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the best of the best in the golden age of television, 22 September 2002

This was the jewel in the crown of the golden age of television, the fifties and early sixties. This show had the best actors, the best directors, and the best writers. Many of these were on kinescope and are available somewhere, in a vault somewhere, or happily for the rest of us, at the Museum of television and radio. Some of the shows I have seen are The Comedian, with Mickey Rooney as a beloved comedian, who is a vulture in real life (kind of a similar story to A Face in the Crowd). It is one of Rooney's best performances. There is also the beautiful Requiem for a Heavyweight, with wonderful performances by Jack Palance, Ed and Keenan Wynn, and Kim Hunter. It is probably the best known of these shows. Also there is Days of Wine and Roses, with shattering, brilliant work by Piper Laurie, Cliff Robertson, and especially Charles Bickford. It equally comparable to the film. And recently I have been able to see A Sound of Different Drummers with Diana Lynn and Sterling Hayden. It is a story about a future society where books are banned; book owners are killed. It is sort of similar to Farenheit 451; it is very good, with touching performances by both stars. The best one of all that I have seen is The Miracle Worker. I was so excited that a copy exists. It is equally comparable to the film and features an outstanding, Emmy nominated performance by Teresa Wright as Annie Sullavan. She should have gotten the Emmy, and been able to continue her role in the stage and film versions, all respects to the wonderful Anne Bancroft though! It is the best of her many fine fifties televsion performances and right up there with A Shadow of a Doubt and The Little Foxes in terms of her best performances of all time. Several of these shows are available on VHS, too bad they all aren't!

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truly bad remake, stick with the original, 22 September 2002

This is a horrible remake, with good actors but Please!! The people who made the film tried far too hard to make it modern, with the nonsense of Reese Witherspoon's character and the knight in shining armor, and whoever played the other young woman, she was not that great. Someone should have told her she was playing a character of another era, not a bimbo of today's. And then that stuff with her and her fiance getting tattoos. Tacky, tacky!! But Judi Dench was great, but then they had to ruin that by insinuating that she had been a dance hall girl. It was just like they tried to make a sex show out of what is a drawing room comedy. They must not realize that people who go to see remakes of century old plays like them kept in the spirit of what was intended. You would think this was made for teenagers and tacky ones at that. Stick with the original!

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still a great show!, 22 September 2002

I rarely watch this show anymore, unless I see an actor or actress I really like. So last spring, I saw that Angela Lansbury was going to be on. So I had to watch. I had forgotten that when this show gets it right, it really gets it right. This was a touching, beautiful story about family,love,lies, family secrets, loss and ultimately, forgiveness. Lansbury, who has deserved about 10 Emmys and never gets one, should have been nominated again for this beautiful performance, one of her really all time best. I can only think of one other part, in The Love She Sought, where she gets to really "let go" so much in an emotional way. It was really a beautiful story, with an ending that was enormously touching, and a reminder that this show can still be a great one sometimes.

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good show, kind of corny but sweet, 22 September 2002

This is a not bad show, produced by Barney Rosensweig. It is a long way away from Cagney and Lacey and The Trials of Rosie O'Neil, his best shows, but it is sweet and has some good guest stars on it. Heaven forbid anyone else employ actors over the age of 35, so it is up to good old reliable Mr. Rosensweig to do this. Some of the shows are really good, like one with Stephanie Zimbalist as a woman who gets to see what her life would have been like if she had stopped smoking. It was very good. Also a riot was the one with Lesley Ann Warren, getting to be the Jewish mother on screen. It is a funny performance, which is not a surprise because although Warren is a great actress, she is an even better comic actress. So if you see this one, check it out; you will be pleasantly surprised.

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well done, intelligent, 22 September 2002

This is a well done, intelligent show. No wonder they did not air it, in these days of reality garbage. It is about a CNN type, 24 hour news network. It has good writing, is fast paced, and has good performances. Good work from Tim Matheson as the Tom Brokaw type anchor, being able to show more in a role than he usually gets (except on West Wing), Lisa Ann Walters is touching and funny, but best of all is the wonderful, much under utilized in recent years, Patricia Wettig. She is the wife of Matheson in this and a former reporter who has taken time off to deal with her bipolar disorder. In the last few shows, she is starting to rapidly lose control, stopping her medications and all hell appears to be about to break lose. Of course, the show only has 13 episodes and will end soon, so we will probably not get to see what finally happens. She should get another Emmy for her work on this, but most likely won't as quality is hardly recognized anymore. (proof positive is the fact that this show was only aired TWO years after it was made!!)

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Excellent adaptation of short story, 22 September 2002

This was an excellent adaptation of the Katherine Ann Porter short story. It was perfect for the old anthology format. I saw this at the Museum of Television and Radio in New York. It concerns a farm couple and a murder, won't say much more than that or might ruin the plot. But Jason Robards was excellent as always in the role of a rough farmer who makes a mistake and tries to right it. And then there was Olivia de Havilland in one of her last real starring roles, and her first role on television. It is too bad she did not accept more roles in television around this time. She is Robard's wife, a former school teacher in one is essentially a loveless marriage that she has resigned herself to due to duty to marriage and her children. It is a great performance of hers, one of her best in television that ranks with her roles in Roots and Anastasia in her ability to touch your emotions. See this one if you ever get the chance! A real treat for de Havilland fans.

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