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One of the worst films ever!, 4 January 2002

This movie is unbelievably bad. Shot mainly at some kind of coal mine, it steals one idea after the other from other movies, like The Terminator, Raiders of the lost Ark (The big stone orb that follows John Savage- Why is it there for gods sake ?!?!) and others. The movie uses approx. 20 times one shot of "Total Recall" when it wants to show us that we are in the "Dome" now. It is so obvious that i wonder if the movie was made that bad for purpose? I recommend watching it only after drinking more than a few cans of beer, and even then only when you like (very) bad movies. For those who don't: Keep your hands off!!!!

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Great Satire!, 29 May 2001

Starship Troopers is not only a very funny B-Movie with very well made FX, but also a very good satire: In the Novel, all is about why it is good to be a soldier and only the person who is willing to join the army to fight & kill is a true worthy human beeing. At first, I thought the novel was meant to be ironic, but now i know its just outright fascistic.

Paul Verhoeven mentioned this in an interview for german magazine CINEMA, and he also said he experienced the Nazi regime as a child in Holland, so he wanted to make a statement against fascism. If you look at the movie , you will see a lot of references to the Nazi-Regime: the militaristic society, the propaganda TV, Doogie Howser in a SS coat and so on. Believe me, people, it was meant to be that way!

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Evil!, 18 April 2001

This show is by far the worst example of american political correctness I've ever seen. The message is simple: Be a good citizen by having many children, going to church every sunday (and everytime you have a problem) and discuss everything at length with all your family members. The children are the most unrealistic ever seen on any TV show: They hardly ever argue, the older siblings never terrorize or beat the younger ones (I've got a sister, I know this happens!), and they talk about every problem they have with their parents. But most disgusting is the smallest girl, who at the end of every episode tells us the morale with the wisdom and insight of a teacher of philosophy. C'mon, she's only 6 years old!!!! I recommend this show to everyone who still believes in a perfect world, but don't expect any realism from it.1/10

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One of the 10 worst movies ever!, 5 February 2001

This is by far Christopher Lambert's worst movie. 4 cops chase a crazy mutant through 1 1/2 hours of pure boredom. Albert Pyun, the director, is notorious for extreme bad movies, but this one beats everything. DON'T WATCH IT!!!!