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Still a wonderful movie, 14 November 2008

This is one of my all-time favorite movies. This film proves that you don't have to use profanity every other word, endless scenes of meaningless violence, and that hope does still exist. Yes, it does look like a Dukes Of Hazzard reunion, but they make this film work. Hoyt Axton is excellent as Al Besinger.

The scenery is beautiful to view. The plot is wonderfully set, with a heart-warming ending. It is a perfect film to watch at Christmas time. I would not be worried about letting my young children watch this film because of the message it sends out.

I wish that movies made today would take some lessons.

Rigoletto (1993) (V)
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Beauty lies within the heart, 14 March 2006

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This movie has some of the most beautiful music and singing I have ever heard in a movie. Ribaldi's heart is as hard as stone when he meets Bonnie. Over time, he shows her his true musical talent, and helps her to blossom into a beautiful singer. She in turn shows him that people can look beyond a persons outside, and see the beauty that lies inside of a person. The message that I got from the movie was that beauty and a caring heart can conquer all the ugliness within a person and that hate never accomplishes anything. This movie is wonderful for all ages, and even better when the whole family watches it together. A timeless story for anyone who loves beautiful music.