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Kolya (1996)
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A great film but not for Americans, 12 December 2000

Kolya is a great film which was filmed in 1996 by Jan Sverák, the son of the actor, director and screenwriter Zdenek Sverák who played the main character in this film. We can see a great deal of work done by Zdenek Sverák who is a great director. Despite the fact that even american consultants were involved in the film in order to make Kolya understandable even for the Americans, I do not think that Americans could understand it in as properly as we Czechs do. It is also very much the "games with language", which is based on the similarity btw. Czech and Russian, which makes the film very difficult for the Americans to understand. Another factor is the plot which a non-Czech does not understand if he or she does not know about the historical background. So I would recommend the following. Read something about the period of the Czech history btw. 1968 and 1989 and then watch the movie. It´s great!