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Very good!, 22 July 2003

I know its not up to the standard of alot of the older films, but its miles ahead of Emmanuelle and England im my opinion. It also has some VERY funny lines, the best ever in any Carry On film in fact:

"Now Columbus. Father Torquemada has read your document"

"But its in Hebrew"

"Yes, well he had a Jewish grandmother didn't he?"

"At the seminary I attended it was compulsory"

"What you mean they all had Jewish grandmothers?"

Absolutely the best line in any Carry On film! Along with other good ones like:

"In gods name... Make it go!"

"Fine foods. Exotic women. Gay companions"

Yeah its not as good as the others and doesn't feel part of the series with so little of the original stars involved, but its good enough in parts and I hear tell that they are now making another film 'Carry On London' - bring it on!

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Probably the only comment this movie will ever receive! - Spoilers, 9 July 2003

Being Cornish and brought up with the history of tin mining, this film is quite special to me. Filmed in and around various locations in Cornwall, it depicts the story of two your children who get trapped down a mine with a group of miners.

The 'Haunters' of the title refers to the 'Spriggins' - ghosts of child miners who reside in the mine and are said to bring evil to all that mine there. Events take place with an American wanting to invest in local tin mining, but when the young local kid Josh is plagued by sightings of the ghost of a young boy, he and his American 'girlfriend' set out to unravel the mystery behind his death, climaxing in the rescue of themselves and several miners from almost certain death when a new shaft is opened and the Spiggins save them.

Top film, albeit low budget and short, but worth a look if you're from Cornwall and/or into tin mining!

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Jurassic Park without Speilberg?, 17 July 2001

Hmm, how to describe JP3. In relation to the other two, its not as good. The films main two flaws are that its far more cheesy than the other two and that theres hardly any suspense. New dinosaurs just suddenly appear with no celebration or anything. Its an all out running film, which is probably why the film is so short. Only about 90 minutes. The story is pretty much the same as The Lost World, with a team being assembled to go to Site B to rescue someone, but ending up being chased by all sorts of dino's, on land, sea and air. On a positive note, Sam Neill returns as Dr.Grant, which helps move on the trilogy. The effects are brilliant, much better than The Lost World (which I thought were actually worse than JP's),and you can really see where all the moneys gone. But all the special effects in the world can't really make up for the cheesy and un-original script, average directing and a predictable plot. The climax is also a huge let down. But, all that aside, JP3 is an enjoyable romp through familiar ground with some amusing moments, but is just lacking that Speilberg touch which made the other two so enjoyable...

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Its a Wonderful Film...., 22 June 2001

I'm going to cut straight to my main point here. Although Its a Wonderful Life is a great film, with wonderful preformances, especially from James Stewart, his portrayal of the young George Bailey is the Forrest Gump of the 40's and from Donna Reed, there is something lacking behind this film. It starts off with Clarence the second class angel being given a briefing by God on a man called George Bailey. The film then goes through certain stages of Georges life. This is all very well, as many of the situations are interesting and amusing. But suddenly, George changes from being a kind and warm hearted man, into a cold and bitter person. This transition happens way to quickly, and does ruin the film. Clarence only appears about 20 mins before the ending, shows George what life in his town would be like without him and then George begins to enjoy life and everythings all right. From reading the plot summary e.g. 'An angel shows George Bailey what life would be like without him', this is totally misleading. Its a Wonderful Life is about George Baileys life and not about how wonderful life is. This final moral only comes at the end and doesn't totally convince, as it people just can take in that for about 70% of the film, George Bailey is a kind person, then all of a sudden he wants to commit suicide. This film should have been longer, showing Georges gradual decent into bitterness, then the other 50% with Clarence showing George how wonderful life really is.

I usually feel this way about 'Great Classics' the first time I watch them. You know, I just can't see what makes them so special. I expect after another two viewings, my opinion will have changed completely and Its a Wonderful Life, will be one of my favorite Wonderful Films....

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....I have just finished watching the final chapter in my favorite film trilogy of all time. The Godfather. After watching the first two films, and bathing in there brilliance, I read some very negative comments on The Godfather P:III. These were mainly in the shape of Sophia Coppola's bad acting, but to be honest, I found her acting to be realistic and convincing. The plot of the third film centers around the aging Michael Corleone and his attempts to legitimise his bussiness and find a successor to his empire. This successor comes in the from of Vincent Mancini (Lucy Mancini's and Sonny Corleone's son) portrayed wonderfully by Andy Garcia. But Vincents violent ways of doing things soon pull Michael back into the dark and violent world of the mafia.

