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All walks of life share their own stories and ideas on God, 15 April 2006

This is a very thoughtful and charming documentary directed by Francesco Cabras and Alberto Molinari. Of the cast and crew from the motion picture "The Passion of Christ" get asked about their own personal beliefs and faith when it comes to God. Over 200 people were interviewed. Everyone from Jews, to Christians, to Muslims, to Atheists, to people who are still looking for the answers give a very open and honest take on the big theological questions we all ask at least once in our lifetime. Yet, the best part about this documentary is that it is not preachy, rather, we merely sit back and listen to people's individual life experiences and stories. There is a rich pallet of ideas as we hear people's frank and personal opinions about God, Religion, and how they see the world around them.

This documentary consistently remains thoughtful, never breaks into a sermon, but lets us think and come to our own conclusions. Instead of trying to force the concepts on us, we learn from others, and as God would have it allows us to freely make the choice to come to Him. This film is more about a discourse than any one specific message, but if it has a message it is that we all are wonderful and unique as human beings.

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Japan gets Animated!, 14 April 2006

All of Studio Ghibli's films paint very elaborate worlds. Often times Japan is the backbone to these worlds, whether it be a mythological Japan as seen in "Spirited Away" or a very realistic and contemporary Japan as seen here in "Whisper of the Heart." I must say, having lived in Japan, this film captures a very realistic vision of the city, countryside, and over all feel and atmosphere of the country. It's world is painted so richly that you almost forget that you're watching an animation.

Along with a heart warming coming of age story, a wonderful musical score by Yuji Nomi, and re-introducing the Baron (from the Cat Returns) comes a wonderful tale of adolescents, growing up, and love which brings us back to our nostalgic youth. I highly recommend this film for families, romantics, people interested in Japan, and anyone looking for a great animated film.

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Spielberg's War of the Worlds is the perfect blending of update and homage, 29 June 2005

First off I would like to squash all these negative nay sayer's reviewing this film who are complaining about no plot, no acting, no story, and remind them of one thing (spoilers may be involved): this movie is based of a book by H.G. Wells about invading aliens, people fleeing these aliens, aliens who are zapping people with a heat ray so friggin big heads are popping like corn! Now let me remind such nay-sayers that the book actually had less of a plot than Spielberg's updated version which is the perfect blend of modernizing a classic while remaining true to the author's original version.

The things the movie did were so close to the book, that the minuscule changes to bring War of the Worlds into the 21st century and actually make sense were extremely welcome! I don't remember the last time I saw a book translated to film where I thought the changes were for the better. Another welcome changes was making the story about family. In the original book it's a lone hero, or rather coward, with no identity trying to save his own skin. Now give that desperation to survive some real meaning... protect the family.

The acting is great. The emotion and action are high octane. The designs are right out of H.G. Wells descriptions from the book. And the movie ends abruptly in this version just as it does in the book. For those with a keen eye their are War of the Worlds tributes and cameos sprinkled throughout the film.

The special effects rock. Spielberg doesn't have to worry about getting boring this time around, no elaborate plot to confuse or boggle the audience. A short running span keeps the film clipping at a brisk pace. Spielberg finally brings us a sci-fi we can actually sit through and enjoy. Suspense! Yes it's there. Non-stop action, destruction, terror, excitement. Heck yeah.

No need to be nit-picky about continuity errors when you're watching a sci-fi which can be easily repaired by applying sci-fi logic. Other than the infamous digital cam-corder scene... who cares? It's a summer film, a romp, and a true sci-fi aliens plus ray guns equals head to the hills folks classic Hollywood blockbuster. Enjoy!

Appleseed (2004)
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An Amazing Piece of Art!, 30 April 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Yes, I say art because it is a picture that is then painted. Granted that these pictures were rendered in 3-D then cell-shaded, then colored via photoshop style afterwards, what came out in the finished animation of the new CGI ANIME called APPLESEED (based of Masumune Shirow's manga of the same name) is simply breath taking.

I must say, this is the BEST science fiction film I have seen in a long time. I think it will be a sleeper hit in the U.S. just like The Fith Element was.

Appleseed, unlike it's counter part of Ghost in the Shell 2, is more about fun and action than intricate philosophy that nobody can understand, meanwhile maintaining a complex storyline without overwhelming the audience.

