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Betty Blue (1986)
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Desert Island, DVD player, a movie, 19 December 2000

Is there one movie you've watched every night for a week? This was mine and I remember that strange feeling you get that every movie to follow will be disappointing in comparison. This movie was extraordinary in sight, sound, emotion, character. In overview it becomes a bit disjointed at a point, and the ending while powerful may not score high in originality. The rest is a masterpiece. This impact remains high because of some of the parallels to relationships I've had... I recall going to the company store on a business trip to Korea. One movie poster hung in the window, Beatrice Dalle in blue...

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As with anything, be in the mood, 19 December 2000

I see After Dark, My Sweet every couple of years and it is only slightly less stunning now compared to 10 years ago. 3 key points... Jason Patric's performance, or rather character. I haven't seen his performance in anything else that has been close, I thought at the time it was perfection. The mood. If you're familiar with the area it was shot in, the desolation and decay is conveyed with alarming accuracy. And an ending that has impact. Again, if you're in the mood.