This film is a brilliant conclusion to an epic saga. Puzo's and Coppola's script holds the viewer for all 163 minutes. The acting, like all Godfather films, is top notch. Especially Al Pacino, who should have won an oscar for his preformance. It's also nice to see old faces such as Kay, Johnny Fontain, Connie and Al Neary. All though the film is long, you really don't notice it at all, and I thought that the film could have been twice as long. I read elsewhere on the site from a comment that said 'This would be a good staging for The Godfather P:IV, with Vincent running things, while further developing the relationships between Michael, his wife and their son'. But I veiwed the special directors cut version, and from the ending I saw, how could this be possible?

With incredible directing, brilliant acting and an unforgettable ending, The Godfather P:III, all though not a good as its predecesors, is a marvellous film, which beautifully ends an epic saga and is an absolute must for all Godfather and Al Pacino fans alike.

My Rating: 8/10

Titanic (1997)
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Right, before I begin my comments, I would just like to point out that Titanic is not my favourite film ever, The Godfather is. But I believe that Titanic is the best film ever made. You see, your favourite film ever, and the best film ever, are two very different things....

I believe Titanic to be the best film ever because it united the world. In my opinion, Titanic was the movie phenomenon of the century. Can you remember the first time you saw this film? Wasn't that just the most incredible experience of your life? Anyone who doesn't think this film is great, then lock your selves in a dark room, and watch Titanic on your own, and without interuptions. IT IS THE BEST FILM EVER MADE. The whole buzz surrounding this film is just amazing and its impossible to watch without smiling and certain bits, such as when Jack teaches Rose how to fly and the brilliant ending. The only other film that came close to this type of hype was Jurassic Park. TITANIC IS THE BEST. Listen to the timeless soundtrack. Its brilliant. Everything about this film is great. It is a great film to watch alone, or with friends/loved ones etc. SEEING THIS FILM FOR THE FIRST TIME IS THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. Keep telling yourself this, watch the film and listen to the soundtrack. Come on, deep down you know that this film is the best ever made. You may not want to admit it around family and friends. But tell it to yourself when your alone and you'll know it'll come true.

Everything about this film is perfect. Great acting, effects, sound, story, script, cinematography etc. This is a timeless example of how a film can unite a world and bring a smile to all those who watch it.

Say it out loud now. TITANIC IS THE BEST FILM EVER.

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The Forth Best Western Ever...., 15 January 2001

.... Ranking only behind Leone's Dollars Trilogy. 'Once Upon a Time in the West' features a great cast, featuring Henry Fonda as the cold-blooded villain, Charles Bronson as the mysterious 'Harmonica' and Claudia Cardinale as the widowed Jill McBain. The direction is amazing, with Leone really taking the best bits from all westerns such as show downs, greed, and deep character development. Ennio Morricone's beautifull score is one of his best to date, even beating out his more famous 'The Good, the bad and the Ugly' theme. The film is long, but you hardly notice it, as Leone uses time and space brilliantly.

All in all, this is the forth best western ever, I just prefer the Dollars trilogy to it. I have one critisism though... Leone originally wanted Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach to be killed off at the begining - (I suppose they would be the three gunmen waiting for Bronson's arrival off the train?). He wanted to pay respect to his earlier films and the three stars, but Eastwood wouldn't agree. To me, this would have been a brilliant opening sequence, but seeing the 'Invincible' Clint Eastwood die.......

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Simply the finest film ever made...., 5 December 2000

The Godfather has got to be the finest film ever made. It has all the ingredients of a great film. Directing, being Coppola's first major film, he does an astounding job of recreating Mario Puzzo's novel. The acting is top notch, with Brando and Pacino really shining and supported by the likes of Robert Duvall and Diane Keaton. The script is breath taking and really pulls you in to the story.

From the opening scene to the final credits, you just know that the Godfather is special, and it refuses to let you go. The more you watch this film, the more you'll understand the plot and the characters, adding to a already great film. The Godfather has been copied many times, but never beaten. Soon, i'll get the Godfather: Part 2 and watch that, and see if its better, but until then, The Godfather remains No.1 on my top 10 list of all time.

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The greatest plot twist ever?, 5 December 2000

I'm not going to rattle on for hours about how good this film is, as I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. The plot twist in this film is second to none, just a pity it was ruined for me.... This film is a masterpiece and my third favourite film of all time, second only to The Godfather and Schindlers List. The Shawshank Redemption, 9/10. The second best film of the 1990's.