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Surprisingly good, 1 February 2005

I just saw A different loyalty on DVD, and was very pleasantly surprised (especially after seeing the trailer). The story was extremely interesting and powerful. Sharon Stone and Rupert Everett were both fine in their parts, though their love story wasn't made completely believable (the second half of the movie was by far better than the beginning, and Sharon Stone actually did a great job portraying this woman). It took me a while to get used to the looks of the movie, though (I'm still not sure why the flashbacks looked so much like an erotic movie from the 70ies). But what an incredible story and a great and subtle script.

Panic Room (2002)
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one scene annoys me, 17 February 2004

The one thing that annoys me in this movie is that, eventhough Jodie Foster's character couldn't use her cell phone inside the safe room, she had plenty of time at some moment to go out the room and call the police from her bedroom while the burglars were fighting downstairs. Maybe she "should" have dropped it when trying to get a signal through that small hole in the panic room... Apart from that, it's pretty entertaining though I wish Jodie Foster would use her talent for more ambitious and risky films ...

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Superb, 15 September 2003

This is simply one of my favourite movies. The story is superb, the characters terribly moving, and Marilyn is ... there's no words... Surely her best part ever. She is just admirable in that role. Every time I see it, I can't stop crying like mad when she starts yelling in the desert. In my opinion, one of the most moving moments in movie history (together with that scene Vertigo when Kim Novak comes back from the hair dresser as blond as before. The look of Stewart's face just gets me every time...).

Apollo 13 (1995/I)
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Even Armageddon is less boring, 7 March 2003

I'm just amazed at the ratings this movie gets. Is it too hard to admit that a Tom Hanks movie can suck ? (i'm personally not a fan - more like the contrary - but that's not the point). How many more of these dull patriotic pieces of crap will we have to stand ? Where's the suspense, the fun ? Everyone can guess how it's going to end anyway: everyone applauding in the nasa control room (reminds me of the ending in Britney Spears' Crossroads !). The jokes and the characters are always the same, the music an abomination, etc. Is it because it's based on a real story that it should get better ratings than, say, Armageddon (which is exactly the same movie, just even more dumb)? What did these real-life astronauts do to deserve this ? Boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring (got me so tired I couldn't find the strength to reach the remote control).

no star out of whatever

Crossroads (2002/I)
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No Clueless, but not the worst movie ever made, 5 February 2003

Ok, the movie was not exactly well-written, and quite predictable. Yes, Spears's acting was obviousy poor (not to mention her singing: her cover version of I love rock'n'roll just proves she can't sing - or was she actually playing to perfection a girl who had never sung before ??). But the good thing (compared to my very low expectations) is that her role was not as prominent as I had feared. It was not Britney superstar with her two friends making her look good (at least until the last scenes). The rest of the cast actually did a pretty good job out of what they were given. I quite liked Zoe Saldana, and Anson Mount showed a lot of presence(though I still don't get what his character found in Britney's - she's like 10 years younger, and he doesn't exactly act like someone who could enjoy teenage crap poetry and singing !). I guess (and hope !) Dan Akroyd and Kim Cattrall probably got a nice paycheck for their collaboration, but, in Cattrall's case, it didn't show so much (she played her scene in a very unusual and touching way).

All in all, it was not as bad as I had hoped (I just can't stand Britney !), but not as good as I had feared ! Of course, the stupid "Britney superstar" ending left a bad taste ... (but I guess it was not the director's idea...).


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Filled with clichés, 29 December 2002

I'm living in Prague, Czech Republic, where the movie was released not so long ago. I had heard and read so much about how great this movie was supposed to be, that I forced lots of my friends to come and see it with me. Horrible mistake. None of us even slightly liked the film. Ok, there are a few funny moments, but the characters are very cliché and we all had the feeling that we had seen the movie hundreds of times before. There was only one way how we could review it (sorry): too American and not Greek enough... To me it looked more like some silly money-making blockbuster, rather the work of an artist with a view and something to say (the moral was so plain and childish I felt offended !). Not sure Greek people will appreciate (no, I'm not Greek). And not sure I even learnt anything about the Greek culture in this ... God, what a waste of time and money ...

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Hilarious, 28 August 2002

I don't understand why the grades are so low for this movie.

I absolutely adored it ! It's hilarious and wonderfully-acted !!! It's too bad Alicia Silverstone hasn't done much since then, though. She's so great in that movie and in Clueless, she deserves a lot more...

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An hilarious thriller, 18 May 2002

I love this movie ! I think I've seen it 5 times already (it was quite a success in France and they often play it on TV). Ok, it's a thriller and there is great tension. But mostly (and specifically in the second part) it is absolutely hilarious ! And very original. The directing and photography are just splendid.

Lola (1961)
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Wonderful, 9 February 2002

My all-time favourite. Must have watched it a hundred times, sometimes 4 times in a week, and I never can get tired of it. It's just cinematographic perfection. And I don't have words for Anouk Aimee as Lola. Magic ?