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B morality play about home for girls who lack a family life, 20 December 2000

Moving story of a group in a home for wayward girls who find an illegal opportunity to be a family. A new girl, Betsy and a new staff member, Miss Wilson find that they and the rest of the girls in the home, have a lot in common. Miss Wilson finds herself at odds with her employers.

The love scenes with the chain-link fence, not replicated by any as far as I know, is not to be missed.

Greened-Eyed Blond is at times a tear jerker, especially if you have a soft spot. As well as a warning for all teenage girls and the establishment!

Junior Prom (1946/I)
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Excellent Super B movie, 6 December 2000

Wow! These cats are hip! These kids sure know how to jitterbug! Lots of be-bopping cuties here! And they know how to croon too. Judy's scene on the phone is a classic teenager scene. Everybody is great in it. I love the jazz in the 78 scene too. This is the beginning of a genre, the teen movie.