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Poetic and truly original, 19 March 2001

This intelligent film is a work of true originality. It is a coming-of-age story full of complicated emotions, but its style of storytelling is elegantly simple. Eugene (Nickles) and Jackie (Graham) are both young, drifting soul-searchers who have been wounded by their life experiences. They separately stumble upon a mystical "wind tunnel" which enables them to communicate to each other, carrying their voices across hundreds of miles of desert. This strange phenomenon allows them an intimacy they've never imagined-- despite the fact that the two have never even met face to face-- and the experience transforms them. Although shot on a very modest budget, the cinematography is first-rate, handling both the sweeping shots of the picturesque Southwestern landscape and the firelit close-ups of the actors' expressive faces with equal skill. This film is clearly the product of the filmmakers' passion to convey something meaningful to people (rather than the usual cheap desire to set box office records). It's a moving story about hope, true love and the perseverance of the human spirit. A unique, artistic achievement.