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Spy Game (2001)
Dynamic and Fast-Paced Thriller!, 23 November 2001

Spy Game starts by pulling you into a fast-paced thriller and never lets up! Great action, acting and motion with multiple locations and intrigue. The plot twists keep the viewer on his toes! Watching the career of the young agent unfold through the reflections of the mentor great in the telling. At the same time, real time drama interplays with the sealed off and cerebral world of National intelligence.

Great moments between Robert Redford and Brad Pitt when the young agent is in training and later in rooftop meeting when recent actions have caused a riff. Separate scenes for each show the true talent each possesses. In war scene, the look of shock after explosion on Brad Pitt's face. For Redford, smoothness in all actions with all situations throughout the film. By the end we see main characters had to set aside the rules they had lived by with very high stakes.

James Dean (2001) (TV)
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A Legend Revisited, 6 August 2001

James Dean is portrayed by James Franco with a remarkable resemblance in physical appearance and great sensitivity. As the events of James Dean's life unfold in the made for cable film, insight is gained into the enigmatic and tragically short life of the brilliant film star. This production takes in many of the well known accomplishments of James Dean's career and includes significant personal events in his life. The interface with James Dean's father, excellently played by Michael Moriarty, is central to this story. The recognition and appreciation by film industry giants contrasts with the father's lack of regard for his son. A moving performance by James Franco who steps into the shoes of James Dean and makes us love him all the more.

Quills (2000)
Quills - 4 Excellent Actors deliver 4 Star Performances., 25 November 2000

This period film is an invitation to peer into the keyhole of a castle, which is actually a mental asylum in France in the 1700's. The richness of the scenery, brilliance of performances and depth of character development made for an extremely entertaining and memorable film. Geoffrey Rush was outstanding and perfect as The Marquis de Sade. The genius mind creates interest, intrigue and controversy in the institution and through his writings, within France. Kate Winslet is magnificent and beautiful as Madeline who is fascinated and a friend to the Marquis. Joaquin Phoenix's performance a tour de force. As the placid and sensitive Coulmier, he must come to terms with his own longings, separate from his role as care giver and friend. Michael Caine, as Royer-Collard arrives by horse and carriage and forces those around him to make changes in their lives and brings morality issues to the center stage. The unfolding story, colorful cast of supporting characters and rich dialogue makes for a film not to be missed and an example of film making at its best.

Bounce (2000)
Bounce: Quality Relationships and Characters., 18 November 2000

The title would make one think of a jouncy, fun type 60's film, although the advertising and trailers prepare you for another experience. The relationships which develop between the characters as the film unfolds are much better developed than almost any new films being released in the year 2000. The acting is first rate, and you will find yourself caring about the central characters in the film. The main characters, both Oscar winners, may again be up for nominations along with the film. The children also do a good job in a difficult role. Caroline Aaron did a great job as Abby's friend and neighbor. Everyone should have someone like that nearby. A well crafted and moving film.

Outstanding - A Must See (On the Big Screen)!, 12 November 2000

If you see only one film this year at the theater, choose Almost Famous. The story, the music, ambience and the acting are wonderful. One develops a feeling for the characters and it feels like you are also "on the tour." This film captures the excitement, decadence and joy of rock and roll music from a backstage perspective. It would be difficult to single out just one performer for great acting as all the characters seem not to be acting. You will remember this film long after the credits.