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Susie Steps Out from 1946, 19 April 2006

The movie SUSIE STEPS OUT (1946) is an interesting movie about singing. Susie wants to become a singer and lead a long healthy career being successful. She is determined to hit it big with a singing career. The cast includes an uncredited role for legendary Actress Shelley Winters where is appears briefly as a female singer. Shelley Winters sings a song briefly to compete for the singing job but unfortunately Shelley doesn't win the competition and Susie does. The cast includes w/ David Bruce, Cleatus Caldwell, Howard Freeman, Grady Sutton, Margaret Dumont, Percival Vivian, Nita Hunter, Joseph J. Greene, John Berkes, Harry Barris, Emmett Vogan, Syd Saylor and Shelley Winters uncredited as a female singer.

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Emma And Grandpa Adventures On The Farm made in 1983, 28 February 2005

Emma And Grandpa Adventures On The Farm made in 1983 runs 120 minutes The movie stars Alan Mason as(Grandpa),Emma Helmer as (Emma) and Cindy as (The Dog) Narrated by: Shelley Winters This program is fun for the whole family to enjoy. Shelley Winters does an excellent job as the narrator. You have a story here that is about Emma and Grandpa's Adventures On The Farm. The adventure is shared as a movie and not animated. The program/movie was made for British Television with a unique combination of live action with voice-over narration by (Shelley Winters). I hope everyone gets a chance to see this program with their children.

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A Fun Delightful Movie, 9 April 2004

I am a huge fan of Shelley Winters and I must say I really enjoyed this movie "To Dorothy A Son". It is a fun delightful movie and one of her best from the 1950's.Most of the movie takes place in England. Shelley Winters has to travel from New York City to England to find her EX-Husband.When she arrives in England the fun just begins. It is funny what she has to go through just to find him. When she finally finds him the fun only begins. You must watch for yourself to see how the movie plays out. If your a Shelley Winters fan you will truely enjoy this movie! Its a great classic movie in Black and White for the entire family to watch.

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The Foreigners are coming to America!! I hope they are making the right choice, 8 March 2003

I just watched the movie "My Man And I" from 1952 the movie cast includes "Shelley Winters", "Ricardo Montalban" , "Wendell Corey" "Claire Trevor", "Robert Burton (I)" "José Torvay"," Jack Elam" The movie was very interesting it is a good example how foreigners view America. What America has to offer and how good they think America is. However, as time passes by the foreigners realizes how the land of opportunity changes from what they thought it was all about. The foreigners that worked hard for white americans would not pay them the money they deserved to be paid. The americans treated the foreigners badly and didn't care about their well being. The bottom line is the Americans will cheat there way out of any situation to pay any foreigners money. I give the 1952 movie around a 6 out of a possible 10.

Looping (1981)
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Striping for money, 6 January 2003

This movie is so funny. Shelley Winters plays an evil jealous bitch like you would not believe. Anyways it is worth seeing. I just saw this movie for the first time last year. I am proud to have it in my video collection. So if your ready to see Shelley Winters bitch at other women this is the movie for you to see. ENJOY!!!

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Wives and Lovers, 5 January 2003

A family fun classical movie for the whole family. I am that I have this movie to add to my own personal video library. It's a real winner! The cast is outstanding and fun to watch. Shows how families were during the 1950's

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Tramps Running a Whore House, 4 January 2003

I thought the movie was all right I voted an 8 for the movie. I saw it for the first time last year. I am just happy I have this movie in my collection of old classic movies. It is always a treasure to add old classic movies to your collection.

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One of my favorites, 4 January 2003

This movie has a top notch cast. It was a family film protecting each other when danger comes around especially for "NICK". This movie is one of my favorite all time movies and I am glad I have this movie to add to my movie collection.

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Boxing,Boxing,Boxing, 4 January 2003

Here we go off to the boxing ring once again. This movie was a great boxing movie. I just saw last year for the first time and it was delightful. There is a new boxer in town so you better watch your step before he wants to get you into the boxing ring to win some money so he can send it back home. The guy (Boxer) is disparately seeking money and he will do whatever it takes to get it! I enjoy watching this movie over and over again.

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Shelley Winters, 4 January 2003

It is always great to see Shelley Winters in an old classic movie. The movie runs about an hour. It is a treasure to be able to see as many old classic movies as possible. I am always looking for old classic hard to find movie titles.