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Smart, funny parody, 4 November 2003

"Scary Movie 3" is easily the best spoof comedy since the "Hot Shots!" and "Naked Gun" years. This is one of the finest written, absolutely hilarious movies to ever reach the theatres.

Obviously, I just loved the fact that they turned to the dry-witted humor genre, as opposed to the first 2 installments of "Scary Movie," which at times were funny, but were never clever enough to be considered hilarious in my opinion. They figured out in number 3 that less of the potty talk and more of the sarcastic, making-fun-of-other-films talk is the way to go.

Based around "The Ring," "Signs," "8 Mile," and "Matrix Reloaded," it is hard to keep from laughing, beginning with the opening scene, which mirrors "The Ring" perfectly.

This film watches the details. It is obvious the writers, producers, and directors watched the movies they were making fun of. I saw a lot more hard work in "Scary Movie 3" than the other two. It seemed like someone smart and responsible finally took over a movie series that has so much potential. This could revolutionize the industry because there are always new movies to go off on. There could be a "Scary Movie 15" in twelve years, and as long as the same style was used as in this film, it would be just as effective because it would have a completely different field of films to create parody from.

People complain that there is no point of this movie, that it's just stupid. These people are missing the point. It doesn't matter if it has a plot, or a surprise ending, or great special effects. The point is that "Scary Movie 3" takes four films that take themselves very seriously, and puts them into a satire, that truly works. This movie can be corny in scenes because of its nature; it's not taking itself SERIOUSLY! At all! Like the Sci-Fi Channel classic TV show "Mystery Science Theater 3000," or FOX's "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy," this is comedy for the ages, and if you appreciate good humor, watch this one as soon as possible. But please, watch at least "The Ring" and "Signs" first, because the ability to relate exactly what is going on makes it that much funnier.

Surprisingly good movie, 20 July 2003

Originally, I rented this movie basically because of Sarah Michelle Gellar. I wasn't really expecting anything plot-wise, but after watching it, I thought it was a very well-rounded movie in all aspects.

First off, the acting is very solid. Ryan Philipe was impressive as a spoiled, troubled young man. Gellar was a great villain who I loved to hate. Reese Witherspoon showed a lot of depth in her role, showing she can be more than just a ditsy blonde.

The whole feel to the movie, like the visual aspects, were what made this movie especially strong. The setting, the costume design, cinematography made a good movie into a superb movie.

I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but I will say the plot was intriguing as well. I don't see how people have a problem with this movie. There may be a couple of problems in the exaggerated characters, but really, it all seemed to fit in the end.

Overall, the acting was top-notch and that in its own helped better the story as a whole. It was sexy, and right when it was over, made me want to watch it again.

3 1/2 stars out of 4.

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These were the days of good cartoons, 9 June 2003

"Thundercats" was my favorite of a great group of '80s cartoons. It makes me feel a little sorry for kids today who have to watch "Pokemon" or "Barney."

"Thundercats" was a great show. Sure, it had its flaws, and sure the dialogue was often corny. But it did not make a difference in the presentation of the show as a whole.

Mumm-ra was an excellent villain, the Thundercats were amiable heroes, who were really role models, and the reptiles were the comic relief. Heck, Snarf was okay too.

The animation is fantastic and the storylines are really quite entertaining. Although I'm 18, I will still watch it if it's on, which is rare right now. I hope Cartoon Network straightens up and brings some quality 80s cartoons on because that is the best decade of all television. Thanks for the good memories, Thundercats!

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Enjoyable, but I understand the other side (some spoilers), 9 June 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There's something about this movie that makes it pretty fun to watch. Maybe it simply is Mary (Cameron Diaz).

I liked this movie at some points, but at other points, I didn't. It was inconsistent with its humor. Sometimes it was very clever and sometimes it was downright raunchy. I really didn't see the need for all the f-bombs or the pointless and gross "zipper" camera angle. I think the Farrely brothers took a PG-13 movie and made it R.

