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Fabulous Film on mail delivery, 12 January 2001

Actually I really enjoy this movie and have seen it many times. I don't know why it got such bad reviews. But if Kevin Costner really knew what the postal system is all about, he would have chosen a different character, such as a fast-food manager or an IRS agent. At least he didn't go 'postal' in this movie and behaved like a hero.

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Innocence Lost, 4 January 2001

After seeing this movie, I want to view other French movies. They have a unique style of production that is more visual art than plot. Mixing up the time lines detracted from the story. Some characters didn't fit into the story very well. Marie (Vahina Gioconte) oozed sensuality and moodiness. Without her, the story would have been meaningless. Do young people really live like this? Ignore my spelling errors please.

Breezy (1973)
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Contemporary love story..., 10 November 2000

Why do I love love stories so much? This movie is embedded in my brain from back in the 70's when I was young and in love myself. I wish I could see this film again because of the angel, Kay Lenz. Now, I'm the divorced, middle-aged man like in the story. When will my Kay Lenz appear to me?

Forever (1978) (TV)
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A love story for the ages..., 9 November 2000

Yes it's kind of simple and harmless and there's no nudity. But, the story reminds me of the good old' days in the 70's, when girls had long hair and bell bottom pants. Stephenie Zimbalist looks really good in this movie. ...Damn, it was 13 years ago I wrote this! But I just watched it again last night. My new wife slept through 80% of the movie. She said it was too boring. She doesn't like movies unless they have total nudity and wild sex. But she came from a newer generation, who can't sit through slow movies that have some depth to the characters. But it does bring back memories of the 70's. Like going to the Renaissance Fair in Agoura Hills. Good times.