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My Father, My Son (1988) (TV)
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Excellent movie! Wish it was available on VHS or DVD!, 3 September 2002

What a great movie! I was in the Navy during this time and heard a lot of horror stories about the chemical agents being used to defoliate the Vietnam jungle. I am sure that had Admiral Zumwalt been totally informed about the side effects of these chemicals he would have reacted differently. Lets just hope that this movie gets released on video or dvd so more people can understand the horrors of the Vietnam war.

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A Cult Classic?, 18 August 2002

Saw this in the drive-in back in '71 and thought it was pretty good! Saw it again on Speedvisions "Lost Drive-in" some time ago but some of the scenes were "edited for TV". I don't believe it was ever released on video...too bad!

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One of the best!, 18 August 2002

I remember seeing this on tv back in 1987 and cursed myself for not having a video recorder! Therefore I had to record it to memory. As my memory has started to fade since 1987 I was able to purchase a used VHS copy and was glad to see that it was just as good as I remembered it to be! FAR OUT!