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Holy Man (1998)
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weak & stupid, 8 October 2003

This movie is so bad!! One of Eddie Murphy's worst ever. He's totally unconvincing as a lunatic whose beliefs raise the sells on a shopping tv network. The story is simply dumb, some scenes are awful and I don't think there's any reason for anyone to watch this movie.

Valentine (2001)
oh man!, 16 July 2003

This is one of the worst horrors I have ever seen. Take absolutely everything you can think of from teen slasher movies, every single cliche, it's all in here. No originality at all, a stupid story, one-dimensional characters played really bad by beautiful actresses, stupid dialogue, predictable scenes, nothing scary. You always know what's gonna happen. There's a pale attempt of a twist in the end, but even that can be spotted a mile away. What else? Oh, let's not forget: all the characters manage to somehow be alone sometime, when the killer's around. Not even the killer's motivation is plausible: at first, you have the feeling he has a purpose or something. But then he starts killing everyone, even people who didn't have anything to do with his childhood. And all there's left for you to do is either leave the movie alone, or watch it till the end, amazed of what stupidity can be found in Hollywood.

I gave this movie a 2 (not 1), because of Denise Richards, as gorgeous as always, and the soundtrack, which is pretty cool (includes Deftones & Orgy).

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what a crap!, 22 May 2003

I still don't understand how this kind of movies get made. It's so incredibly stupid, dull, predictable, and not at all original... Klein and Sobieski, the lead actors, are unable to express any kind of feeling. The characters totally stink, Klein switches from being a big jerk to a gentleman, and Sobieski is so flat and uninteresting that half way through the movie I kept wishing something would happen and she would just die.

This movie is a big waste of time. Vote: 1 out of 10.

Hamlet (2000)
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Luhrmann rip-off, 2 May 2003

This version of "Hamlet" uses the exact idea of Bazz Luhrmann's "Romeo + Juliet". A William Shakespeare play, presented in our decade, with all modern things interfering or completely changing scenes. All but the dialog, who remained as close as possible to the original. Ethan Hawke and Kyle MacLachlan are both very good, but unfortunately Julia Stiles destroys her scenes, with her flat and inexpressive appearence.

Still it's an interesting watch, but only if you're a big fan of someone involved in this picture. Vote: 4 out of 10.

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not too good, 16 April 2003

There are so many things that don't work in this movie... Shortly, the plot is predictable and not at all original, and some scenes are so hard to believe they couldn't even stand up in a comedy. (eg: the theft at the art gallery).

Fortunately Kevin Spacey, as always, is great and his performance saves at least a little bit this movie, Without him it would have been a catastrophe.

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wooow, 29 December 2002

This is by far the best horror movie I have ever seen. It's very original, and everything looks REAL. That's what makes it so great.

This is the perfect proof that you can really create some scary sh*t even without special effects, or clever camera work, or hideous monsters.

Three students go deep in the woods to make a documentary about the myth of the Blair Witch. They disappeared... and the footage was found a year later. The movie is actually a documentary-style presentation of what the kids have filmed during their quest.

So... everything's filmed on 16 mm, with cameras held by the actors. First, they interview some people in the village next to the forest the Witch is supposed to be in. And then they go deep in the forest. Only to get lost.

So. There are NO effects. No monsters. No witches, or killings, or horrifying images. There are 2 handy cams, held by the actors, and nothing else.

Still, throughout the whole movie, your heart beats like crazy.

What makes this so scary? Maybe just the fact that it DOESN'T have effects. So it all looks real. Or the documentary-style. The noises in the night. Their discoveries. When they get lost, the forest looks haunting. And - honestly - whenever there was night, I kept hoping dawn will kick in soon.

This is an amazing movie. Vote: 10 out of 10.

