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A beautiful touching romance. Ingrid Bergman is superb., 21 November 2000

Ingrid Bergman's excellent performance is what makes this film. She sincerely deals with the problem of September love; I've never seen her more beautiful or more committed. Anthony Perkins as the young spoiled mama's boy is excellent, and the scenes with the two of them are very believable. (It's called acting) Yves Montand is terrible---he's longing to be speaking in French. The scene at the end between Bergman & Perkins from the top of the stairs could move a stone to tears. Only Bergman could convincingly pull off a perfect soap opera--there will never be anyone like her.

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Brilliant movie, not for the squeamish!, 21 November 2000

What I loved about this movie is that the viewer never knows all the way until the end how it is going to turn out! If you are squeamish, avoid this movie. Rupert Everett and Natasha Richardson holiday in Venice to save their relationship. By accident, they run into a rather quirky pair played by Christopher Walken and Helen Mirren. As the movie progresses, they find out some strange things about these two. Venice provides a beautiful and alluring backdrop to allow this fascinating drama to unfold. Lesson: Never be too polite to strangers!

Very entertaining movie., 21 November 2000

This movie is filled with so many surprising twists and turns. Kevin Bacon shows his mettle at how versatile he is; starts out as a nice guy, then we find out different later. He certainly doesn't mind showing everything he has in the shower scene, which is highly unusual for American actors. One could have heard a pin drop in that movie theatre when he showed his thing. A thrill to see Carrie Snodgress, whom we haven't seen once since "Diary of a Mad Houswife". She's one of the wild girls' mother. Plays white trash very well. Quite a surprise ending. I didn't know Neve Campbell had it in her. Theresa Russell-sexy as always.

Repulsion (1965)
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Terrifying and well-made movie., 20 November 2000

This young woman's descent into insanity is so well documented that you truly thank God that it is not you that is going through this. Leave it to Roman Polanski to scare the hell out of you! I was grieving the death of someone who was very close to me when I saw this movie, and this movie snapped me out of that grief; the awareness that it could always be worse helped. Highly recommended.

The Greatest Movie ever made!, 17 November 2000

If only all other movies could be half this wonderful!! This is one movie that has everything: History (Civil War), Drama, Romance and plenty of it, Love Affairs, Passion (1939 style) Intrigue, Redemption. When Scarlett O'Hara dips her hand in that earth and says, "As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again", all of us draw at one time in our lives when we felt exactly as she did. A masterpiece of movie-making.

Betrayal (1983)
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Brilliant movie., 15 November 2000

This brilliant movie starts with a meeting between Jerry and Emma two years after their relationship has ended; then proceeds backward, thereby ending eight years earlier, with the moment when Jerry first declares his attraction to Emma at a party. The idea that the viewer can know this information at the beginning of the movie and then is never bored is an amazing feat for this movie. All three of the actors are amazing in their roles.

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One of the campiest movies I've ever seen., 13 November 2000

Very campy movie. The 60's dancing style is so outdated. Sophia Loren, of course very beautiful, has not done much to perfect her acting style this early in her career. She seems to have great trouble with the English language. The character starts out as a really nice girl, then in the middle of the movie, she turns!! Quite a surprise. Tony Perkins is wonderful as this slimy mean nasty insurance salesman. Gig Young is absolutely horrible. I don't know who ever told him he could act. It has been years since I've seen anything this campy. Very entertaining.

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Very entertaining., 13 November 2000

This very fun movie made me so nostalgic for the 70's. Excellent who-dunnit. Dyan Cannon is perfect as the brassy, free-wheeling wild blonde; I don't know why she was not more famous--good actress, excellent comedienne, beautiful. For the first time ever, Richard Benjamin actually acts. James Mason is wonderful. Many very very funny moments. Raquel Welch is terrible--all she can do is be pretty. James Coburn as the captain who plans the crafty game onboard ship is a wonderful diabolical schemer. Too bad Tony Perkins and Steven Sondheim didn't write some more sreenplays. I loved this to death.

9½ Weeks (1986)
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One of the most erotic movies of recent years., 13 November 2000

I loved this movie. Zalman King, the only American director who advocates women to be sexually adventurous and not end up ignominiously. And what's wrong with that? Kim Baisinger becomes obsessed with Mickey Rourke who then becomes obsessed with her. How wonderful to be able to see Mickey Rourke before his face was all smashed to smithereens from fighting. If you're in the mood for an erotic adventure to see on a weekend night with a new romance, this movie is for you.