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Prisoners (2013)
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great performance in a very disturbing movie, 13 October 2013

This is probably one of Hugh Jackman's best roles yet. However,in the real world wouldn't the FBI be involved from the beginning as they do in all kidnap cases? And, how could there be only one detective on the case? usually they always work in pairs and the detectives and the CSI's would have torn the suspects home and property apart from the beginning and ultimately found the car/well/ pit .

The girls mother (Hugh Jackmans' wife) also made a marvelous recovery as soon as her daughter was found but her husband went missing.

A great story but a little far fetched in the real world of law enforcement.

"Sherlock" (2010)
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I seem to be in a minority but..., 21 May 2012

I guess I am in the minority here but I miss Jeremy Brett .

The "New" Jim Moriarty gives me indigestion. He looks like a gigolo from some of those 1920's movies that said the character had to be oily and greasy.

There are some things that can't be modernized, like Shakespeare. Hope ACD doesn't see this from afar...he would not rest in peace. The HOUND of BASKERVILLE really was a disaster, they lost all the concept of the original story. I went to bed after the first 30 minutes. Basil Rathbone 's version is the classic all should be measured against.

This series is trying too hard to be a hip, modern show. Next , Sherlock will have a girlfriend. YUK!

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What a waste of time!, 21 September 2011

I thought from the previews that this show had some potential. What a turkey! The writing was so bad that it seemed like a first draft of a high school project. The acting was even worse. A total waste of time. Every character was plastic and most slept thru their lines and parts, except Eddie C who could have phoned his in. Having had some experience in the real world of the Playboy clubs , this wasn't even authentic. No bunny flirted with customers, you were simply a pretty waitress and the bunny mother made sure there was no fooling around and rules were strictly adhered to. This show is a joke! Early cancellation would be a mercy killing.

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Better Than I Expected, 30 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Michael Westen just got burned! That's spy lingo for fired, except no body told him he was fired or that his credit rating was trashed or that all his savings were frozen with a government code attached to them or that he was deposited someplace he does not want to be (Miami). When I first saw the previews of this show I though this must be a junk like so much else that comes on TV these days. Looked like an interesting premise so I watched the pilot. Maybe not worth all the hype but the show does have several redeeming qualities. Number one is the actor who plays Westen. Mr. Donovan is a likable rogue and during the course of the hour he does grow on you. The script has a mix of tongue in cheek dialog with a bit of Mac Guyver thrown in. After being fired from the agency Michael tried to find out why and in the process takes on a job of a private investigator for some living expenses. In the course of his investigation, he is helped by his former girlfriend , Fiona, who is ex- IRA and who is played with great ease by Gabrielle Anwar. The scene where she puts away the local drug dealer's muscle is priceless. She's very well cast. Michael's nemesis is not the CIA agents who are constantly watching him but his hypochondriac mother who has the disease of the week syndrome played by Sharon Gless.

The rest of the supporting cast is adequate and the finale was a little implausible as Michael blackmails the mogul whose robbery of $10 million in art he was hired to investigate.

Overall it was new, a pleasant way to pass an hour and with all the summer reruns so pervasive on TV now, I will probably watch it next week.

Dangerous Heart (1994) (TV)
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A Fair film but worth a look for Tim Daly alone., 7 February 2007

I remember seeing this movie when it was made for TV and the story line reminded me of one of my all time favorite TV movies , made in 1970, called "THE OTHER MAN". That film starred Roy Thinnes and the late Joan Hackett and is similar as the female lead has no idea that the man she has fallen in love with is really someone else and initially is trying to get revenge. This was a 10 rated all around, The score and the majestic setting in Big Sur, CA made it memorable. And the acting was first rate.

DANGEROUS HEART has much of the same premise, an innocent , naive woman who meets and falls for a handsome stranger who pretends to be someone else. Tim Daly goes from greasy drug dealer to suburban single by changing his clothes, washing his hair and shaving his beard. He then does his best to find out from the woman he initially seduces and ultimately loves where the money that her late husband stole from him is located. I rated this film a 7 because the rest of the supporting cast was very annoying. The girl who played Angel's moll and girlfriend was so over the top in her performance that it looked like amateur night at a high school play. The other pest was Joe Pantoliano who was definitely trying too hard. His drug dealer cum psycho character has been done much better on LAW AND ORDER etc. I found watching him very distracting. The story also has a lot of holes in it and the plot could have been crafted better.

It ends very much like THE OTHER MAN and cannot have one of those fairy tale endings but is more like a Greek Tragedy.

Tim Daly became my new heart throb after I saw this and confirmed this position with his performance in the OUTSIDER (a western that is a cross between THE ANGEL AND THE BADMAN and HIGH NOON but with some steamy sex).

If anyone ever finds THE OTHER MAN, let me know as I have been searching for years! That was truly one of the lost films of TV.

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Yes, It Did Exist., 29 October 2006

I remember this show very well. Rick Jason (who was tall , dark and handsome in a sinister way) starred as Robin Scott an insurance investigator. But the unique thing about the show was that the hero was skilled in martial arts, something never seen on TV before. It would have had a longer run except Jason hurt his back during the filming and the show got axed. This is one of those shows that only a few die hard TV fans would remember. I also believe it was on Friday nights (well at least in New York). Rick Jason had a longer career on TV in Combat (which was not one of my favorites) but he was really smooth as silk as Robin. What a shame that he took his own life. He really was a pretty good actor.

