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Dean's finest moment...., 16 June 2004

James Dean's first feature film, and he explodes on to the silver screen. Watching Jimmy in this movie is almost watching part of his life. Living with a father that doesn't understand him, and a mother that is gone from his life. Cal (Dean) is a very complex character. He's very silent and reserved. Sadness and Sorrow reflect in his eyes. He's the outcast and loner. His Brother Aaron is, outgoing speaking person. Raymond Massey, in the role of Adam, is the patiarch of this family. The scene in which Cal tries to give the money he made to his father, is so full of dramatic feeling, that it tears at your very being for Cal, who is trying to just be noticed in his fathers eyes.

Sadly, The year this film came out, Jimmy was no longer with us. But Jimmy, as well as his character Cal lives inside all of us, just wanting to be reconized and loved in everyones eyes. Jimmy, however, with Giant, and Rebel Without A Cause, Jimmy will will be remembered forever.

I give East Of Eden **** out of **** stars.

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The Ultimate House/Anime Music Video, 2 December 2003

From the time that I saw the music videos for "One More Time", "Aerodynamic", "Digital Love, and "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" I fell in love with the story that unfolded in each video and I wanted to know more. After Listening to the cd that the videos where from "Daft Punk's Discovery" I could only imagine what the rest of the stories would be.

After buying the dvd and finally seeing the entire story unfold in each song, I was impressed by the talent and skills that Daft Punk and Leji Matsumoto brought to the project.

The movie's design is a nod to Leji's designs in Captain Harlock & Galaxy Express 999. It's a refreshing change to go retro in anime in see that a story can be told in a simplistic way without the current CG japanese animation.

I highly recommend that if you love anime, Techno, Daft Punk, or just a good movie see Interstella 5555

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You Open This Door Into The Realm Of Stupidity..., 13 March 2003

Dear God! Why did they have to ruin Rod Serling's wonderful series! Okay, the 1985 incarnation wasn't too bad. Scary, but it lacked the original moral in a tale that Rod's 1959 version got across. Now this 2002 version. Totally misses the point. Did we really need a modern remake of 'The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street?' or a follow up to 'It's A Good Life?' The answer is NO. This series has highly predictable endings, a ho-hum host (Forrest Whitaker) whose monologues put me to sleep, unlike Mr. Sterling's.

This show shouldn't have been made. I was 8 when the 1985 version came on, and I watch the DVD's of the 1959 version religously. I watched 2 hours of this 'New' 2002 Twilight Zone, and it's not that great, and it never will be. This show shouldn't have even been put on.....

-4 of 10 stars.

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The Night He Shouldn't Have Come Home!, 21 November 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, the strange thing is that this is part of an odd Halloween set of films the Jamie Lloyd series follows 1,2,4,5,6 and the Laurie Strode saga is 1,2,7,8..

They say in number 8 that Halloween 2 did happen. So Michael's hands as well as his body should be burned and scarred..... This movie contradicts it's self with many, many details.

The movie had no redeeming features. College students that you really didn't care for thrown into a MTV's Fear kind of setting that is the Myers House.

Tyra Banks by far was the worst actress in this film, she played an idiotic role and was no need for her in it. The whole Internet thing takes the confined spaces that the other films offered and puts it on display like a freakshow for all to see. The Halloween series is supposed to be dark, scary, and extremely shocking. This entry is boring, lackluster, and just plain dull.

*spoiler* And why did they have kill off Laurie Strode? She survived all of Michael's attacks, shouldn't she have been given a reprive?

This movie sucked tho, and that is thanks to Mostapha Akkad, in any interview he does, he jerks his thumb at the statue of Michael that is behind him and says 'As Long As This Guy Is Around, We'll make money.' Sadly, the production, and scripts suffer due to this. Akkad won't let Michael die...and then the films will become a joke.

Rick Rosenthal was ripping off his previous halloween 2 directing days. Michael appears out of the shadows, a character slipping in blood, and 'Dr. Mixer' a character out of H2.... *sigh* Rosenthal should stick with directing TV episodes, which he's done for the past 10+ years. Don't direct a bad movie.

John Carpenter or Kevin Williamson has to come back and write a decent script for this series! If you want to understand what really drove Michael to kill his sister, read the Halloween novel by 'Curtis Richards'. It is much, much better that any of the sequels and ranks up there with the first film.

