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Malibu (1983) (TV)
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Harrison as Sexy as Ever, 23 January 2005

I saw this made-for TV affair around 21 years ago,then a few more times in recent years.I kind of liked it, the breathtaking scenery, the wealthy lifestyles, the tennis whites.James Coburn with his usual grace.Ah,....but the main attraction to this ordeal is the sexy, feminine, barefoot, beautiful Jenilee Harrison.She plays the "Dumb Blonde", and it is not even a large part.But she stole my attention and stole the show.

Most of the characters are sophisticated,well-heeled,and your textbook upper class types of which would reside in a wealthy beach-front area.Harrison to me was just gorgeous, sensual, and the typical "plaything" for an older Sugar Daddy.There are some emotional scenes, and more then a fair of drama, but also subtle bits of humor.Again, this was Jenilee's showcase, even though she was far from the centerpiece in the plot.

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Fun little flick, 4 July 2004

I saw this film when I was a young boy, and it did frighten me at times.Not a realistic movie by any means, you have to watch it more or less with tongue and cheek.But it still is enjoyable, and I really liked the mountain-wilderness-setting.I related to the plot in an odd way, even as a youngster, because I came from a broken home much like the lead characters in the Boy who Cried Werewolf.or the first time in ages, the film came on late-night(or early,early morning) TV a day ago.Having grown up in the 1970's, I suppose I have a soft spot for many of even the campy spoofs of that genre.

The acting is certainly nothing stellar, but the setting more than made up for it, in my mind.The TV -repairman attack scene is high camp, but some of the woodsy chase clips are quite fun.I also really liked the musical score.

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Pretty good who "dun-it", 21 August 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I kind of like this movie, really always have.Jeff Bridges is outstanding, J.Fonda is great, and Raul Julia is also fantastic.On top of all that, Sydney Lumet does a decent job directing too.

SPOILERS: Basically, Jeff Bridges shines as a Bakersfield ex-cop named Kendall Turner,a real good ole' boy, who has all sorts of hillarious remarks about minorities and prostitution, but in reality he's a decent guy who believes in old fashioned values.Fonda plays a lush, who is fixated on her past as an actress who never quite made it.The late Raul Julia plays a Hollywood hair dresser named Jackie, who is an estranged husband of Fonda.Without giving away too much of the plot, I'll just say it has a decent and unlikely ending, pretty well conceived.Fonda is not sure if she's being framed for a murder she didn't commit, or if she actually stabbed a porn photographer in the chest with a kitchen knife,while on one of her drunken binges.In one scene early in the film, it becomes apparent someone is hiding in a closet of a loft apartment,watching Fonda as she attempts to cover her tracks in the dead man's residence.A cat wanders into the closet, and when she calls for it, she notices the door has been closed,.....ON ITS OWN!!! A chilling sequence,to say the very least.

If you dig murder mysteries, than check this one out,from circa 1986.

The Birds (1963)
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A Hitchcock Classic, 20 August 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"The Birds" might seem a little dated to many viewers of this generation, but do not be fooled,- this is a pure classic!!! Sure, the acting is typically a bit wooden at times, but remember,..this is 1963.Rod Taylor is great,and frankly the setting of Bodega Bay is just perfect.But really, the true stars of this little flick are none other then the Birds themselves.Squawking, pecking, biting, screeching menaces in the form of Seagulls and Crows.One of the more interesting aspects of this Hitchcock masterpiece is that what went wrong, and what caused the Birds to go homicidal and aggressive is never explained,exposed, or understood.Therefore, the viewer is left to his or her own conclusions on this matter.

It can be argued that The Birds is the movie that spawned so many of the later "Nature-Goes- Beserk-and attacks- Man" films.For starters,I can think of a number of plot devices and similiar scenes borrowed from The Birds in "Squirm", the 1976 Jeff Lieberman shocker about electrically charged bloodworms that terrify a small Georgia town.SPOILERS: Both films have a paranoid, emotionally unstable and elderly mother,..both films have a young,good-looking hero surrounded by 3 or more females,..and they also feature attack sequences in a darkened,isolated house with the use of a flashlight,and wooden boards to protect the windows and block the invading perps, this case vicious Bloodworms or Seagulls and Crows bent on malice.In both films the invading critters gain access into the home via the ceiling, in the case of The Birds this is the upstairs bedroom in which Ms. Daniels wanders foolishly into whilst all other parties are downstairs asleep.Again in both films we see close-ups of the critters mouths and/or beaks,..also there is a public attack scene revolving around a diner/pub.In The Birds, a Seagull makes an abnormal appearance by flying into the door,killing itself.In Squirm, a worm disgustingly shows up in a glass of chocolate milk.Both are chillingand signs of what is to come....and in The Birds, we have a pair seagulls attatched to a poor gentleman's face, in Squirm, we have a repulsive scene in which the Bloodworms are literally eating their way into a guy's face.Last but not least, both movies offer scenes of gasoline and fire,which is kind of a vague paralell,but nonetheless a parelell.