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the worst movie I have ever seen, 1 December 2002

The first attempt of Romanians to make a movie about Dracula became a ridiculous joke. "Dracula the Impaler" is by far the worst movie I have ever seen. It all looks like a sick joke, a school project of a not-too-talented film student. Everything is wrong. The story - simply ridiculous and predictable. The dialog - absolutely pathetic, stupid and unrealistic. The characters - they all have one dimension and no kind of depth. Also they have a really annoying accent (the movie is in English, although all actors are Romanians). The fight scenes - pathetic, ridiculous, so bad they will make you laugh. The editing - simply awfull. The music - ughhh. There are some good songs, but nothing fits where it should. The acting - really really bad. If you don't believe me, go watch this movie. You will soon tell everyone you have just seen the worst movie of all times.

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eughhh, 7 November 2002

This is one of the worst comedies I have ever seen. Except for some rare funny gags, it all fails, from all points of view. The story is simply ridiculous, even for kids looking for "magic", and most scenes are pathetic and not interesting at all. The lead actor - the one playing Eddie - is worse than Steven Seagal - and that's not easy to accomplish, but he succeeds brilliantly. Avoid this movie, it's a waste of your time. Vote: 2 out of 10.

Teaching cliches, 22 October 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Teaching Mrs. Tingle is another teen thriller from the writer of Scream and The Faculty.

It has a good idea, okay characters, nice fast-paced action, interesting dialog and pretty good acting. It actually keeps you watching till the end.

But it has 2 huge bad points: the cliches and the plot holes.

Williamson, the one responsable for this film, wrote Scream, an amazing satire about teen horror movies, a film that actually makes fun of horror movie cliches just by using them. I am amazed that the same guy wrote this full of cliches movie. The same chick-running-up-the-stairs-when-followed-by-armed-enemy situations, the same love plot surrounding the main characters, the same scenes when, one after the other, the characters get the chance to sit alone with the tied-up Mrs. Tingle. And the same final confrontation between "good" and "bad" (although this movie doesn't make a big difference between good and bad).

(spoilers might come up) And then there are plot holes. Why did the love affair remain unfinished? Why didn't Mrs. Tingle press charges against the kids in the end? I mean for Heaven's sake, their fingerprints were all over the place... How did Mrs. Tingle do her normal humanly needs while she was tied up for many days? Why did the actress un-tied her in the first place? What did the sport teacher do after he woke up from being drunk? So many unaswered questions...

All in all, a poor movie just because Williamson didn't pay too much attention to the plot details. It could've been much better.

Vote: 5 out of 10.

Almost Perfect, 19 October 2002

For starters, let me tell you that I am pretty much like the lead character in this film. I'm also a journalist, I'm friends with a famous rock band, hang out with them on tours, concerts, etc. So you can imagine what impact this movie had on me. I was amazed, I really felt throughout the movie that I'm William, the main character. It's an awesome feeling.

Almost Famous is a great movie, coming from a great director that already gave us Jerry Maguire, and who "exercised" his skills in creating love stories in a rock environment in his movie "Singles" (which features appearences from Eddie Vedder, Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell).

This time, it's about a young reporter, hired by "Rolling Stone" to do a story about a growing rock band of the Seventies - a fictional band called Stillwater. He goes with them on tour, falls for a beautiful fan, and, of course, many other things happen as the plot develops.

Every aspect of this movie is created almost perfectly.

The screenplay, to begin with. It's a great story, that develops logically and beautifully, great characters, that you really get to care for. Sometimes touching, sometimes funny or even dramatic, it's a story that totally deserves its Academy Award.

Then the acting. The movie doesn't have any stars, and the lead character is a totally unknown young man. But they all do a great job.

And then there's the music. True perfection. The movie manages to surprise everything about rock'n'roll, from its greatness to its bad moments, through the eyes of a young music lover that grew up in a "No Environment". It's a pleasure to listen to all these great songs and bands that changed music forever.

I really can't describe the warmth and beauty of this movie. There's something about it that makes it so special. Maybe it's because this is, in many ways, the life story of director Cameron Crowe. Maybe that's the reason he wrote and directed this movie so carefully and with such a sensitivity.

All in all, Almost Famous is a movie I probably will never forget. If by any chance you missed it, you should do yourself a favor and rent it right now.

PS I don't understand how IMDB allowed a movie so appreciated, both by public and critics, to have such a lousy user comment on its first page. There are many reviews far better than that one.

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