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A delight!, 4 March 2002

This low-key, wonderful film deserves much more than the occasional showing on IFC. What a surprise. A little slow to start off with, but like a good novel, you soon get into the story. Not that much actually happens. No explosions, nobody gets shot, no spooky stuff. But the feelings are more real than any action thriller could dream of. Tender acting and an unusually believable ending. Top marks!

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Great movie!, 25 November 2000

This is one of those marvelous movies where almost nothing happens. Noone dies, noone gets blasted by aliens, noone get mushed by Bruce Willis or Harrison Ford. Just a quiet movie about an interesting guy (damn, Ian Holm is good) who doesn't do much. The scenography is awesome, and the details of the surroundings are pretty good. Anyone with an understanding of the pre-beat scene in NYC (or curiosity, ferchristssake) will love this quiet, interesting movie. Some of the characters could have been painted with a little more color. One becomes curious about the photographer-wife, the beat-artist (Saranden), and the sleazy publisher (Steve Martin, ferchristssake), but our questions remain questions.

If you like quiet movies, thoughtful movies, you'll thoroughly enjoy this one. Rent it.