I thought Halloween 6 was bad, 6 is actually one of the better films in the series compared to this. this is the worst in the series!!!!

If I gave this film any stars, I'd be kidding myself.

"Superboy" (1988)
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Not Bad!, 25 June 2002

I liked this show when it was on. It captured some of the magic from the first 2 Superman movies. True it's not as fancy as Lois & Clark, or as 'hip' as Smallville. But still not a bad show.

I think that some people didn't realize the potential this show could have. Considering it was BEFORE L&C and Smallville...

It was the first step since the 1950's to bring The man of Steel back to the small screen...

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What a long strange yet wonderful trip it's been!, 3 June 2002

I rate this film ***** out of ***** Stars. This film makes you think about everything you know. As the film rolls, pieces of the story click together, and by the end you will know the full story...

Look at life as you know it. Day by day goes by, and blurs into weeks, into months, into years without a thing happening... and then something happens.... for the better or worse in comes.

In fact, David Aames (Tom Cruise) is having that happen to him. First he meets Sofia (Penelope Cruz) at his birthday party and begins to think that she is the one 'true' love. However, Julie (Cameron Diaz) an ex-lover, is not too happy about that.

After spending the night at Sofia's, Julie takes David for a the top of a bridge. Julie is dead. David is disfigured. And he is in a 'Psych Ward' telling his story to Dr. McCabe (Kurt Russell)

Things start to get weird. Julie is alive? She appears to haunt David. But David thinks his 'Board Of Directors' AKA the 7 dwarfs (watch the movie to understand) is the cause of his accident to get control of his company?

What is going on? Is David losing his mind? Is Julie alive? Is David's company after him?

The answer is beneath the Vanilla Sky....

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COTC 7 shouldn't be compared to Resident Evil, 25 May 2002

This movie was awful! I liked the first COTC film, and number 6, due to it being a 'real' sequal to the first. Sadly, this one has no redeeming features. Only If Michael Ironside had a better role in this, and the movie had a better script.

One question I have is why doesn't anyone ever beat or kill the demonic kids in these films anyway? *sigh*

Resident Evil (games and the movie) have a better plot/characters you DO like, and a hanging storyline that can be picked up anytime. Unlike this garbage, the writer thought. "Kids + Corn + somewhat scary place = a COTC sequal!" Hmmm, not quite. If you want to see a series of movies that actually have a weird plot and connect one after the other rent the Phantasm I,II, III, and IV....

I wish Stephen King could stop the mockery of his brillant original story from being turned into horrible trite scripts.

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Horrible, Horrible sequal...., 8 May 2002

Why????? For the love of God Why????? The orignal AP was cool, hip, darkly funny, as was the book of the same name. The book and movie made you think if Patrick Bateman was killing people, or just shooting daggers and thinking of them dying in horrible ways..

This film crushes the first AP's premise by saying 'Patrick Killed Them' Sure..... And then this film has the lead actress hacking people up... Very thought provoking... *Let me gag here*

Okay, hopefully when Brett Easton Ellis writes his proposed novel sequel to American Psycho titled 'American Psycho 2000' That will be the true sequel and not this piece of trash with the AP name slapped on it...

* star out of ****

Guyver (1991)
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Do Not Watch this as your first step into the world of the Guyver!, 5 May 2002

I picked up this movie, thinking that this would be a cool live action version of one of my favorite Anime shows 'Bio Booster Armor Guyver'. Boy this is the worst by far!

The bright points of the film are the Guyver unit, and Brian Yuzna regulars David Gale and Jeffery Combs.

The rest of the movie is horrible! Lisker *AKA Guyver 2 in the anime/manga series is reduced to a simpering idiot of a zoanoid. And Jimmy 'J.J.' Walker as a zoanoid? What are they thinking?

If you are a fan of the Guyver Anime and Manga, rent Dark Hero: Guyver 2. It's a much, much, better film, and is more truer to the original story. If they make a 3rd one, bring in Guyver 3, and Masaki Murakami! This would improve the series!!!

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Strange, but good...., 1 May 2002

Of course this movie is typically 80's horror/slasher cheese. But it's still a fun film to watch... I didn't think it was that bad!

Things of course could have been better, maybe a MTV Fear style movie, with the kids/or adults on their own, and going through the abandoned school...

I still give this movie 8 1/2 stars out of 10.

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