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WOW!, 24 January 2003

One of the best films i have ever seen and one of the best films ever doubt about it, a classic already, up there with ShawShank Goodfellas, and Stand By Me. This is Film making/acting/writing at its very best...bravo!!!!!!

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I will love this programme.......for ever., 24 November 2001

This programme, brings back so meny memories. Nice ones. i will always remember getting up to watch the great line ups for the weekend. Dallas, Hulk, Starsky & Hutch, Hill Street Blues, Happy Days and the Duke Boys. I felt i was dropping in every week to see old pals, pals that i really never knew, but felt like i did. It was from shows like this, where i learnt how to make films, and tell stories. Its a real shame that Sorrell Booke and Denver Pyle have now left us, a sad loss to TV. I can still say to this day, that i watch it at the age of 27, because it just takes you out of the real world and you forget about all your worries. This note is a tribute to the show, its cast and crew. To that i salute you all...for meny years of happy entertainment. Sadly TV today has got no idea of what entertainment is!!!!!!!!!

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"Someday the mountain might get em, but the law never will", 13 July 2001

I Just wanted to say that at the age of 26 now I still watch "The Dukes" I love it just as I did when I was 5. The sad thing now is that Denver Pyle and Sorrell Booke are no longer with us. Although I never knew them, or any of the dukes, I still felt like they were old friends of mine that I would see every week. What a great programme, so far nothing has met with that standard of TV Apart from Happy Days and Starsky & Hutch. Which all have one thing in common- a close comradeship and friendship. To that... I salute them, to a simpler time, because programme makers today have lost that vital ingredient.

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simply outstanding, 27 December 2000

I have seen this documentary twice and will see it countless times for the rest of my life. I have never seen a documentary that actually made me feel and cry for the people, and dogs so much. I am outraged that governments as well as people can forget these soldiers and loyal friends. This programme made me think about friendship and loyalty, and I ask anyone who wants to check their moral compass or just check what friendship really means, see this. Because I'll tell you, I don't think I have friends like these dogs and those handlers did, and to finish I think these dogs can show humans a thing or two about being human.

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70's & 80's are gone...Not if I can help it., 14 December 2000

This show rocked! Fast cars, people going over bonnets, paper blown down a side street. And the clothes. 70's ruled. TV now stinks of a smelly bin that was raided by a 90's producer who just finished film school. The characters cared, the camera was observing not interrupting, and the plot was simple, but effective. David Soul, Paul M.Glazer had style, grace, and a good sense of humour. As a film producer myself, I hope I can bring some of this old school back to the modern world. Enough said.

"Dallas" (1978)
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Pure style., 14 December 2000

"Your still a little pup, and you dont get to run with the pack until you have been trained" JR Ewing. Outstanding, Larry, and Ken were super. Plots were great, direction was spot on. Writing was some of the best I have seen. Two best scenes: 1. When Bobby and JR were stuck in a lift after an argument, the lift wasn't working for nearly the whole night, and there they were, the two of them still arguing. Until JR offers to buy some of Bobby's drink and so the shady deals went on within the confines of this lift until the end when Bobby looks at JR while he is asleep, smiles and then says to JR "your back, you back in the company." Thus they both make up as brothers do. But not with an great script like this one.

2. JR was in a mental asylum and in the end he made friends with some loonies, but the loonies got to like JR so much that when he was to leave them, they got him presents. And JR got them some presents too. Then one of the Loonies said "What about me? dont I get anything?" and JR replies- "What I have for you does'nt come in a box, when you get out of here I want you to give me a call and I will set you up with a nice job a house and anything you want ok" then the man justs hugs JR. Then JR turns to the boss of the asylum and says- "If I hear that you have mistreated my friends in here, even at the slightest, I will get my laywers to come down on you so hard you wont no what hit you" See guys, JR was not that bad after all. (Poetry in motion) a CLASSIC-SHEER CLASSSIC

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In the past. Where it shouldn't be., 14 December 2000

I remember coming home from swimming in the evening, waiting to see Hill Street Blues. My mum would hold my hand as I walked down the street, just as the lady did at the begining of HSB when the police car is driving in the snow the camera picks up on a lady and her child walking down the street, reminds me of me and my mum. The programme was ace, just too dam good. Television today has a lot to learn. One thing I will always remember about that show was the music, it was so sad, but lovely to hear. p.s I wonder where that boy and mother are now?