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Casshern (2004)
Biggest disappointment in years...
28 August 2004
I saw the trailer about a month ago, and I, like others on this board, jumped right in the hype-boat. But alas the trailer gives a completely wrong impression of the movie.

The combination of CGI, animation, stop motion and live action does NOT work. If the CGI had been believable it might have seemed less of a chore, but thats not the main issue with this film.

The script and the directing are the major faults. Most of the time there is no dialog, but long dreary dimwitted monologues. All the while the same sleep-inducing music is being played. There is only a few minutes in the entire film without music. This is completely inappropriate.

The action is poorly directed, most of the time its impossible to follow the combatants and have any notion of whats up and down.

The story was pretentious drivel not worthy of mentioning, with a ridiculous amount of leaping plot holes.

All these things combined made me lose interest which made it feel even longer. The last hour or so of the film I just wanted it to end so I could go home.

I am still waiting for the first live-action anime that works. Avalon was a disappointment, but this was an even greater one.

To sum it up, don't believe the hype.
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Link (1986)
Link for president...
5 May 2003
Best monkey horror movie ever - no other comes to mind so its not like there is too much competition. But who cares, this movie is great fun especially for us monkey fans. And who ever you might be, there is no denying that Link is one funky monkey.

All ye nay-sayers stop your monkey buisness and vote Link for president.
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