Well, one difference is that what happened to The Birds is never explained, but what happened to the Worms is chalked up to electricity from fallen powerlines.Either way, The Birds is a darn good flick, and textbook Hitchcock.I give it a 7 out of 10.

Magic (1978)
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Decent Thriller, 13 July 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Overall, Magic is a half-way decent thriller.It is pretty solid all the way around, with an unusual mix of horror, comedy, drama,..and fully equipped with bizarre psychological ploys.

Magic features a fairly high-profile cast.Anthony Hopkins is utterly brilliant as usual.Ann Margaret and Burgess Meredith give solid performances, but kudos goes to Ed Lauter, who lends a hand as Duke, the husband of Peggy Ann,(Ann Margaret).Mr. Lauter really performed well in this film, and I've always liked him in every film he's been involved in.

The plot revolves around Corky,(Hopkins) a highly talented ventriloquist with a sinister alter ego in the form of his vent figure, called Fats.The relationship between Corky and Fats is complex and deeply psychological, to say the least.No one knows exactly HOW unbalanced Corky is, with the exception of his agent, Gangrene(Meredith).When Corky refuses to take a medical exam and makes a trek to the hills of upstate New York, his agent follows.Corky rents a small guest house, surrounded by the countryside and a "Lake Melody" from an old flame, and soon enough the relationship turns intimate.Duke returns, and knows exactly what is going on. Gangrene,however, has just previously made a surprise visit to Corky, who unleashes his alter-ego Fats, and Gangrene gets bludgeoned with the wooden vent figure. After sundown, Corky attempts to swim out in the middle of Lake Melody and dispose of his agents corpse by filling the pockets of Gangrene's jacket with stones.In one of my favorite scenes, the old agent somehow revives, and begins trying to drown Corky.Both end up submerged, and only the next morning do we find that Corky is the survivor. The movie is also fraught with humor, and I couldn't help but chuckle more than a few times at some of the scenes.Magic is a solid flick, I give it an 8 out of 10.

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Intense, 12 July 2003

If one word could sum up Lady in Cage, it would be INTENSE!! For a 1964 film, this has loads of melodrama, fright, and sheer suspense.Check out a young James Caan, and a gorgeous, and cute Jennifer Bilingsley.This film is brutally straight-forward in terms of its characterization of the scum,thugs, and low-life of society,.. the acting in this movie, all across the board is outstanding.I give it an 8 out of 10, if not a 9/10.

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A Chiller!, 8 July 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As with other made-for-TV-movies like Don't Go to Sleep, and Hotline, I saw Dark Night of the Scarecrow when it made its debut one night in 1981. My dad and I saw it together, and wow,...did this little flick throw a scare into me! I've only seen it maybe once since then, and apparently it's not easy to get on video.I don't know about DVD availability.

What I remember most is Charles Durning playing a good ole'boy Southern sheriff, the kind of man with alot of charm in his own right,....and Larry Drake playing an almost child-like retarded man named Bubba, who had befriended a little girl.SPOILERS:

Bubba rescues the little girl from some savage attack dogs, and is quickly blamed for what happened, with Durning leading the way as "Lets get Bubba and lets get Justice" crusader.Poor Bubba ends up hiding in a scarecrow outfit in the middle of a cropfield, when bad-guy sheriff Durning shows up with his lynch-ready cronies, and the group opens fire on Bubba.

When the group of men get their just deserts,at the hands of a spirit in the form of a Scarecrow,..things get extremely chilling.One guy is literally smothered in a peanuts, in a factory machine, (similiar to a scene in the movie Witness) and Durning gets done in by a tractor.

Charles Durning is one of the greatest,most versatile actors ever, in my opinion.The guy is outstanding, and although not a good guy in this film, his character is still strangely likeable.Very chilling movie, at least it worked for me.This film would easily allow for eerie Scarecrows to give spooky clowns,such as Pennywise,from IT, an equal amount of chill factor.Great little thriller.

Prom Night (1980)
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A "classy" film, 23 January 2003

Prom Night seems to have its share of denegraters, but altogether, it's not half bad.The disco music is way too prominant, and this definetely gets in the way of the overall movie, in my opinion.Prom Night is nonetheless a classy little Canadian flick, with some good scare sequences and a decent plot.The acting, although not perfect, is good enough for the whole package.

SPOLIERS: The story begins with 4 elementary-aged kids playing a twisted little hide-n'-seek game in an old abandoned school house.Young Robin, who was on her way to school with sister Kim, and brother Alex, decides to join the group.They end up taunting her and backing her against a window, in which she crashes to her death.The four kiddies, led by Wendy, agree to never speak of the incident.This is 1974,--now we flash ahead to 1980.6 years have passed, and Kim is now the girlfriend of Nick, one of the 4 kids involved in the tragedy.All are in high school, preparing for graduation.

