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Unbroken (2014/I)
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Great Story...Weakly told, 28 December 2014

If given some of the worlds most incredible ingredients to make a meal, why would anyone instead choose to make a ground beef burger? Well,Angelina Jolie and the Coen brothers did just that!

There is so much to this story yet so much is not only left out, yet not told nearly to the caliber it should and could have been. Instead I found myself looking at my watch, hoping for more to be revealed yet the gifted storytelling done in the book and needed here was simply not in the hands of those it needed to be.

I'd hope that someone more talented would have done this, in fact I wish it could be redone however that's not going to happen, sadly.

What an opportunity, wasted.

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A Far Better ride than expected...., 28 June 2014

If you ever doubted you could find a SciFi, action flick full of drama and suspense that was artfully written, wonderfully acted, smartly paced and visually dazzling.... I bet this one is just that.

I'd known nothing of this story prior to seeing the film so I'm not sure if it was an advantage or disadvantage, however either way, I found myself carried along for the ride in suspense and wonder of what the next turn would bring. And how a film can place you on a train yet throughout still capture your every minute with such a grip, was quite surprising to me. A Pleasant surprise indeed.

Though a couple of plot lines that seemed a bit, questioning or underdeveloped, and might leave you with a question here or there, this train speeds you along brilliantly on all cylinders for a trip you will soon not forget.

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Character Re-development.... disturbing, 30 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Three main disappointments regarding this episode.

First, Jesse willingly trying to get a girl, freshly in rehab, back on The Blue simply to sell? I find it implausible for his character especially after all that transpired with his last girlfriend, her death. The heavy emotional impact it caused him, even to the point of Jesse getting and staying clean. Seems so against what the character went through and still hold value to with staying clean.

Then a cheap grab for character salvation, Jesse finds ethics when he found she has a young boy? I understand his 'somewhat' of a connection to the two meth head's son episodes back. Yet we're supposed to find this a saving grace yet be mind absent of the real drive, aiding someone he loves to not only go back to drug use yet become a part of it even to her death?

Second, the fact that 'supposed' street smart strong guy Mr. White let's his 'wife' take the reigns and become involved in the business? Come on! And to introduce her to his lawyer/accomplice? After all the 'threatening' she did to him? Not to mention the fact he's letting her get even further involved, the woman/family he values most over everything?

I find it out of character for Walter and believe it's possibly a cheap way only to insert more drama. I believe it strays strongly from the character that has already been built. Yes, Walter vacillates from meek family man to street smart cook, however taking in account the changes Walter has made in strength toward his street side….not plausible. Like erasing the growth Walter has developed, suddenly bringing him back to his Clark Kent.

And as well for Skylar. She wanted 'Nothing' to do with Walter. Throwing him out, calling the police, the threats, keeping him from his children, spilling her guts to a lawyer, the fear and disdain she has for all he's involved in. Then 'suddenly' becoming 'Bonny' to Walt's Clyde, wanting to be 'included' up to her eyeballs, giving only a weak excuse of wanting clean money for her sister? Oh please. For her to do a 180 from all of that to wanting to be not only informed yet to suggest 'she' be a part of the financial dealings? For me, a weak and un-inventive story change simply to introduce drama.

A disappointment and contrary to Walter's character, Jesse's 'and' to Skylar's as well.

Disappointing indeed.

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What a Booooore....., 25 June 2011

Say what you will, and I'll say mine.

Seemed to me either they tried to be cool with this one and came up 'waaaay' short, of they had absolutely nothing to produce or something happened on the way from the writers room to production, yet either way, this episode was a total bore to me.

And don't try the 'oh, you just don't get it' or, 'you just don't think deep enough'. What-ever. I do, I like me some simplicity to total physiological mind boning. However this episode what simply, a real disappointment and not even just being boring, there wasn't a relative take away from it.

Again, whatever the reason, I don't know. Yet it's a fact I didn't like it and I dig this show.

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First episode seen... how Corny and unbelievable, 9 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the first episode I've watched of this show and just from it, I 'cannot' believe this got a second season, Wow!

Of course I'll give it a couple more episodes cause I like to be clearly fair yet...

The product placement stood out like a sore thumb for one. How egregious.

The main character is obviously supposed to be some talented agent or so, yet I find this character totally unbelievable in all aspects.

Her jumping from boat to boat was so 70's in unbelief. The whole art warehouse scene lacked any 'real' feel to it and again, so unbelievable. The security guards response in the warehouse was so flat and again, unbelievable. The reaction she and the FBI agent had when going out the door to find a security guard dead was so...(sorry) 'Unbelievable' You find a dead guard and you don't even look around, draw your weapon, take cover....? I mean, Come On!

