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Is it any wonder we love Bob Hope?, 9 November 2000

Though this movie is a favorite of my Mother's, it inevitably is one of mine. Bob Hope is "ON" in this Season's Greeting which, by the way, introduced the world to the song "Silver Bells". A MUST-HAVE in your home library.

Trackdown (1976)
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Next of Kin Classic, 9 November 2000

Back when I was in school and my classmates were "Stayin' Alive" or tripping through "A Galaxy Far, Far Away", I preferred to take my best girl to some very good movies - Trackdown is one of these movies. James Mitchum is as good as any. Though the plot is a little thin, Mitchum's on-screen presence continued to bring the story together to it's inevitable conclusion. Guys, rent it - you'll be glad you did!

This is William Shatner at his absolute best!, 6 November 2000

I concur with EBERT, "William Shatner should have been nominated with an Oscar for his role in Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan. Cheers to Gene Roddenberry and Paramount for bringing this story to the silver screen. This should be the one, Sci-fi picture in your home library.