There were strong points to the movie as well. It was well-acted for the most part. Diaz fit into her role well, and made a realistic character out of Mary. Matt Dillon and Ben Stiller were admirable as well, Chris Elliott was a little weak I thought. Then again, he wasn't dealt a good character to work with.

The best humor was the "misunderstanding" type, more subtle. Like when the stepdad tells Stiller "She went to the prom 20 minutes ago with her boyfriend Woogie" or the whole murder interrogation scene. Very funny. But then, the Farrely brothers come back with some of their stupid humor.

Overall, I think what this movie needed was a better, more down-to-earth director. I'll give it a 6.75 out of 10.

A movie that just seems to work, 12 January 2003

I'm not the biggest fan of the whole "teen movie" craze, but "Can't Hardly Wait" is a very entertaining movie to watch.

In the same boat that Seinfeld for TV, tagged as "the show about nothing," is "Can't Hardly Wait." It's not really about "nothing," but it has no firm identity, no single story line or direction. And I think it works effectively.

The actors are pretty good; I was especially pleased with Jennifer Love Hewitt's performance. She worked well in her role. She managed to make the audience sympathize with her character because she was not a 'snob' despite being the prettiest girl in the school.

It's not the best movie ever made, but it is put together in such a way that it works out. It is humorous and the ending ties things together rather well. 8 out 10.

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Best kid's (or adult) baseball movie, 18 July 2001

Between 1993-1995, many baseball movies such as Little Big League, The Sandlot, and Rookie of the Year came out, but I think that Little Big League was the most clever of them all. There were plenty of funny scenes that adults, rather than children, could relate to. It was well done and well acted. I enjoyed this movie and I have owned it since it came out.

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A great thing to watch during a mostly bad TV era, 18 July 2001

MST3K was something to enjoy during the 1990s, which spawned stupid dramas, soap operas, and "Jerry Springer" type shows. It's hilarious, but it doesn't go overboard with it. The jokes are intelligent and the concept is the best on TV. It's fun to see bad movies that take themselves too seriously on this type of a show. Anyone who could make a movie like "Hobgoblins" or "Overdrawn at the Memory Bank" DESERVES it. They're movies that are too serious and so poor you don't care about the characters or plot. I feel the only reason these movies were put on this earth were to go straight to MST3K. I mean, who in their right mind would watch "Hobgoblins" without those three at the bottom? WHO? And once the movie gets a spot on the show, you can't stop laughing. I simply could not comprehend what anyone is thinking who does not find the show funny even sometimes! You have to admit the show is clever and FUN to watch.

By the way, I would love, just LOVE, to see an episode of "Days of our Lives" on MST3K. Soap operas are perfect for that show!

Thanks for the laughs, MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000!

Werewolf (1995) (V)
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One of the worst..., 8 February 2001

And that's why it got a whole two hours on Mystery Science Theater 3000. They have awful movies, but this ranks up in the top (or shall I say bottom) ten I've ever seen. It was just a pitiful attempt at making a movie. It was more like an hour and a half of foreign people gathered in a remote spot in Arizona who can't outrun a slow werewolf.

So my question is: Why would anyone ever, in their right mind, watch this movie if it weren't on MST3K?

Cast Away (2000)
A movie that left you on the edge of your seat., 8 February 2001

Cast Away was a movie that you really liked or really didn't. I liked it because it was very realistic, especially for a movie about such a strange situation. Tom Hanks did his normal good job and I even liked the ending, even though many didn't. I'm glad they made the audience think about what he was going to do rather than spoil it for us.

8.5 out of 10

How could you really ever cancel this show?, 17 November 2000

"The Simpsons" is awesome. It is the most successful cartoon, or maybe even show, in television history. With great characters and funny stories. The show will make you laugh, even if you are some grumpy, mean 110 year old with no sense of humor. My question is how could they cancel this show? There seems to be an infinite amount of different possible plots, and different actors appearing on the show. This could really be one of those shows that your kids' kids' will still grow up watching. If you haven't seen this show, and think it is gross or something, you are wrong. It is not any real cussing or real gross jokes, so I recommend that anyone and everyone watch it.

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