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The horror of Hiroshima...Never so realistic, 22 July 2005

I have to admit it. I cried, I cried a lot while watching this masterpiece of animation. The horror of the war and the apocalypse of the atomic bomb, engulfed my eyes and my soul so deep inside. It always should be remembered: the first casualty of war is innocence. Hadashi no Gen is a masterpiece, a legacy for the whole humanity. I have read many stories and talked to some survivors from the atomic bombs and I have to say that this movie is the first one that get so poignantly close to what happened on that August, 1945. The only thing I wanted to say at the end of the movie was:"I am sorry, I am sorry that I am human and that I can be so limited...I am sorry..."

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When a love story becomes art., 13 December 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have not seeing such a beautiful movie for quite a long time. House of flying Daggers is a love story, a real love story where passion, fear and feelings twists together in a unique masterpiece. The screenplay is terrific, I merely remember to have seen so many colors on the big screen. Ziyi Zhang is sublime, "a rare beauty", as said in the movie. Her acting is convincing, gripping, smooth and sensual. Looking at her acting and moving is quite an experience. The scene when Mei (Ziyi Zhang) touches and explores Jin (Takeshi Kaneshiro) is of an exceptional sensuality and intensity. Love, passion and thoughts are palpable. My favorite quote in this love story is from Leo (Andy Lau Tak Wa):"I sacrificed 3 years of my life for you! How can you love him after only three days?!" So passionate and poignant! But love, Love is not an investment, there is no warranty in love. Love is absolute, is giving without pretending anything in return.

I cannot give less than 10 and finishing my comment with a loud "Bravo!"--standing ovation.

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All the consequences of a choice that changed the world., 8 March 2004

This is definitely one of Mel Gibson's masterpieces. The movie focuses on Jesus last day and leaves no spaces for telling the message and the story of the Jesus entire life. I think Mel Gibson wanted to address only those people who already know the story whether they believe or not. I watched the movie very carefully and tried to spot that so much shouted anti-Semitism. I couldn't find any! I guess this is just a confirmation that as now as two thousand years ago, in the world there are a lot of people that like to see not farther than their own nose. I think the movie should have been rated NC-17 for its contents.

Honor and civilization, 10 December 2003

I have to admit that this is one of the best movie I've ever seen. Too bad for the cheesy end. I have always admired different cultures and always loved to know more about them. The movie is a journey into Japan at the end of 19th century, exploring a struggle between the culture and tradition in one side and greed and modernization in the other. Fascinating and utterly gripping! Do not go to see if you expect a "mortal kombat movie"! I gave 9/10

Something is missing..., 23 May 2003

OK, let's start from the FX. They are shock and awe! The plot is OK but sometime crazy complicated. The music could have been better. One of the best scene is the kiss between Neo and Persephone! No bullets dodge by Neo (tremendously disappointing) a cheesy happy handing with Trinity made me rate this movie as 8.

Are you Cheating????, 11 April 2003

The movie is all right but it is missing something, many things, I would say. The camera is just OK, the vision from the scope is like an old video game and the audio is bad. The voice from the phone seems to come from the most expensive Hi-Fi stereo. But the movie is about something else. Do not go to see it if you are cheating on your wife or partner!

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shocking, daunting, brutal..., 14 March 2003

The movie is shocking, daunting, brutal. At the end of it I was kind of feeling guilty to be a man. The movie is a new milestone in movie. I don't want to spoil the movie so I'm not going into details. Just one hint: Try to memorize the faces at the beginning of the movie...Because the Bad wins!

The Ring (2002)
A great movie!, 22 October 2002

I had not seen a decent scary movie since I was a kid (long time ago...). For long time the true scary experience has been to play horror games on various consoles. But this movie is superb. The atmosphere is frightening, perfectly directed and with am not too much happy ending. Yes the end is original and ... Well, you really have to watch it!

How many are willing to jump the "bridge"?, 3 September 2002

This movie was a nice one. I confess that I watched it without any major expectations. The story is OK, not that original. The director wisely avoided to focus the movie on the technological contrast between the two world. But the movie is not that trivial if one read among the lines. The message of the movie is clear: Love is not free! Maybe we have been asked or maybe we will be asked to jump the bridge. How many will be running the risk??? Not so many in real life!

There is always a choice!, 3 July 2002

It has been a very long since I haven't seen such a good sci-fi movie. The plot is very gripping, the action is good, never frantic. It is clearly possible to see the hand of a great director on this movie. Tom Cruise acts great. I think the message of the movie is clear: there is always a choice , there will always be a choice till the very last minute. Future is ours, time is not!

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