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This Beautiful Story Will Tug At Your Heart And Make You Cry, 5 August 2004

A Girl Named Sooner is a beautiful story that will absolutely tug at your heart, and make you cry.This is a rare quality film that shines like a bright gorgeous star.I cannot say enough about this movie!I saw this movie way back in 1975, and I cried and cried.It was almost painful to watch a young innocent child trying so hard to find her place in the tough world.I was totally absorbed in this story from the very first scene to the very last scene.The young actress that played the young Sooner was enchanting, she was dazzling! Lee Remick was superb as the lady who tried to take care of Sooner.Richard Crenna was perfect as the concerned and loving husband.I found myself resenting the lady in the story that was played by Lee Remick, because the part was played so well,and so brilliantly by her.Cloris Leachman as the rather eccentric older caretaker of the little girl was top notch. Cloris Leachman is such a wonderful actress with great range.I am so glad that I am able to see this movie every now and then.I have this movie gem in my film library.I give this story a very high recommendation for entire families to sit down and watch.It does not get any better than A Girl Named Sooner!

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This Movie Held My Attention From The Very Beginning To The Ending, 2 August 2004

Smash Up On Interstate 5 is one of the made for television movies from the decade of the 1970s, that was very very well done. This movie held my attention from the very beginning to the ending of the film.I saw this movie many many years ago when it first aired on television so long ago.I was very impressed by it way back then.I am still as impressed with this movie when I watch it now.I never get tired of it.I think it is a good film for young people to see.It shows what can happen when driving is done carelessly.They ought to show this movie in driver's education.I do not like to drive on the interstate, and this film shows why.The movie has a wonderful cast.Buddy Ebsen,Harriet Nelson,as the sweet older couple. Donna Mills,Robert Conrad,David Groh,and the great Vera Miles.The writing was terrific, and so were the shots done in the pile up on the interstate.I love how the story builds and builds to the climax in the end.The movie was tastefully done, considering it shows a huge pile up on the freeway.I highly recommend this movie to everyone.

The Victim (1972) (TV)
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I believe that this is one of Elizabeth Montgomery's best performances in a movie, and I have seen most of her movies.I saw this for the first time on television when I was around fourteen, and I was so scared.I watch this movie every now and then, and I still enjoy it very much.I know that these days that this movie would probably not scare people too much.That just goes to show that the public movie and television audience has seen too much graphic violence in the last thirty years or so.I love movies that do not show the graphic details, you let your imagination do the work for you. The cast in this movie was top notch. Jess Walton, who played the sister in the story was very good, even though her part was rather small. She also played in a terrific made for television thriller around the same time called You'll Never See Me Again with David Hartman.I got the biggest kick out of Eileen Heckart's performance as the housekeeper. Eileen was so good as a lady with a very bad disposition.George Maharis who played the husband was quite effective.This story obviously had a lot of so called mistakes in the plot, but I love the movie anyway. I highly recommend this movie to people who love a good thriller without graphic violence.I gave this movie a vote of seven.

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If you watch this movie, I recommend that you don't watch it alone, and make sure that you turn on the lights.I watched this made for television movie the first time that it aired, and I was absolutely terrified!I was alone, and I started turning on all of the lights in my apartment.I did not know of the famous murder case at the time.I was amazed that a woman could possibly commit such a dastardly act way back in 1892.I watch this movie once in a while, and it is still as creepy as it was in the 1970s. Elizabeth Montgomery was chilling as Lizzie Borden.I cannot put my finger on what Elizabeth Montgomery did in her portrayal to be so scary, but I can tell you, she was magnificent.The supporting cast was great.Fritz Weaver was superb as the father Andrew Borden. I have always loved Fritz Weaver's work as an actor.Katherine Helmond who played the sister Emma was very effective.Remember her on the television comedy Soap with Billy Crystal?

The music in this movie was very good at setting the mood. The music in the very beginning of the movie lets you know that something horrible has transpired.I think that the scene in the beginning, where the maid Bridget Sullivan raced to different houses looking for help,was really scary.It just helped to build up the tension. I know that if I had been the neighbor lady who went to the house, and saw Lizzie standing in the doorway, with a bizarre look on her face,and she said," someone has killed father", and then she opened the door, there is no way that I would have stepped into the house!I highly recommend this movie to Elizabeth Montgomery fans, and to people who want to see a superior thriller based on a true murder case.

