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Feels like Ten Thousand Miles., 11 March 2003

Thousand Mile's Escort came to me in a set of low budget 70's-80's Kung Fu films. Of the set this is the worst. It took me a week just to get through this film because it was so dull. I'm not even sure if this film had a plot, I'll assume it did but it can easily be seen as a loose collection of scenes with no real direction.

The dub I heard was possibly the most annoying dub of all time. There's a little child character who's voice can only be described as cats being put into blenders type audio agony.

There are few action scenes and what is here isn't that special. They're directed in a shaky-cam style that obscures all action.

Ultimately you should avoid this film.

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Don't let the Title Mislead you., 6 March 2003

I saw this film under the title of "Lightning Kung Fu," which is strange because it deals with neither lightning or what most people may consider to be Kung Fu action. I propose the the new title be "Chop Chop Constable in a Dark Room." This is not to say that the film is entirely unworthy of being viewed. It follows a darker story than most Hong Kong films from the late 70's and early 80's with the main character killing every criminal he's sent to find without remorse. The most interesting scene is a battle and chase that takes place almost entirely in the dark. It's very difficult to see and I wonder if it was a bold decision by the film team or merely the product of a low budget and no lighting. However it is realistic in it's pitch black chaos. Altogether this film suffers from some confusing developments (such as the constable not feeling any effects from a certain dart), and weak characterizations. Not my first choice when it comes to swordplay movies.