 2008

I saw this film at the East Lansing Film Festival.

Director Jonathan Blistein has made a wonderful and entertaining film starring Justin Rice as a hopeful screenwriter suffering from writer's block in the Big Apple. The very opinionated Rice has to look after a friend's dog which only adds to the insanity of his hectic work. This film is about relationships, falling in and out of love, and trying to make everything work out, no matter what the consequences.

The cast was great, I really enjoyed Justin Rice, he seemed so relaxed and really became the character. There were also a number of great supporting performances and a lot of great bit parts (including a very amusing cameo). And the dog is so hilarious, it nearly steals the show in every scene it's in.

The whole New York setting was great, it was basically a character of its own. All of the different locations and settings, it shows parts of the city that aren't normally shown in films. There were also some creative camera tricks and editing techniques.

The entire play sequence is extremely entertaining, it really shows how much effort needs to be put into making a film, especially an independent one. Trying to be creative and coming up with new things, having clever dialogue that doesn't come off as being too clever, working with numerous actors and extras, and all of the changes in lighting and locations. Everything is pulled off in these scenes, this is a great film for aspiring filmmakers to watch and take notes on.

The director was at the screening of the film and told some very amusing stories about the making of it. You could tell he put everything he had into making this film. And the work paid off. Blistein made a very impressive feature film debut. Let Them Chirp Awhile is funny, entertaining, and it has a lot of great moments that stick with the viewer long after seeing the film. I'm really looking forward to seeing where he goes from here.

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If Bruce Could Kill, 14 March 2008

When a small town in Oregon is attacked by a evil monster, who do you call? Bruce Campbell of course.

My Name is Bruce is a hilarious comedy directed by and starring the great Bruce Campbell. It's a creative low budget film that does so much with so little. The whole cast is enjoyable, it looks like they all had a fun time filming it, like a bunch of friends getting together and shooting a film. And Ted Raimi is awesome as always, playing several roles, it looks like they just put the camera on Ted and told him to do his thing, and man the Rhyme Throwah sure delivers.

There are a lot of laughs throughout, I was smiling the whole way through. It's filled with a bunch of inside jokes that all Bruce Campbell fans will appreciate it. But this isn't just for people that love Bruce. This is a movie for everyone that appreciates film-making, and most importantly films that aren't trying to make millions of dollars. My Name is Bruce knows what kind of movie it is and doesn't try to be anything else. It makes fun of itself a lot of times (and Bruce rips on himself so much throughout).

I saw this at the East Lansing Film Festival and the audience could not sit still. There were so many cheers and constant laughter throughout the film.

It's an entertaining and funny film. Seek it out, watch it, then spread the word.

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