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Great drama from two fantastic programmes!, 29 June 2005

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I'm not a huge fan of Holby City, mainly because I prefer Casualty and so I only watch the one because its all I need. Plus, thats where all my favourite characters are, or were as the case normally is! I was really looking forward to this, because when Casualty does a special, it does it special. And this special came with a bang, in the form of a large petrol tanker crashing into the Emergency Department. This then took several characters (Some of the best in my opinion) such as Harry, Jim and Rosie, and thrust them into danger. The more they did their job and tried to save the lives of the patients at the hospital, and the more they tried to look out for their colleagues and friends, the more their own lives looked doomed. The drama came to a dramatic conclusion with Jim desperately clasping to Harry as the bridge beneath them fell away. Now normally, Harry probably wouldn't have had a problem pulling him back to safety, but Harry also had hold of Rosie. Jim made a choice, that it was either all of them or him, and so, he let go. A sad, but brave and fantastically dramatic ending to an excellent two parter. The acting of all involved was top notch as always, and it leads the way to hopefully more special dramatic two parters involving each on their own, or both again. If you haven't seen it, but you can, WATCH IT!!