Who is trying To Be Who Here? Lana? Ava?, 24 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The very first thing that occurred to me right away was Scarlett trying to do her best Lana Turner impersonation. Lana always wore pales and neutrals (like beige, ecru, cream) to enhance her makeup and blondness.The table sex scene was right out of "The Postman Awalys Rings Twice" The two male leads, Josh and Aaron did not have the maturity or seasoning to be hotshot LA detectives in the 1940's. Their characterizations ,to say the least, were very wishy washy and one dimensional. I adore Hilary Swank and think she is a wonderful actress but was very miscast in a role that would have definitely been Ava Gardners in the 50's or early 60's.

The plot was convoluted at times and seemed to jump around. My question was where did Kay/Lee get the money for such a fabulous house that would have been a small fortune even in the 1940's real estate market. The blackmail was explained but how long was it going on?The furniture and decor was magnificent. Very Art Deco with a post WW11 influence.

The ending and how the murder was solved was a very interesting premise. I loved the great Conrad Veidt silent classic "The Man Who laughs" interwoven in the plot.

I am not sorry I went to see this, but I expected more.

I rate it a 7 for the visuals and the clothes. As a fashion stylist , that is the first thing I notice in a film.

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Interesting Murder Mystery with a surprise killer, 19 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I never heard of this movie before I saw it on TCM although I am a big fan of Mary Astor and know the body of her work. It is a "B" murder plot with an surprise killer. The premise is about a totally horrible millionaire Peter Melady, self-proclaimed developer of a new wonder anesthetic, around whose discovery there is a lot of controversy. It appears that he was not the sole developer of this drug but that becomes a viable motive for murder. As an experiment to prove the drug's value, he wants to undergo surgery , using this drug but not to be operated on by his own doctor, Doctor Coate, but by the glib Dr. Leo Harrigan, Melady's longtime mutual adversary. Again, they hate each other and are connected by this new drug.Police are called when the murdered body of Harrigan is found in an elevator, and Melady, last seen being wheeled on a gurney to surgery by Harrigan, has disappeared. There are sub plots about Dr. Harrigan's society wife (who is in the hospital for a broken arm). Hello! this was obviously the days before same day surgery and medical insurance companies calling the shots. Oh , and Melady's daughter is also "convienently" another patient in there for "sunburn". Dr Harrigan's wife has a gigolo boyfriend who is visiting her even though her husband is chief of surgery there. This guy, who looks like a poor imitation of Jack la Rue ,is played by Bill Elliott (billed as Gordon Elliott ) who went on to become one of my favorite cowboys "Wild Bill Elliott" . Mary Astor has a supporting role in this movie which is a surprise considering when it was made. The rest of the cast includes Philip Reed as a young intern (I always thought of him as the poor man's Tyrone Power- he had that look) and Ricardo Cortez as the doctor who figures out the crime. Somebody has to explain to l me what anybody ever saw in Ricardo Cortez. He was born in Austria, so the studio, jumping on the bandwagon of the Latin lover craze begun by Valentino, changed his name, place of birth to Spain and put him in films. They really should have given him acting lessons. He was wooden and had no range as an actor. There are scenes in this movie where he looks taken with himself! Anyway , there is a surprise killer

and some revelation about Mary Astor's character. I recommend it for film buffs.

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A Must See for 1930's movie fans, 27 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I knew nothing of this film until I started watching it about 15 minutes into its start. I was really watching it for the clothes( that are so spectacular even in "B" films of the 1930's) and got caught up in the story. Ann Harding, who is totally unknown today and was a major star then, plays a woman doctor, a plastic surgeon, who falls for a much younger playboy (Robert Young- looking very young by the way) and marries him even though deep down inside she knows it might not work out. She is loved by a colleague played effortlessly by Nils Asher. And yes, who knows who HE was today? Asher was one of the best character actors who had a short career in the 1930's yet was paired with some of the best and most glamorous leading ladies of the era. While her husband was off having an affair with his ex-girlfriend, they have a plane crash and she is scarred. Will the doctor save her life and restore her beauty? And will she finally have the love she wants and deserves from her colleague who adores her? Very short film (about 70 minutes) but right on target and not a lot of fluff. AND yes, being a fashion stylist myself, the clothes are fabulous, especially, the gown Ann Harding wears at the party where she succumbs to Robert Young's charms. If you are a 1930's film fan, you must see this film.

Confession (2005/I)
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dull, far fetched and mundane story, 15 January 2006

This is a really poor film. Even the ones made for "movie of the week "are better than this. The story line is predictable, the acting is equal to a high school production and the entire premise, based on the sanctity of the seal of confession is weak. If you are thinking of renting this on DVD , save your money. The girl who plays the main character's girlfriend (who is supposed to be in high school ) , looks about 25 rather than a teenager. There is so much miscasting it is a joke.

At best, the main character Luther, is annoying and my Himalayan cat has more emotion than he possesses. A real turkey!!!

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