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A movie that makes south park and musicals more impressive., 1 January 2001

South Park B,L&U is a great movie that makes south park more appealing to the people that haven't liked it in the past. This movie is a musical and unlike a lot of other musicals this movie has managed to make their musical funny, dramatic, action filled, as well as a bit of romance at the beginning, they've done all this in a cartoon that that has its swear words un-beeped. all in all, a great movie that proves that this musical isn't so boring.

Dogma (1999)
A funny, satirical movie with a lot of good actors and cool scenes., 10 December 2000

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were awesome as the angels that got kicked out of heaven. Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith were dry witted and wanted nothing but to have sex with Bethany (played by Linda Fiorentino) but were really funny at the same time. Salma Hayek was cool, she was actually supposed to be a man, she was the muse that always had something smart to say when she or anyone else was in trouble. This movie was a black comedy that made heaven seem funny and made god seem like a regular woman. This was a seriously funny movie that would be great for anyone to watch, well, anyone that doesn't mind a lot of swearing and weird jokes. I would recomend it to anyone that likes dry humored comedy's. If you liked Dogma I would recomend watching "The forces of nature" and "Mallrats".

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A GREAT movie, 5 December 2000

Drew Barrymore was great for the role of Charlie, she disguises her ability to light fires with her cuteness and innocent personality. David Keith was the protective father that would do anything to protect his daughter from the SHOP, even die. With a lot of cool scenes, the movie is one of the best movies I've seen, I would recommend it to anyone.

The Craft (1996)
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Very creepy and interesting., 5 December 2000

Fairuza Balk played a very good role as the leader gone crazy, and Neve Campbell was like...the one who hung back a bit and took everything as it went. All in all it was a great movie. Witchcraft mixed with creepiness is the recipe for an interesting movie that people will remember and definitely watch again.