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I loved it, 13 November 2012

I thought it was exceptional. Very telling about humanity. The performances were amazing. Very touching. And I did not think it was convoluted or hard to follow at all. If anything, I thought it was a feat. I hope that the film will get more exposure than it has. It is a movie that is very telling about humanity, and sometimes humans just don't want to face the truth about humanity. There were touches of comedy with the tale of the old publisher. And there were also hints of other famous films. The story of the server girl slave had hints of the film Soylent Green. And I thought that the storyline of the 1970s reporter was a bit remnant of Silkwood. It was amazing how everything seemed to weave together.

Black Swan (2010)
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This swan was superb, 12 December 2010

I saw Black Swan and it was without a doubt the most superb film I have seen in recent memory.It was perfectly paced. The acting was tremendous. The plot captivated from the beginning. It was visually spectacular and stylized very, very well. It made me think of how fragile the human mind can be, and how often we are our own worst enemy.

In short it had it all - and was not a piece of garbage like so many films made these days.

I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a well-crafted film. Natalie Portman gave an Oscar worthy performance. Barbara Hershey was the quintessential passive-aggressive controlling stage mother with the right hint of bitterness. Also Oscar worthy. Mila Kunis was impressive. Nice to see Winona Ryder is a small but pivotal and role that stood out. And the guy who played the ballet director was perfectly creepy.

Atonement (2007)
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Superb Triumph, 23 December 2007

Gripping, heart wrenching, thoughtful, and pieced together brilliantly. Notice the subtle nuances of the filmmaker, how Cecilia's foot slips out of her shoe during the love scene in the library, or the piece of china sinking to the bottom of the fountain. The depiction of war is perhaps one of the most accurate in recent history, bringing the horror to full effect.

This provoking story gives everyone pause to reflect on the fanciful lies that children can tell, and the havoc they rake.

The acting is perfection. Sheer artistry. The chemistry between the two leads lends a great deal to the believability. The scene of their reunion in the tea shop, where Robby moves his hand is so telling.

Bravo to everyone involved.

Delirious (2006)
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Sharp writing, excellent acting, 3 September 2007

Delirius has perhaps done the impossible. That is manage to blend equal parts cynicism and fantasy. These opposite qualities work off one another and result in a gem of a movie.

The smart observations of the celebrity industry are right on the mark. Yet the movie doesn't drown in satire. Human touches are smoothly interwoven into the plot. Most noteworthy is a scene when Steve Buscemi is desperately trying to attain approval from his sterile, rather nasty old parents. Also a standout moment is the scene that takes place at Kharma's hotel, when she first brings Toby there. It is amusing to see Buscemi's character Les become unraveled at Toby's success. Somehow the ending seemed so right, again showing hope and the good side of human nature among the muck of a mercenary, dog-eat-dog world.

The cast is excellent and the acting superb. This is a little cinematic treasure that deserves some recognition.

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A fantastic feat. I loved it., 26 December 2004

Honestly, I don't know how this director or any other could have done a better job. The costumes, set, actors, and special effects were superb. He managed to fit in Webber's classic score and bring intrigue to the plot. I was touched by the plight of phantom by the end.

In addition, I found Emmy Rossum's Gothic beauty a perfect fit for Christine. The rest of the cast is great, and standouts are Miranda Richardson as the stage manager who took pity one the phantom as a young girl and Minnie Driver who is a hoot as La Carlotta. She gives the role a garish vanity that is hysterical. And Gerard Butler was broke my heart as the Phantom.

Musicals are probably the hardest genre to tackle in this day and age but this film succeeds. I can't stand it when people expect a musical to have a plot on the same wavelength of say, "Terms of Endearment." Instead just relax and be taken in by the gorgeous visuals, stunning music, and touching storyline. I would recommend this to anybody of all ages.

Terror Peak (2003) (TV)
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Fluff stuff from Wonder Woman, 15 June 2003

The New Zealand Scenery was beautiful. The Production values were bad, but probably not so bad, I'm sure the budget wasn't huge. No worse than Bay Watch, Xena, or other syndicated series. Former seventies sex symbols Carter and Stevenson headline as newlyweds.

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Bright, Beautiful, and a Good Job From Hutton, 14 June 2003

I liked it. I think Hutton had the spastic energy to carry of this particular role. I t is very interesting how someone like Hutton, once a headliner in huge pictures, fell into complete obscurity. The Judy Garland outtakes were interesting but she looks completely frazzled and exhausted. I have to say I like the way the original Indian number with Garland was put together, it is much more pleasing to the eye than the one in with Hutton.

I love this movie!, 2 June 2003

Bubbly, sumptuous, and clever - I loved every minute of "Down With Love". The costumes and sets were gorgeous and the theme was a nice break from all the sarcastic, grim, and violent stuff that is mandatory for films of today. The split screen montage of sexual positions was brilliant, and the musical number at the end was genius. I drool when Ewan McGregor sings. As with Moulin Rouge, his voice is fantastic. The scene where the editor gets hit by the bed and the gadgets go crazy in the apartment was also a stand out. Great cast, great fun, and something different. I'm down with Down With Love!

Alien (1979)
Brilliant. Gritty. Chilling., 31 May 2003

A great representation of our gritty and ruthless industrialized world in the future. Worn out and tired crew waiting to return home encounter a deadly creature that leads to their destruction, all in the the name of the comapnies greed. Sound familiar? Not too far from our world of today at all.

Weaver is magnificent, the scene where she flips out at Ash and slams him against the wall is brilliant. Holm was so convincing as Ash, the droid who leads the crew to their destruction that I wanted to hit him throughout the whole film. And the rest of the supporting cast, such as Cartwright and Skerrit pleading to be let back into the ship as the carry Cane with the disgusting creature attached to him are great as well.

A classic.

The Ring (2002)
Didn't scare me, but it sure annoyed me, 4 May 2003

This movie isn't horrible, but it is a clear rip off on many levels from the Sixth Sense. For starters, the spooked out and somber little boy with the glazed eyes - a clear rip off. The thing about the tape was interesting, but it bugged me. I wanted to know more, like what the hell was so wrong with this freakish girl Samara who was so wretched the mother had to push her down a well. And Samara supposedly died in 1978. So why the hell was the mother wearing a laced up Victorian dress when she tossed her in?

Finally, this last point really bugged me. What the hell is a little kid like that calling his mother "Rachel" for? Is that supposed to be cool or something? That this supposed tough, hardened, independent, career-driven single mother insists on having her kid call her by her first name? That made me want to vomit. I know it sounds petty, but for somereason it really, really irritated me. It was like they were trying to make the mom cool, like they were trying to make this movie cool.

Instead of being scared I was annoyed. if you want to be scared, try The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, or Helter Skelter - a true story that will have you shivering.

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