This episode 'really' reminded me of a bad 70's style show with no realism, corny through and through. Seems they fixate on the leads good looking face and the rest of it... Eh, we need no smart, no substance, just a big white smile. Ugh!

I will give it 2 more episodes for a better evaluation however so far... so shallow, unreal and.... unbelievable.

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Synopsis Error...., 5 May 2011

In the Synopsis it says this: "Holly, Brittany and Santana sing the Dixie Chick's "Landslide." Santana begins crying near the end of the song and tells Brittany those lyrics are how she really feels. Santana snaps at Rachel that she doesn't want to be labeled."

Correction: 'Landslide' is NOT a Dixie Chicks song. It was written by 'Stevie Nicks' and performed originally by Fleetwood Mac.

I tried to see if I could add this to the edit on synopsis, but it wasn't worth the time and effort so... just bringing it here and maybe someone who can, or does, will make the correction.

May not be 'that' big a difference to most however, it were my song, I'd like it to be corrected. =o)

True Grit (2010)
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Where's the Grit?, 25 December 2010

No doubt a good film however no more than that...just good. The two main ingredients missing were a better script and chemistry.

I'm a Coen Bros. fan yet this one lacked that 'Coen Brothers Flair' and personality I've come to know of them.

Bridges (luv the 'Dude'), however his mumbling at times was incoherent and you shouldn't have to struggle like that to understand dialogue.

Matt Damon seemed a bit out of place, like he was playing somewhat a spoof of a character. Didn't believe him for a minute. More of a distraction then an addition.

Barry Pepper... small role however he 'shined' for what he had. As usual for him. Seems there's never enough of him out there.

Josh Brolin... another example of this guy having the chops to embody a character like actors 'should'. For me anyway, they were the two most interesting and magnetic points of this film.

I'm not comparing this film with the 1969 version and I didn't go in with the highest of expectations and still, it came in lacking for me.

If this film interests you in the least, then by all means, head out and see it. You may come away feeling like flowers in May. I hope you would. However for me, worth the price of this price but not any higher. Too bad.

127 Hours (2010)
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Your not watching, your there, 12 December 2010

FINALLY... a film this year that gives you sooo much through so very little.

Danny Boyle took a regular guy with a wild story and painted it with such vividness I couldn't find a single moment that didn't have me living vicariously within this film.

No dazzling special effects, next to no cast, no complex storyline demanding your attention yet the tale is so richly told it's like one of those books that you just cannot put down.

You already know the story, but you cannot miss this play. Simply, go see it and ask yourself if this is not one of THE most interesting and well done films this year.


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What a waste of film..., 13 November 2010

You would think with Denzel, Scott and Pine there would be something salvageable here. Though not terrible this film, a near utter waste of time and money. (especially money) And trying to make a runaway train seem so dramatic? That's like trying to squeeze lemon juice from a curling iron. Makes no sense? About as much sense as this film.

So formulated, so boring from any kind of creative level and so disappointing because of the supposed talent surrounding this, uh, film.

It was like taking most every box cutter idea from film, then trying to make something up because you've got a known director and once A list actor.

The storyline, so predictable. The camera shots, so predictable. I mean any film fan could see most every line of dialogue, scene switch and whats coming up next from a mile away. The characters from the wise old man to the young up and comer who's got an attitude yet they bond, so overdone and rehashed. The crummy boss that knows no better however we know and can do so much better so we're gonna buck the system even at the cost of our job. The supposedly quirky character to the sacrifice character to seeing the drama unfold on TV to bring distant characters back into fold. I mean, what a total waste of anything good.

If you must... wait for DVD or better yet.... a 3am television repeat on a Sunday night.

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WoW...Better then expected in all areas, 27 January 2009

I was hoping it would be good yet I didn't expect it to be 'this' good.

Honestly, this was 'so' well paced. Actually got me anxious, and thats a bit of a rarity. And in a good way.

First off the story was very interesting from start to finish and the script very well crafted. All of the elements... Love, machismo, heroic, underdog, special abilities, honor, suspense, scandal, comradeship, good vs bad just so many elements. However the difference with this film is they were all intertwined so well. Not the usual 'chemistry cocktail' roll of the dice.

The cinematic hat trick... acting, directing and the written story itself all melted like cheese on a hot Philly steak.

I understand the "Category" this film falls near however, over all very well crafted. Some other "Film Makers" should take a few lessons.

I hope there's another.

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