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I found this movie to be a somewhat strange and compelling movie.This is an unusual movie for Elizabeth Montgomery and Robert Foxworth.I watched this movie for the second time a couple of weeks ago,and it still did not hold my interest as much as I think it could have.I am not saying that it is not a good movie, I just think that it could have been better.Somewhere around the middle of the story, it loses me.I do not think that it one of Elizabeth Montgomery's best roles, but she did a very nice job as a victim of a brutal crime.It was nice to see Elizabeth Montgomery and Robert Foxworth together in a movie.I think that Robert Foxworth is an underrated actor.I will not give away the plot to this story,but if you like crime dramas that are a bit unorthodox, then this is for you.I would not recommend this drama for children to watch.

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A Wonderful Unorthodox Made For Television Movie!, 30 July 2004

Conspiracy Of Terror is a wonderful,unorthodox, made for television drama from 1975.I do not think that this movie is too well known by movie fans.It is a shame that it is not well known,fans are missing out.I never get tired of watching this movie,it is delightful, with some good humor mixed in with a rather serious plot. Michael Constantine who played the husband was terrific. Barbara Rhoades who played his helper wife was superb. The two actors had a very nice charisma in this movie. Do you remember Michael Constantine from the hit series Room 222 way back in the early 1970s?The entire cast was very good.I really enjoyed the overbearing father of Michael Constantine's character.I do not want to give away the plot to this movie,so if you ever get a chance to watch it,you will enjoy it much more.The whole family can watch this gem. I highly recommend this movie to lovers of the made for television movies from the 1970s.

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The Strange And Deadly Occurrence is one of the best made for television thrillers that you will ever see!When I saw this as a young teenager, my heart was pounding so loud, I thought that I could hear it!I was truly scared, and I turned all of the lights on. I saw this movie recently, and I was just as scared as I was back then. I will not give away the plot. I will say that Robert Stack as the father was terrific. Vera Miles played the mother, and as usual she was wonderful. The sound effects were so good. The constant loud banging in the story scared me more than anything.This is a thriller that the whole family can sit down and watch with no gore or bad language.I highly recommend this movie to people who love to be scared.

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I saw this movie for the first time a few years ago on the Lifetime channel on cable.This story is powerful, sad,and amazing, all wrapped into one movie. It is a stunning portrayal of racism, and if you see this movie you will not forget it.I was riveted from the very first moment to the very last moment of the film.I felt the anguish, fear, horror, and terror that the young Cree girl went through. This movie is not for entertainment purposes, but to show what prejudice and hate can do to a country, town, and to the residents who live there.The writing was excellent. The cast of the movie was excellent too.I think that Canadian films are so good.The setting with the frozen countryside just added to the desperation of the characters and the story.I saw this movie again recently, and I was just as moved as the first time that I saw it.The thing that stood out for me the most, was that due to one man's caring, empathy, and tenacity, a beautiful, innocent, little Cree girl finally received some sort of justice.It was not the justice that I thought it should be, but at least some of the people involved were held accountable to a certain degree.I think every person in this world should see this movie.It will make you stop and think what prejudice can do.I highly recommend this movie to everyone, especially the young, so they might learn before it is too late what hate can do.

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A Howling In The Woods is one of Barbara Eden's best movies of all time.I love this made for television movie from the early seventies. The color and the cinemaphotography are just fabulous.This movie was filmed around Lake Tahoe, and the setting is just drop dead gorgeous.I am not going to give away the plot.This is a mystery thriller that the whole family can watch together. It has so many of my favorite actors.Barbara Eden is just beautiful as the heroine. Larry Hagman was wonderful as her husband. One of my very favorites, Vera Miles is also in this movie. This grand actress played in so many wonderful movies over the years.A very young Tyne Daly has a small part too.I watched this movie recently, and I forgot how good it is.If you want to see a very good thriller, with a terrific plot, then check out this little gem!!

Night Slaves (1970) (TV)
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A Terrific Made For Television Movie From The Early 1970s, 24 July 2004

Night Slaves is one of my favorite made for television movies.I saw this recently, and it was as good as I remember from when I was a young teenager. This is a terrific made for television movie of an earlier era in the early 1970s.I will not give away the plot, but I can say that this is a most unusual thriller.The music in this movie is great! I wish that I had a soundtrack of the music.The writing is very intelligent, and it makes for a good story that will actually keep your interest.James Franciscus does a wonderful job as the husband. Lee Grant is terrific as the wife.Those two actors played in so many wonderful movies.If you want to see a good thriller, that has an unusual storyline, then you should definitely see this little gem.I can highly recommend this to the entire family!!

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