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Long time since I've cried, 17 June 2007

First thought is 'This isn't the way of narrative' but that's just because most of us grew up with Hollywood films, we always know the plot in 'typical' drama. When something (genous) like this is caught in the story there is no way to defend the feelings that moves you.

I don't want to give away what happens though if you read this, you've probably seen the episode. So I might as well recommend this series. See it back to back. Writing this with the experience 'It's only a movie' or 'I don't get upset, I've seen 'em all'

I cried when I saw this episode which is something I don't usually do. It has to count for something. Moving. The purest form of sorrow.

Sunrise (1927)
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A concluding page in Hollywood-history, 7 September 2005

F.W. Murnau worked with this film for a several, or few years. Meanwhile the era of silent film ended, it was not as interesting as films with both picture and audio when finally finished.

Though there was at the same time some argues about how the sound in further films would sabotage the works of art. Sound had nothing to do with film in general.

As the viewer can see in this picture there aren't a lot of textual phrases between the silent clips - Murnau must have mostly relied on simple expressions and montage footage (as Sergei Eisenstein researched on a different continent at the same time). Also the director uses effects with pictures on pictures, what would be called special effects at the time.

For instance when George O Brien (playing the man) sits on the bed wondering about if he really should kill his wife and the other women suddenly appears as a ghost, holding him from behind.

Also animated texture makes this one of the last and remembered moving picture from the silent era.

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The greatest mini-series of them all, 4 May 2005

This is the most tragic moving picture made as series ever, when it comes to why kids always nag about growing up. Even though the writer of this mini-series is a comedian it's so tragic you could burst into tears.

Jonas Gardell takes us to a suburban part of Sweden, somewhere in the 70'es. We follow Juha as a witness through harassment in the middle-grade, with the outsider, strange Thomas with his German mother and the next-door girl Jenny who's in love with him, and the tough boys in the class who checks out the girls in the locker-room. Well, Juha is stuck between all these scenarios and characters.

There is just one thing to do. Joke about it.

The "film" tells you all about how it sounds in a teenagers ears when adults say stuff like: "You'll just be glad as long as you're a kid".

Also how memories or traumatic events can scar you for the rest of your life even if you're a kid.

If you have an opportunity to see this, don't miss it.

Kung-Fu Master (1984) (VG)
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Can it get any better than, when Sylvia yells; 'Help me Thomas!', 24 July 2001

Yes of course it can, but could it be more exciting in the 80's, yes I think so too, but anyway, this game was good and it was good because of the rumor here in Sweden: Beat the last boss 10 times and you will meet a dragon, and if you beat that dragon - you finaly complete the game =)

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A great film made about when the hard schoolsystem ended, 9 May 2001

The film is somehow scary, and I can't help myself for laughing at the stupid teacher, who is the character which you should feal sorry for. Even if the film is from 1968 it reminds me about my own time in school with old teachers, teaching the old way. A great film.

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Naughty movie by Colin including incest, 6 May 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't say I like the movie at all, but one thing was pretty interesting: Note that in the first movie (House of angels) Per-Ove is working in the store with Eva and there is this kind of drama including Fanny, Mårten and Eva. (Mårten wants to see Eva in the woods all the time to make love or something in a car)... Anyway: In the first movie we can also note that Per-Ove and Mårten are cousins... But in this sequel Eva is Per-Ove's sister so that means that she's also related to Mårten who she's kind of dating in the first film. Pretty twisted, but that is something really great with the sequel =)

Tic Tac (1997/II)
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I give the most of my credits to Hans Renhäll actually, 6 May 2001

i agree with other comments that this is in a pulp fiction style, but it's not a ripoff! that's for sure. Anyway, it takes a great writer in the process of doing films like this (or films in general) and that's why Hans gets most of the creds from me =) Great work

Slutspel (1997)
Awful film, with good actors. This could've been a pretty good film if it wasn't for Robinson:Anders, 14 March 2001

There isn't words for how lousy this film is. I love black humor, but I didn't see anything of it in this film, though I know there is - but it didn't make me laugh. Anders Lundin is pretty funny when he tries to be dramatic in the show Expedition:Robinson but when he tries to be funny, the result is sad.