On the day of the prom,the 4 culprits receive chilling, anonymous threatening phone calls.This is one of the fine qualities of the movie,to me.We see a shadow on the wall of a dark room, and the names of the 4 phone-call recipients on a piece of paper.Jude, Kelly, Nick, and Wendy are all the targets of the killer.An eerie twist is the way in which the killer taps with his pencil, as he dials up his victims on the telephone, it's quite creepy. We also see the yearbook, opened next to the phone and sheet of paper.The threatening phone calls are one of the things that stand ot nicely in this film, and the creepy way they are carried out.

While not a total gem, and certainly with its share of flaws, Prom Night is worth checking out.

Hell Night (1981)
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Gothic Terror, 17 January 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have mixed feelings about Hell Night.I saw this film on the big screen, and at the drive-in when it made its debut.It actually frightened me pretty good as a child, since it was the first Horror Movie I went to see, accompanied by two adults.When I saw the first killing, of a young woman getting decapatated by a shadowy figure in what appeared to be an underground dwelling, I was shocked.The killer scared the daylights out of me, as a kid.There was something about this hulk-like, semi-retarded killer that sent chills down my spine as a youngster.

SPOILERS: Basically, the plot revolves around a group of college frat kids that as an initiation into the fraternity, Alfa Sigma Ro, must spend the night in Garth Manor, a gothic style old mansion equipped with secret trapdoors, underground passages, and a unique garden, but with no electricity or telephones.The former resident of the mansion was named Raymond Garth, and he and his wife ha a number of apparently retarded and deformed offspring.Mr. Garth one day killed most of his family, and then hung himself after his deed.He apparently left two mongoloid -like sons alive, however, Boris and Andrew.And it is the latter who goes on a murdering rampage of all the frat kids, by various means.

Linda Blair stars as the sexy young lady Marti, who is the sole survivor of this murdering spree, in which Andrew takes out 5 other frat brats,--Peter, May, Scott, a cute little British-accented Denise,and Seth the partying surfer boy.Each victim is dispatched by diff. methods, Peter is hacked with a sickle whilst stumbling through the garden, Scott has his neck broken, May has her pretty head decapatated,and in a scene that chilled me as a kid, Denise is kidnapped from bed and murdered offscreen.Finally Seth gets apparently blasted with a Police-Riot, pump shotgun,(although we don't see it, but hear do hear it),and Jeff, a near-hero, gets tossed by Andrew from one of the multi-story bedroom windows to a stone pillar below.(ouch!)

The movie sarts with the kids partying,fondling, and chattering amongst one another while 3 others conduct prank activities on the group inside the mansion.The 3 pranksters outside are killed first, andthen Andrew makes his way inside, where the 4 of Seth, Denise, Jeff, and Marti are stalked.In one scene that frightened me as a kid, Seth, who is paired with Denise, gets up to use the restroom, while Denise sleeps,half-passed out in bed.Andrew, apparently, hidden behind the door in a small bathroom adjacent, creeps in and towers over Denise, and as she opens her eyes, he places his hand over her mouth.In a cruel twist, he hides the head of May under the covers, as a little surprise for the returning Seth.Seth climbs the lofty gate of the mansion, which is equipped with sharp spikes at the top, to a police station where the officers ignore his pleas for help.There,in corny fashion, rips off a shotgun and carjacks a man in a parking lot. He drives Danny Sullivan-style back to Garth Manor, where Boris (seemingly Boris) accosts him, and Seth pumps two shot loads into him, the first dropping Boris into a pond, the latter killing him.But Andrew swipes the shotgun away inside, and behind a corner Seth receives a little dose of medicine, from the business end of the gun.

Andrew, a hulking, grunting,rag-laden killer,was an interesting character indeed.The film is not a classic by any means, and is flawed with plenty of cheesy scenes.But still, it has its qualities too.The scenic beauty of the mansion,with its old gothic ornamental styling was affective indded. This is a fun flick to watch.

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Emotionally gripping, 23 April 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Johnny Got His Gun is an extremely emotional,highly melodramatic film based on Dalton Trumbo's novel from 1939.It is also directed by Trumbo.Some parts of the movie are somewhat far-fetched, but the film is still gripping and painfully effective.It takes us back to the "Good ole' Days", when life was simple and people were mostly honest.SPOILERS: Young Joe Bonham goes off to World War 1,-the Great War, the war to end all wars.Joe enlists despite the pleas of his young sweetheart, girlfriend Kareen, played by actress Kathy Fields.Right up until the moment Joe hops on the train to Paris, France, -Kareen begs him to hide out with her. Sure enough, Joe becomes an unfortunate victim on the battlefield,-specifically an enemy mortar shell.Joe is aware of---,and running from the oncoming shell,but in his haste dives in a trench in which the shell is directly headed.He loses his eyesight,hearing, smell, and his ability to talk.Joe is nonetheless as alive as ever,for his brain and thought processes are perfectly functioning. The film gets deep into Joe's thoughts,and into his life before the Great War,when this handsome young man had everything to live for,--a beautiful girlfriend, a family that cared for him, -friends.The film was effective in that it not only shows us the sorrowful tragedy of war, but the life,feelings and dreams of a human being.Incredibly gripping,especially due to the fact that Joe's life was just blossoming before he headed off into the trenches in France.Very touching and also highly depressing.

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