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Sometimes guilt don't mean sh*t! (see the short for meaning), 24 June 2001

Little Nino loves his bunny, which is evident in the opening scene of this infectious little short, which received an "honorable mention" at the Sundance Festival. Unfortunately, when the bunny inadvertently bites Little Nino's finger, he gives it a swift drop kick across the yard. The next day, after a trip to a yard sale where Little Nino purchases a crucifix with a dollar his mother gives to him, the bunny becomes mysteriously ill, causing a trip to the vet. What follows is a study in the way a Latin American family deals with profanity, punishment, miracles, guilt, and "signs" from God, concluding in a hilarious ending that is both unexpected and perfect.

Although Little Nino (Brian Fabian) is focused on exclusively, the two older brothers (Romeo Fabian and Derek Delgado) are humorous and well cast as feuding siblings who find a reason to unite at the climax.

Alison Shanks (mom) was a little understated for a Latin mom, but this is fantasy. Tony Ketcham as "dad" was equally understated and somewhat too easygoing and tolerant for any Latin dad I ever knew, but seeing as the focus was on the kids, it wasn't too distracting.

Overall, this was a funny and interesting short that is definitely worth a look.