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Actresses whose careers are over by the age of 40, I am not listing women who died. Just adult actesses who left the profession for one reason or another. Also I am not listing former child actors who quit before establishing themselves as adult actors. Most actresses find it hard to find roles approaching the age of 40. This will be an ongoing list.
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This is the list of all the movies I've seen in Theatres or Cinema (for our European friends)
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Finally broke the 3000 film barrier. As for the quality, a little disappointed.
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This is the list of movies I REMEMBER having seen. These are theatrically released movies only and does not include TV movies or ones IMDb marks with a (V), which denotes direct to video or DVD. It is arranged from first one added at the top, to last one added at the bottom.
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ALL movies seen between January 1, 2011-December 31, 2011
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Apparently the editors of the book updates their list and come up with a new edition every year and currently the list of films is now 1079 Movies. These are the ones I have seen so far.
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All movies seen for year 2012. My goal is to see 416 movies for 2012 to finally break the 3000 mark. Obviously I didn't reach it.