Bioroids, humanoid synthetics, are popping up at a record rate. The problem is that they are so realistic nobody knows they are robots. When a synthetic virus threatens the bioroid population a cure must be sought. However, militant protestors and hate groups (backing a corrupt millitary) unify to impeed the protectors of the boiroid race from obtaining a cure. However, with over half of the planet Earth being bioroids, this new fear of genocide peaks in frenzy.

When a rebell soldier fighting in the ruins on the outer fringe of the old crippled city makes a promissing draft choice , the New City Police take notice. She used to be one of them, and has what it takes to find the cure, and bring salvation against all odds. In a last minute rescue the New City Police snatch up Deunan, a sexy human woman who happens to be built like a tank. She is taken back to the city and debunked for her new mission: save half of the planet from extinction.

Deunan is reunited with her cybornetic partner Briareos, whom she thought was dead. As it turns out, he is the one who specifically picked her for the mission. Soon the reunited heroes find out the key to onlocking the dark mysteries surounding this dissease, that key being Appleseed. Appleseed is the top secret genetic expirement that Deunan's mother was the creator of.

However Dana and Briareos have to become a two person army to fend off the renogade millitary, a corrupt goverment, and evil scientists bent on genocide, in order to ensure that justice be done.

This films is jointly made between U.S. companies and TBC (Tokyo Broadcasting Company). Music is co-written by Paul Okenfold,

and performed by the Boom Boom Sattlelites, Paul Okenfold, and Basement Jaxx. This films soundtrack it heavy techno beats ya'all!

Regaurdless to say, this has been one of the better 3-D animated adult films to date. It is truely a work of art, and entertaining to watch. I tip my hat to the filmakers on this one.

The movie changes many of the original aspects of Appleseed. For those anime buffs and manga nerds like me, don't fret, the film does the series justice.

The biggest changes focus around the main character, Deunan.

Her background history is different in the film. She never was a rebell soldier in the manga series. Her hair is long in the Manga, but Masumune Shirow specifically redesigned Deunan for the new movie with a sexier build and sportier hairstyle; in turn giving her that modern woman look.

There is also some dramatic speculation that creates tension and anxiety between Deunan and her cyborg partner Briareos that never existed in the original series.

What is best maintained about Appleseed is the up-beat tone of the story, a powerful female lead, and giant honkin' mecha's! Mecha's dukin' it out with each other in blazing 3-D WOW! Who wouldn't want to see that?

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This was a Disney movie? No, seriously, this was a Disney film?, 31 December 2002

It IS a Disney film, and it shows Disney Magic at its best. I have to tip my hat to Chris Sanders (the Director) for making an original, and refreshing animated film. I love the characters and plot so much, but I'll let you watch it and find out how good it is for yourselves, however, I do want to mention some things I noticed and enjoyed in the film. First off, it's humor; it's slapstick comedy, and it's timing is right on! Underated Disney films like The Great Mouse Detective, and Rescuers Down Under pull off this subtle timing of humor, but never so masterfully as Lilo & Stitch. Also the colors in this movie are spectacular. In fact the cold technology of the Aliens in the first scenes of the film were so well contrasted by the warmth of planet Earth in all her watercolor pastel beauty later on. The anatomy of the human characters is the best I've seen in any animated movie ever made! Sure they are stylized in Chris Sanders art style, just like our Japanese neighbors and Hayo Miyazaki's style being rendered in all of his films; but the anatomy is amazing in Lilo & Stitch. Nani (Lilo's older sister) moves and looks like a real woman! She has a smaller chest, and very wide hips. She looks so natural, that you almost start to believe she is real. The story itself has emotion, action, adventure, comedy, love, friendship, and a frog sitting by the side of the road! What more could you ask for in a film?! Elvis music? Has it. Watch it! You won't regret it.

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The wonderfully animated movie that brings us back to the world Gaea!, 10 November 2002

Escaflowne the movie is my favorite Anime feature film. This film, albeit darker and a bit more brooding story, it still contains the wonderful pastel colors of the OVA television series, and is one of the finest pieces of traditional animation I've seen in years. Also most of the original voice cast returns for this feature. In my personal opinion, the Escaflowne American voice cast is right on par with their Japanese counterparts. The only series I can openly say this about. Yoko Kano once again writes a wonderful musical score, reminding us why we fell in love with the series to begin with. It's sadder music with a more mystical feel, but fits the mood of the feature film. The characters and their costumes were redesigned, but if you found the long pointy noses and girly look of the men of the OVA to be laughable, then the movie will strike you with awe. The realism of the character design was upped for this big budget feature, and even though the story and universe is a bit altered, it's still a treat to be back with Hitomi on her adventures in Gaea once again.

