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I didn't like it., 30 July 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The premise of this film is interesting - a man is caught in a phone booth by a sniper - but it just doesn't work. Like 'Liberty Stands Still', another movie that failed with the same premise, the movie has little action and rather flat dialogue, and this is coming from a guy who really doesn't care for action films. I feel a bit bad saying that, since I really can't think of anything better, but it's not my movie, so it isn't my job to make it better anyway.

Colin Farrell is an interesting person: an actor who is both good and overrated at the same time. Considering that most young actors his age are practically painful to watch, seeing Farrell display a range of emotions through his facial expression is refreshing and reassuring. He's not great, however; many people tend to gush about him a bit much. He's still young, and although he is good, it doesn't seem that he's gotten over that "I'm trying so hard and it will break my heart if people don't like me even though I pretend I don't care what people think" attitude yet. I guess that's not his fault, since he isn't as experienced as other actors yet; it's just that some people say he's going to be the next great leading man, and I say: wait. I think he has the potential to be, but only time will tell.

Also, I have to talk about the film's ending. So, this is the *SPOILER* warning here.



I was very put off by the ending. This trend in Hollywood to have bad guys never receive retribution bothers me. In fact, in many popular films now we're expected to sympathize with robbers and thieves, who are often leading characters. Farrells character is by no means a good guy, but Sutherland should not have gotten away. He had no right to do what he did. I just had to say something about that.

Aside from that, the film is adequate. They didn't do as well as they could have with the premise, so I would say it's an average film.

Fight Club (1999)
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Overrated and trite., 30 July 2003

I do not understand why people seem to like this film. To me, it really just looks like a shallow whupass movie made for trendy fruits. Most of it focuses in illogical sex and violence which really don't seem to have much of a purpose. I'm glad this didn't sell too well here in the states; it's good to know that most of America isn't like people in Hollywood. Brad Pitt, as usual, seems to just be reading off his lines and Ed Norton has lost all the flame he had in American History X. Just a pointless, brainless mess of a movie. One of the most overrated I have ever seen, *ever*.

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Jolly good show., 30 July 2003

I think that at this point, everyone knows about the X Files. Even if you're not into sci-fi, you know about this show. And what a jolly good show it is. Mulder and Scully are both so deadpan, it's practically funny. The writing for this was always fresh, too.

I think it was probably about time for the show to end, though. I'm sure no one wanted to be stereotyped as those characters, and besides, it's best to go out before the show gets stale. Jolly.

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Wow., 30 July 2003

McMurphy is a convict who feigned mental illness to get out of working in prison. Upon arriving, though, he finds that life in the mental ward is not all it's cracked up to be. The staff seems to care little about the patients, perhaps even resenting them. He comes into conflict with the big nurse, who is intent on controlling the patients like puppets. McMurphy takes it upon himself to alleviate the situation.

This is a great movie, but it was very different from the book. Chief Bromden was originally the main character throughout the entire book, while in the movie, he only becomes the primary character near the end. The book was also filled with Bromden's bizarre hallucinations, which don't seem to come into play here.

Nevertheless, Jack Nicholson was totally rad as McMurphy. This is definetly one worth owning.

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Flashback!, 30 July 2003

Boy, does this bring back memories. I saw this in the theaters back when it came out. What a movie. This is one of those completely impossible kids movies that defies every standard of what a good movie should be, and yet, I like it anyway.

I would write more and make this a more informative review, but there really isn't much else to write. I mean, it's Adventures in Babysitting. Just watch it.

Airheads (1994)
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What did you expect?, 29 July 2003

This is a movie with Brendan Frasier, Steve Buscemi, and Adam Sandler playing three heavy metal guys. I would elaborate, but I think I just summed up the whole thing right there. It is by no means a bad movie; just dorky (kind of like me). Trust me, you'll get exactly what you expect. Take that any way you like.

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This made me pee my pants., 29 July 2003

That's right, I said it. I normally wouldn't be this honest, but this is the internet, so no one knows who I am anyway. Mike McShane said something about a German U-boat once, and I was already laughing so hard, that did it. I couldn't hold it in anymore. Luckily, I was watching it alone in my room at the time, so no one saw (this was when I was still in high school and in my parents house). I don't see how you couldn't laugh at this show. To do improv is a truly hard thing, but these people pull it off. One of the greatest shows EVER.

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The best version., 29 July 2003

These are prime examples of Jack Nicholson and Stanley Kubrick at their best. There must have been a majorly good vibe on the set of this film, because the finished product is fantastic. If you haven't seen this movie yet, then rent it. I don't care if you don't like to be scared, watch it anyway. At least for Scatman Crothers. God, I love that guy.

Encino Man (1992)
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It's a caveman movie., 29 July 2003

Pauly Shore digs up Brendan Frasier in his backyard. Brendan Frasier is a caveman. A cool caveman. Antics ensue as they find themselves in ridiculous situations and still manage to have a happy ending. The end.

Yes!, 29 July 2003

Buckaroo Banzai is a totally radical musician who rounds of his band and a team of dudes to fight off the evil red lectroids, led by John Lithgow, who I suspect really is an alien. I have seen this movie over ten times and it never gets old. The material isn't genius or anything, but it's a cool movie. It reminds me of Transformers ans G.I. Joe and other things from the 1980s for some reason.

It's nice to see John Lithgow, Christopher Loyd, Vincent Schiavelli, and Jeff Goldblum in one movie. Four really good guys there. And I couldn't help but notice that Jeff Goldblum looks exactly the same now as he did twenty years ago here. I wonder how he does it.

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