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Porky's (1981)
Classic teenage comedy with that extra special touch of sexual flavor, 24 November 2000

Porky's will forever go down as the ultimate teenage movie that came out of the 1980's. The movie has the perfect combination of comedy and sexual situations. Kim Cattral's scene in the boy's locker room is still embedded in my mind to this day.

Mischief (1985)
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Mild comedy with a touch of teen hijinks, 24 November 2000

This movie really isn't good. The premise is simple and the movie remains that way throughout the entire film. It's missing that sense of complete laughter that you would need for a 'teens from the 50's/60's' storyline, however I could think of worse things to watch than Kelly Preston completely naked being banged so hard her head hits the bedpost.

Great movie. Can watch it over and over again., 19 November 2000

Planes, Trains and Automobiles has to be considered one of the best films to come out of that John Hughes 80's era.

Steve Martin plays the very easily frustrated Neal Page who runs into every possible problem trying to get home for the Thanksgiving holiday. His biggest obstacle is trying to shake the good hearted, but more annoying Dell Griffith, played to perfection by John Candy.

Dell Griffith somehow pushes his way into Page's life as they attempt to venture with ease from New York to Chicago on the busiest travelling week of the year.

Along the way, Page becomes more and more frustrated with his no light at the end of the tunnel attempt to get home and every more annoyed with Dell in general until the end when he shows his true colors.

This movie provides everything you could possibly want in a decent film: A buddy comedy, serious moments and sentiment in the end.

A must see.

9 of 10 stars