Spider-Man (2002)
Amazing, Spectacular, an Ultimate film true believers!, 6 May 2002

Sure Spiderman has some corniness, but finally, a comic book movie that is content knowing that it's a comic book movie! Spiderman doesn't try to pretend to be anything else, other than a movie based off the Spiderman comic; and I must say it's the first and only 'comic book' movie to use it corniness to it's advantage in enhancing it's entertainment value. I also tip my hat to Sam Raimi utalizing such brilliant colors. The movie pops out at you visually, as the colors are bright and fun to look at. All in all, Spiderman lived up to all the hype...excelsior!

K-PAX (2001)
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Heart Warming and Funny, 26 October 2001

K-PAX is exactly what a heart warming film should be. The story is about a mysterious mental patient Prot, played by Kevin Spacey, and his unbelieving psychiatrist Dr. Powel, played by Jeff Bridges. The two have a very friendly bond, and as their relationship grows Dr. Powel can't help but wonder whether or not there is more to his mysterious patient, who insists he is from another planet called K-PAX. This film is very funny, and Kevin Spacey pulls of well placed one liners as if it was his second nature. K-PAX is a smart film, and I wasn't expecting it to go where it did. In the end, I found myself thinking about the small things in life, and the wonder and magic of the every day life we so often take for granted. I left the theater with a warm fuzzy feeling inside, and for families and couples on a date, K-PAX is a splendid film, that will not disappoint. I highly recommend this film to anyone interested in something more than the monotonous releases of glossy, action packed, gore fests.

Epic in a way that could only be the world of Macross; A real thrill!, 20 January 2001

Emotional and fun. For animation, you can't get better than this. Macross Plus is a miniseries of four episodes, which shouldn't be missed! This was by far the greatest Anime I've ever seen! The only major gripe I had was that they put the four episodes on two DVD's and four VHS. That gets costly when you could have fit the entire series on one DVD. You can buy a chopped up version that is called Macross Plus the Movie, which has an alternate ending they added superior to the original. However I should warn you, that once you've seen Macross Plus you won't even care about costs. This is a series you have to own, because you can't just watch it once without craving to see it again and again. The story takes place about 300 years after the original Macross series (Robotech in the U.S.) and is about two test pilots who rival for the love of their old high school flame. Sure I admit that's not the most original idea, but there are several major twists that I won't ruin for you. Love triangles; Love triangles; Love triangles! The neatest aspects of this series, other than the great animation coated with subtle computer generated eye candy, is the musical score. The music is fabulous, and propels the already emotional story to greater depths. If you watch animation, like romance, action, or science fiction, this has got everything. Any anime buff will absolutely love the Mech fight scenes, and people who hate Anime will love Macross Plus, it actually has an evolved and engrossing story-line that sucks you into movie bliss. And I'm not just saying that because I love it.

Terrific, and Frightening. Pitch Black succeeds where other sci-fi horror films have failed., 16 December 2000

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Brouhaha, an absolute blast! Pitch Black is what every sci-fi and horror fan has been expecting ever sense that horribly disappointing Alien Resurrection. Yes I know it's the same old opening sequences. A deep space vessel crashing on an alien planet which happens to be a desert. Don't let the stereotypical opening to this film frighten you away, wait for the real frightening, when you get involved with the main story. Specifically it is the great dialog that drives the story so well. You have interesting characters, and the tension they all exert plays well against the situations they all become entangled in. There is even some religious debate that added the the characters depth that I found quite entertaining. SPOILER ALERT Vin Diesel plays an extremely enthralling character named Riddick, who's an killer/escapee being brought back by bounty hunter Johns, played by Cole Hauser. After the shipwreck Riddick escapes. The tension of such a savage killer running around scott free creates turmoil between the other survivors of the crash, and before they can get comfortable with Riddicks presence it turns night. In a desperate attempt to leave the planet our heroes keep on hurdling obsticals one right after another. Yet the dark proves not to be without the boogie man. As blood thirsty aliens come out to have a mid-night snack our heroes turn to an unlikely hero, Riddick. Riddick happens to be genetically enhanced to see in the Pitch Black, making him a very important asset in the others survival.

What I absolutely loved about this film was Vin Diesel's physical presence, on top of having a great performance as a dark anti-hero. Having a character scarier than the aliens killing everyone off was a neat twist that I enjoyed most of all. Where other sci-fi horror films have failed, Pitch Black pulls off an A in my book.