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No Reviews?, 26 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I honestly thought I had reviewed this show before.

I remember Poindexter Yothers, a strong '70s child actor staple, appeared here, he being the brother of Family Ties' Tina Yothers, being on this show.

I'm watching The Double Deckers on Youtube and remembered this show.

They had sort of the same lineup, but were American.

I also recall Dennis Patrick as the sargent when the kids would solve crimes and mysteries, he would enter to arrest the crooks.

In one episode, the character called Sheldon got braces, and the other kids were making fun of him.

When they later found themselves locked up in a high lofty perch, one of the kids got the idea to use Sheldon's braces to signal for help, doing morse code.

On the ground, we see Dennis Patrick reading the morse code with Sheldon's braces.

"That's eth-oh-eth. Only one person speaks like that. It's Sheldon. The kids must be in trouble," he says.

I can't say there weren't more than six episodes as that was about the extent of my attention span. This show ran on Saturdays mostly, but I think I recall it on a Sunday or two.

The Funniest Thing Is, I Remember This Episode, 5 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A chance viewing of Password Plus, hosted by Tom Kennedy, had up-and-coming actor Chuck Wagner as a non-celebrity contestant. I don't recall Edie McClurg and Fred Grandy at all.

What made it funny was Wagner and Kennedy, to put it plainly, clashed! Kennedy, we already deduced from other game show appearances, could be a bit of an a-hole.

On Whew, a contestant finished reading the clue before Tom and screamed out the answer. Kennedy told them 'wait for me'. So they lose precious seconds because they read faster than him? So now we had Chuck Wagner here. I saw Wagner on things very early on, namely Automan and General Hospital and I always suspected it was the same person on Password Plus.

When an answer was called into question as to if it applied, they had to ask the judges. Wagner began speaking out and questioning and explaining himself, and Kennedy had to intervene.

"we'll handle this, Chuck," he said calmly, the same way he did that 'wait for me' on Whew.

Wagner looked to him rather puzzled. I do recall the 'celebrity' was the guy, so it must have been Grandy. I seem to recall they both just looked blankly to Kennedy.

Uninteresting, 30 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Having cancelled all TV service, now all I can watch is what I have on DVD, so this morning, I decided to watch a Lost In Space episode and grabbed a disk at random. The first result was Space Circus, and what can I say? The episode was very unimpressive.

Space Circus is one thing, but a woman who seems to want to leave and that plot goes no where, but then suddenly, we have to take Will with us, for no reason? Because a machine made him telekinetic?

Overkill on Will, for starters, then the totally strange bit with Smith convincing Will they don't have enough food, so he makes that noble sacrifice.

Now the ringmaster says Will cannot leave with them because his heart was not in his departure.

Total bunk. Just a worthless waste of an episode plot and adventure. Went absolutely nowhere.

Lost In Space is truly an oddity. Find a good episode and it can be enjoyable, but when they are bad, they are truly forgettable. There are others worse than Space Circus, but this certainly wasn't one of the good ones.

Something Wicked This Way Comes!, 29 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So a two-thousand pound pig is stolen from a pen that is raised up about ten feet in the air? Won't begin to ask why. The reason was only two people had a key to the crane. Basically it appeared the pig's fenced pen was raised on a forklift, but one begs to differ how safe was this animal suspended in the air like this? Why not just hire an all-night security guard.

One of the suspects is a Sydney Greenstreet reject (popularized by the villain that appeared on Josie and the Pussycats).

And now for the inexplicable chasing monsters. We get not one, not two, but THREE chasing spectres of sorts.

First we have Pan, the goat god, that emerges from the animal pens and pursues DD and Pepper, then is no longer seen.

THEN we have the pumpkinhead, that rips himself out of the ground and pursues Woofer and Wimper.

FINALLY, we get the black silhouette, who chases DD and Pepper again, but it isn't Pan or Pumpkinhead.

There was just a lot of assumption on the part of kids that we would deduce these chasing monsters were 'to scare people away', but it is never said in the program.

This program does offer up a rather unique exchange between Larry and Dotty, when she is told to stay away from the carnival, she shows up anyway (a child is told to stay away from the carnival) and says she won't bother with an excuse, since Larry will always figure out if she is really telling the truth.

Once again, I suspect there was supposed to be something to Larry's relationship with Dotty, like these were the two brothers dating the two sisters.

Okay episode, just a little over-crowded with the chasing monsters.

