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Enjoyable fluff., 19 October 2002

This is indeed a Woody Allen Light- but I mean that in a good way. His pairing with Tracey Ullman is delightful, much much more successful than his more recent attempts at coupling with women more than half his age- and the plot is good silly fun. I wish the film had been more about the bunglers and less about the lessons in true love and good taste, but I enjoyed the whole thing from top to bottom. I did find myself wondering what it would be like if he made a film with a composer though, instead of his usual old scratchy record collection

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Enjoyably odd., 19 October 2002

And morbid too. I fall somewhere between those who praise this film and those who damn it. Wonderful stunning visuals and your average dark French love-story, well acted and somehow it all comes together. I almost didn't stick with it, but like a good novel it eventually reels you in. Magic realism at its most grim.

Romance (1999)
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A Rohmer film gone bad., 19 October 2002

That being said, I enjoyed this film, although 'enjoy' is probably not the right word. It's a bit like watching a car crash, but one where no one dies. Lots of flesh on display, but nothing really hard core. She massages a man to get him aroused, puts him in her mouth. It doesn't work. So she searches elsewhere and has a few 'wild' experiences (rape, bondage, etc.) Shocking I suppose for how it pushes the envelope in the USA- we rarely see anything this sexual, we're just used to guns and bombs and blood- it's an interesting piece, well acted, and made all the more curious for the fact that it was writen and directed by a woman.

Enjoyable fluff., 17 October 2002

I quite liked this movie, despite the fact that it tried so hard to be likable. The plot is silly, the music very funny, and the 'mockumentary style' always a delight. My only quibble is that instead of getting real actors to play it truthfully (a la the classic "Spinal Tap") the director seems to have chosen comics, and let them go for the laughs, and in the process, they lose believability. Even the real actors that are in it are hamming it up, trying to get us to be amused. That's when it doesn't ring true, and the whole 'mockumentary' becomes an MTV sketch, which is unfortunate. But you can't fault them for having fun I suppose, I just wanted them to really believe what they were doing so that I could have had as much fun as the actors did. But it is undeniably fun!

"24" (2001)
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Most enjoyable., 17 October 2002

I only saw the first few shows of this series, but would like to see it when it all comes out on DVD. The acting was wonderful, the camera work was dark and compelling, and the plot- well, that was where it rose above most television shows. The writing is thorough and complex, and this may be its downfall, as after the third episode I realized it's best to see this show three or four at a time. Thank God for DVD!

Anyway, this is absolutely worth watching. I hope it lasts and kudos to the creative team behind it.

Very well done..., 8 October 2002

...but GORY. I enjoyed all the performers and the plots, the music and the cinematography was all top notch. My only small complaint is the amount of blood and gore per episode, it's quite hard to take at times.

One could argue that the characters are a bit thin and that it's all plot, but I don't really mind- what characters there are are all very well acted. Worth watching!

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Truly this Labour was Lost, 8 October 2002

I really really wanted to like this film, having read the play not too long before, but I just didn't enjoy it. There are many many cuts from the play, which isn't bad- but the cuts are replaced with songs that are poorly sung and danced. The one exception being Adrian Lester, who shines brighter than all the other actors who are game and bouyant, but for the most part miscast. It felt a bit like watching my college production- well meaning, and it so wants to be liked that it's hard not to, but still- it's just not very good. Stick with Richard III or Branaghs own Henry V if you want a good film of a Shakespeare film.

Signs (2002)
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cheesy fun, 8 September 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was okay, I guess. At least until the (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!) silly men in the green suits showed up. I haven't seen aliens look this dopey since the first Star Trek series, which I loved by the way. Acting is all uniformly fine, with the one key exception of M. Night himself. He casts himself in a key role (of a man whose life has collapsed around him because of an accident) -and then blows it, almost ruining the film for me. I can't help but wonder what if Robert Duvall had played that role? Or Gene Hackman? Someone who has a lifetime of experience on their face? A fun diversion for summer, but nothing more than a '5' for me.

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Fantastic show., 21 May 2002

This is indeed one of the few tv series that are equal too if not better than the film and play it was based on. Simply shot and perfectly played, the scripts and the acting could not be better. These shows are fun to watch now not only for the style of clothing, but also for the fact that it's about two middle aged men! TV show-makers of today would do well to watch and learn from this classic.

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Roth sells out! Puts on Ape Suit!, 4 September 2001

This movie is a muddle, lots of things make no sense, not the least of which is this; why are all the big mean apes afraid of little Tim Roth, jumping about like a gnat? And why is Estelle Warren wearing lipstick? And just how many millions did it take to get good actors to dress up like apes? I won't even address the ludicrous ending, or the waste of Tim Burtons great talent doing drek like this. Please, Mr. Burton, go back to your original films, stop with the Hollywood crap! We your fans miss you!

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