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No Man's Land (2001/I)
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The best story written on the war in ex Yugoslavia, 18 December 2001

I am a Croat from Croatia, and have reacted to this movie quite emotional. Not merely because it's a film about people who speak the same language, but among a lot of movies that have been filmed on all sides during the war years and after,Tanovic's movie has shown remarkable humanity and objectivity. Most of all it had shown all the emptiness of warfare... My favorite scene was when the Bosnian and the Serbian soldier realised that they have dated the same girl in the past. It's the perfect illustration of neighbors becoming enemies..and believe me, I've seen a lot of that. Do see this movie, because it is gonna change your view on the Balkans.

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a movie on the communist regime in Czech republic in the 70-ties, 28 October 2001

I came with almost no expectations to the cinema to watch this movie, but walked out with a look to any dictatorship slightly changed, and mostly enriched. Anyone who'd grown in a communist country could identify himself with this story..especially the generation of people who grew up in the midst of big, World wide changes.The movie made as a documentary, precisely, as a document of time..with the current Czech president Havel, as one of the most important people in the young intellectual force, back in the 70. I'd recommend this movie strictly for it's social engagement and the message that carries for the young people.