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"Touch" (2012)
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Meh, 23 March 2012

It had a lot of potential but the loosely put together mathematics just oozes "look at the pretty colours in that fractal but I really don't get anything"-stuff just gets to much. Otherwise it got nice characters and a lot of nice production. But when the plot is made of quasi patterns without substance and a lot of promises that this will lead somewhere from a guy that is famous for never delivering... well. I WILL NOT BE FOOLED thank you dear sir.

It's easy to build up to something but it's much harder to pull it all together in a nice final wow-bag... something a lot of TV-series seems to be exploiting these days. It's like that cool mystic girl at a bar that you take home and it turns out she's an alien that will fester on your time.

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A feel-good, Shakespearian, colorful, character based film..., 2 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Over the sea lie Plutonia, an evil and destroyed island controlled by two icky capitalist forcing poor children to make weapons. But the island is about to rust and go under. So they are going to build their factories on Melonia, a beautiful island controlled by the magician Prosphero. When they reach Melonia their plans changes when they discovers the magic of Prosphero... And basically things get worse...

"Resan till Melonia" ('The Trip to Melonia') is another triumph alongside Per Åhlin's other movies: "Dunderklumpen" ('The Big Super Dude Lump'), "Karl Bertil Johnssons Julafton" ('Carl Bertil Johnsson's Christmas Eve') and the latest "Hundhotellet" ('The Dog hotel').

He makes a wonderful movie out of Shakespeare's "The Tempest". It's thoughtful, witty, funny and very beautiful. I've only seen it in Swedish. Then it produces a lot of quotes to remember, and the lovely voice acting that comes with the quotes is just great! I have no idea about foreign versions, or if the translation is poor (well, it's Shakespeare so it shouldn't be that bad in English either...) – there's always the possibility to enjoy Åhlin's wonderful unique pictures.

If you want to see a movie with quality and genuine feeling to it, see this one.