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How to make an ordered list of all-time favorites actors? How do you compare actors of different genres, styles, talent-levels, eras, and prolificity? For that matter, how do I account for my own personal bias and preference?

Well......some time ago I came up with a point system to account for all the movies [that I've seen] which the actor in question performed in, my personal enjoyment or appreciation of each film, as well as the degree of importance/prominence his role is within each movie (starring role, principle supporting role, minor supporting role, etc).....then I created a formula to balance quantity considerations against quality, and to weight the score as a means of diluting shear volume a bit. Call this score factor #1.

Factor #1 is then added to a "talent rating" (factor #2), which is my assessment of their skill, versatility, and overall quality as an actor. And then I add a personal appeal score (factor #3), which is a purely subjective number that attempts to quantify how much I am (or to a lesser degree WAS) "into" the actor in question; am I more likely to watch (or re-watch) this movie simply because it stars this actor, etc. The total of these three factors gives the final score that the order of this list is based on.

As I see more movies (or as my sensibilities change with age), the scores--and thus the order--will change.
I enjoyed making the list, hope you enjoy reading it. Polite comments are welcome.

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Used a formula similar to that described in my favorite actors list:

An initial score is obtained based on which of their movies I've seen (and how highly I thought of those movies): quantity weighted against average quality yields this initial score. This is then added to a "director rating" (a number to quantify my assessment of their overall talent, creativity, originality, and versatility as a director); and then finally my "personal appeal" score is added in as well. The sum of these things dictates the order of the list.
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These are good (sometimes excellent) actors who have played minor or even principle supporting roles in LOTS of mainstream movies or TV shows....yet whose names are largely unknown. List is a work in progress, so I'm very open to suggestions.

*Not in any particular order.
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Fav's of ALL-TIME, not just presently. Point system similar to one I used and describe for this list:
Enjoy. Comment if you wish.
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My fav cinematographers based on what I've seen so far. Tried to put them in some semblance of rank/order, though admit I didn't give a great deal of thought to that.