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Plot is a load of rubbish, 4 January 2009

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Lets start with the positive - Morgan Freeman did a great acting job, but that alone was not enough to save this film from the trash heap. There are so many unbelievable elements to this film, I just don't know where to start. Heres a few: Are we meant to believe that half a dozen women are being held captive and the local police are doing nothing to find them? The idea that Freeman and his buddy from Washington DC take on the enquiry all on their own and don't tell anyone they are staking out this suspect is daft. The real killer turns out to be a detective working on the case - just how did he spend all the time with the girls when he was also working full time on a murder enquiry? The murderer has distinctive writing and sent Freeman a note which is so easy to match up with the detective's handwriting it's just not believable!

Some tense moments in the film, but if you choose to watch this, be prepared to suspend disbelief!

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Film is of a style that will appeal to some but not all, 14 May 2006

Watching this film is like reading a novel - I don't read many novels so you will understand why I'm not one of those that rate this film a 10. You need to be patient to watch this film as the plot twists and turns and travels backwards and forth in time, telling and revealing more and more of the storyline as it goes. Yes, the scenery is stunning and it is a beautifully made and shot movie. It seems there is no elation as the credits roll, just a profound sense of loss and sadness. All the plot has been revealed, but I was still left with a feeling that the film had somehow tricked me into watching all this time for such a deflated ending. If this is your thing you'll love it!