The 'Clue' Is Actually In The Title!, 29 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So how are jewels being stolen from these high ritzy parties? This one had no 'monster costumes' (which they really don't help these adventures). Instead it was a straight-up mystery.

But in the end, this one was kind of nifty. And amazingly, there is a clue in the title itself! How peculiar! This episode does possess one more of the anthropomorphic animal bits, with a band of fleas taking up residence on Woofer, looking like very old cartoon characters of sorts doing this. Very strange looking.

Actually, it seemed like if stuff like these fleas, and the porcupines in the other episode, were to be left out, there might be more room for the kids and the mystery. What a shame.

But this one was actually a bit of a pick-up. Very good one with it's fanciful little mystery.

Oh, Remember the Werewolf's Haircut on Scooby Doo?, 29 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

During the filming of a dinosaur movie, the director high atop a boom disappears. Where could he have gone? Once more, we get a walking upright dinosaur figure who pursues DD and Pepper, tho he walks too slow, and in this instance, they give way to the werewolf's haircut.

This time, DD and Pepper are selling tea and ask the dinosaur to step back and falls into a watery pit, thereby getting rid of him.

Oddly enough, this episode now has Woofer and Wimper dealing with a porcupine and his mother, once more like Yogi Bear characters.

We also must contend with actor references, like Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Steve McQueen, and imitations, like Groucho Marx and WC Fields.

And the starlet herself? She spoke like a Gabor. How 'famous' were the Gabors in the mid-70s?

Rather Like A Junior Detective Mystery, 29 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You would figure a disappearing airplane and airport mystery would be a bit more high-brow, but this one was rather below-par, almost backwoodsy, but then perhaps it is a revelation as to all that is really required to have an airport.

The revelation is rather compelling, tho if you think about how big that haystack had to be, but there's no monster, or costumed figure or any of that in this one, thank goodness.

We do get one more blue bubble gum bubble from Larry yet again.

Truly strange bit when DD and Pepper enter a derelict dwelling and are criticizing a moth-eaten old moosehead, when suddenly the moosehead speaks to them in defense of himself. What an odd turn of events!

It just seemed like such a mystery should have been more complex, but perhaps that was the surprise with this one. It does stand out rather differently from the others, with a touch of uniqueness, but just didn't seem to offer anything outstanding.

The bit of a chuckle at the end of this episode is from Pepper declaring earlier that the pilot, Corky, couldn't have stolen the plane because "he has curly hair."

Whether it was intentional, it was amusing as both Larry and DD also sport curly hair.

This Is Doomsday!, 29 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Rather below par. Once more, we are given a sea monster, or seaweed monster, who is merely to retrieve the glowing golf balls when swatted out into the ocean from the cruise ship.

But how on earth are the diamonds being smuggled? This one rather falls short from how the other 'capers' progress. It really doesn't deliver much as far as a mystery goes, and the monster, again if we are to conclude was 'to scare people away' isn't much fun either, scary or otherwise.

Unlike the others, this one just doesn't go that well with a nifty mystery or equally intriguing solution for a mere twenty-something minute cartoon.

You Quit Picking On My Friend, 29 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Larry's strange defending of Dotty to DD and Pepper looks peculiar, to say the least and seems to offer up some strange conclusions about the relationships among the characters.

Dotty is constantly pegged as 13 in the series. Since DD, Pepper and Larry all drive, we must conclude they are 16 or 17 at best.

Let's say DD and Pepper are 16 and Larry is 17. That puts four years between him and Dotty. I suppose he could be adolescently attracted to her and she to him. He's constantly paired up with her.

I would speculate Larry and Pepper are the couple, but they never come together.

The museum is being robbed and daffy little weather vain figures are shown twice.

Funnier still, we glimpse the infamous Gargoyle from the Jonny Quest episode once more, as well as a hangman, who didn't seem to do much.

The gargoyle would likewise show up in a Funky Phantom episode. He must have been a favorite.

So Where Was The Acrobat Hidden All This Time?, 29 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Unless it was the present-day editing, I completely missed what happened with the acrobat who vanished in mid-air. By the time of the revelation, suddenly he was there.

Once again, a rather tame mystery. Where could the acrobat have vanished to when the lights went out. Did nobody hear the clown car driving out? Good bit pointing out the acrobat was blindfolded and therefore would be unaware the lights had gone out, so he was just business as usual.

Once again, we get a crazy clown, but at least this time, the threat came from a bad-tempered strong man as well. A definite plus. At least it was different.

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